Why are Heat Lamps in Bathrooms? Facts You Should Know

Heat lamps are the most preferred lighting fixture in bathrooms. These lamps are suitable for humid environments.

Why are Heat Lamps in Bathrooms? Heat lamps in bathrooms perform the function of heating and lighting. They have an exhaust fan attached to them that helps in proper ventilation. They emit infrared rays that help heat the objects in that small area. These lamps are available in different types: red, clear, or frosted inside.

The lamps function by using heat to warm up an area. They work by increasing the temperature of the fixture through which it attaches.

These places are the coldest area of the house, that’s why they fit in that area. You can find them in the waterproof region of bathrooms with an exhaust fan attached.

 There are different reasons for their installation inside them. Due to this reason, people prefer them more. Some of them are:

Helps in dampness control

 Bathrooms have the dampest and darkest environment. There is the need to install things in them.

The things that make them brighter and reduce the dampness in them. There is the continuous use of electricity and water in this area.

The presence of minerals in water makes it the best conductor of electricity. These factors increase the risk of electric shocks.

It is essential to consider the setting arrangements and their ability to oppose electric shocks while installing electrical equipment.

These lamps are one of the best electric fixtures for this reason. They work in the dampest environment without causing any damage. Some lamps work with exhaust fans.

 The heat production by these lamps makes the room warmer that decreases the humidity level in it.

The exhaust fan also helps in expelling the moisture out from the bathroom. It also helps to stop the growth of mold and mildews and protects the walls and the ceilings from damage. 

They also help in lowering condensation because of their warmth production.

The lesser the condensation, the lesser is the frostiness and chilliness in the restroom. It makes your time enjoyable in them.

Heat lamps are suitable for a small bathroom

 It consists of a small area of the house as compared to other rooms.

The lamps work best in smaller places because they transfer the infrared radiation in a specific direction. This radiation warms up everything present beneath it.

It is practical to use them because of their quick warmness and better illuminating light. The tile floors often make the room cold.

During winters, it is uncomfortable to step on a freezing floor after taking a warm bath.

These lamps are efficient in providing enough heat without turning on the whole heating system inside the bathroom.

There are different types of heating lamps. Some of them contribute to three main functions such as ventilation, heating, and lighting.

Lamps are specifically designed to install in smaller areas without the need for other light fixtures.

For their installation, keep into consideration their location i-e away from water sources. You can also check that you buy waterproof lamps.

You can fix them in ceilings or the area where you dry yourself after the bath.

In this way, they also provide a soothing effect to your muscle. They are also used to provide therapeutic effects and protect from muscle pains.

Power supply

 Heat lamps prefer to use in the bathroom because of the power supply. The more power a heat lamp utilizes warmer the environment.

Most lamps are present in combination with smaller bulbs.

The larger the lamps more bulbs they contain efficient the warmth they provide for heating the area. 

This will be efficient in warming the bathroom and its shower area. It will help in drying the water puddle inside it. 

Fast warming

 The infrared heat lamps can warm up an area of approximately 1000 square feet. They equip with filters that have the guarantee of a lifetime for repairing and cleaning.

They quickly warm the area in which they present. Some of these shut off automatically after providing enough warmth to the bathroom.

The heat lamps are best to know lighting and heating fixture. They provide quick heat without any noise as compare to other heating systems.

They equip with fans that also help in maintaining a comfortable environment inside the bathroom.

The lamps aid the air conditioning system inside it because they help in drying quickly.

There is no need to turn them off after use due to their auto shut-off capacity. You are going to install them in your lavatory. Try to establish a separate circuit for them because of their high wattage use.

Role in ventilation

It needs the best ventilation system due to its high humidity and moisture level. The heating system must place in that environment.

The heating system lowers the chilliness in it but causes excessive sweating, headaches, nausea, etc.

Heaters use for a long time without a ventilation system cause suffocation also. There is the need to install a heating system that has good ventilation power also.

Ventilation helps in lowering the steam production after a warm bath. It will protect the restroom ceiling and walls from dampness.

The dampness did not treat incorporate into the internal wooden structure and damages it due to mold production.

The heating lamps build in such a way that they have fans in them. The fans help in maintaining the humidity level.

The fans also help in distributes the warmth equally in the atmosphere, not at a specific point.


 The price of heat lamps is different depending upon the number of light bulbs present in them.

They are considered less expensive than ordinary heating systems.

They help in keeping the environment cozy. They are simple and easy to install.

There is the need to fix a separate circuit that will cost some money initially. But after circuit fixation, they know as the inexpensive heating system.

The heating these provide feels like you are standing in the direct daylight of summers.

There is the need for an electrician to start a connection route with the home electrical panel.

All the installation costs are not so expensive as compare to other heating systems. They provide satisfying warmth and light with saving electricity costs.

Make bathrooms look good

 Heat lamps prefer more because they have a higher life limit than ordinary light bulbs.

The light bulbs present in it can work in humid environments. These bulbs come in different sizes and styles. You can choose them according to your taste. 

They use less energy and install for heating as well as lighting purposes.

They are usually present in combination with two or four bulbs and fans. They are affordable and can shut off automatically. 

They are present in two colors; red and clear. Their colors also increase the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom. They are present in different sizes.

The large fixtures of bulbs make smaller places uncomfortable, and the smaller ones make them cold.

It is necessary to consider their sizes and designs. So, they match well with the wallpaper or paint as well as fits right in it. 

Heat lamps last longer

 Another feature of a heat lamp is that it lasts longer. The average life expectancy of them is around 4-5 years.

They can easily adjust to a wet environment. While purchasing, keep the quality in mind. Higher quality lamps last longer than lower quality lamps.

Another best feature of them that they automatically switch off after heating the environment. It will help in saving electricity.

It will also help them to last longer than ordinary lights. Sometimes due to a short circuit, they stop working.

You can also increase their life by establishing a separate circuit so that they work accurately. They fail to work if the wattage is not suitable for their bulbs.

There is a need to check proper wattage for their installation. For their accurate working fix, them with the help of an electrician in a suitable place.


The bathroom needs to provide a relaxing vibe so you can spend some alone time in it. The lights that produce uncomfortable noise discouraged by the people.

While considering light fixtures for your bathroom, try to buy lamps that do not noise and are quieter. In this way, you can enjoy your time in your restroom peacefully.

 How do bathroom heat lamps work?

 Heat lamps perform their function by using quartz filament that produces a large amount of infrared radiation.

These radiations act on the objects to increase their temperature by opposing the production of electricity. 

They also include reflectors in them to concentrate light directly on that specific area and heat them.

They design in such a way that suitable for fitting in the bathroom environment because of high-temperature production.

They install with an exhaust fan and provide around 150-300 watts. They are brighter and use red filters to reduce the visible spectrum of lights.

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