Why Do Bathrooms Have Pull Cord Switches?

Pull cord switch is suitable for bathrooms and places that are continuously damp and wet but need extensive electrical wiring.

Why Do Bathrooms Have Pull Cord Switches? Bathrooms have pull cord switches for safety purposes. You can use it by pulling the cord to turn the switch ON and Off. There is no direct contact with the wiring, and they are easy to use and economical.

The pull cord switch is the safest switch that starts an electric circuit by pulling a cord and chains.

They work alternately with every pull of string they turn on and off. These two types of pull-cord switches are present in various places. 

The chain switch is located in an emergency setting, like emergency sirens and searchlights. Pull cord switches control high-power devices by using electromechanical relays.

Safety from electrical shocks

There is an increase in electrical shocks in the bathroom. The person can get it if there are electrical switches present in them. Many people also add light switches on the outside to prevent these issues.

Water is a good conductor of electricity. Using the electrical things when your body and hands are wet will put you in an electrical shock.

Your skin has a hard time protecting you from electrical current. It will cause significant injury or something worse.

The safety standards issued by the government require the use of watertight switches. These switches protect from a damp environment.

Connect the socket to the circuit that only power for bathrooms, place these switches about two feet away from the shower or bathtubs, or use a pull cord switch that must hang from the ceiling.

These switches must be present at the sites where there are no splashes of water coming from sinks, showers, etc.

The pull cord switch is the best because there is very little chance of you getting electrocuted by pulling a cord to turn them on and off.

Easy to use

The pull cord switch is handy. You can use these switches for everything like exhaust fans, lights, and shower baths. They work by directly pull the cord or string.

In some connectors, there are beautiful chains attached to it. There is no risk of electrocuting in this type of electrical lever.

The best feature of pull cord is that you can use them for a long time without the fear of replacement. In large industries, pull strings work to control the belt conveyer.

These switches install in places like hospitals, storerooms, and in emergencies for enabling the electrical sirens.


The pull cord is cost-effective. There is no need to buy individual wires, circuits, and new sockets and switches to employ them.

They can fix the lap, and the switching is part of the socket, which you can easily use by pulling the cord.

In this way, these pull cords save your extra money on buying different products of wiring. The minimum grantee of pull strings is one year.


This switch plans to attach a simple rope, chains instead of fixing the complete set of cables. They can be different varieties of beautiful strings, chains, and connectors available in the market that attach with a small handy switch.

You can buy them according to your choice, they can produce plastic and porcelain, is one latter is more preferred. The stylish connectors and cords also enhance the look of your bathrooms.


Pull cords are more preferred than usual switches. The first reason is safety because there is no direct contact with the wiring. So they protect them from sudden accidents.

The second reason for their utilization is that they are user-friendly. You can easily install them in your house for distinct kinds of electrical appliances.

There are economical there is no need for separate wiring, circuits, sockets, etc. You can also save electricians’ cost because there are easy to install in distinct places of apartments.

They can enhance the adornment of the house. There are kinds of gems attached to the cord like crystals, brass balls, extra that are available in every color.

How to install the safety pull cord in the bathroom?

They are easy to install, can you do it without the need of an electrician. The method of their installation is listed below:

Tools required

  • Electrical screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Tester screwdriver
  • Pull cord switch
  • Flathead screwdriver

A pull cord switch is present in almost every bathroom. Its purpose is to protect you from electrical wiring. Accidents happen all the time. But with the use of pull string, there is no possibility of sudden electrocution.

You can touch the cord with wet hands. It will protect you because there is no direct connection between you with the wiring.

There are two types of this first one is 15amp which works for light and extractor fans. The second one is the 45amp that is used as an isolator for electrical showers.

 You can fix pull strings with the ceiling. There are two retaining screws to open the switch. The case does not contain any screws that can unlock by twisting the cover anti-clockwise for unscrewing it.

When you open the socket, there are two mounting cases. The case that attaches with the ceiling called base contains four screw places.

The two holes are for screwing the socket to the roof. In the other two holes, fix the socket’s upper case back to its position with the screw.

There is an earthy terminal in the base case. In this earthy terminal, you must put earthy wire that is yellow-green.

There is three-terminal present in the upper case; one is the common terminal, L1, and L2 terminal.

Firstly, check the power supply of the house. Make sure to turn it off before plugging the pull string in the ceiling.

Wiring of the pull cord switch

Make a hole in the base for the cables with the help of pliers. So, they can attach to the ceiling.

You can fix the lever to its original location with the help of an electric screwdriver. You can attach the earth wire to the earth terminal of the base.

You can tightly screw it with the help of a flat screwdriver. Attaches the red wire with the common terminal and screw it. Now fix the black wire with red sleeves with the L2-terminals of the case tightly secure it.

Attachment of the cases

Use the crosshead or Philips screwdriver to fix both cases together. Take the little screws that you detach from the top. You can use a crosshead screwdriver to compact the screws in their place.

Test the process

You can turn on the main power supply of the house now.

Pull the cord to turn it on and off. You can see by pulling the thread the light turns on.

Replacing of cord in the pull cord switch

Sometimes due to the excessive pulling of the cord, the cords stop working. In some conditions, the thread breaks off from the connector.

You can fix the cord in the connector handily at home by replacing the old switch with the new one because these are economical. There are two reasons due to which it stops working. The first one is the spring losses its elasticity and gets stuck.

The cord becomes stuck due to some junk or the use of low-quality springs. The second reason is the burning of connector plates due to oxidization that results in losing connection.

For the first reason, you can replace the spring with the new one of better quality. You can also check the old spring if it’s functional or not, clean it and stretch it a bit and compress it. The working spring can place back to its original location.

You can resolve the issue with the connector plate. You need to clean the burned area and settle everything back to its place and test it. You can add the new connector with the switch if it’s not working.

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