Why are Bathrooms Safe During Tornadoes?

There are different factors due to which bathroom is known as the safest place during some natural disasters like tornadoes.

Why are Bathrooms Safe During Tornadoes? Bathrooms are safe during tornadoes due to their structure arrangement inside the wall. The bathtub is the stablest place to be during a tornado. In addition, the absence of windows and their location plays a vital role during a natural disaster. 

The key to survival during a tornado is the safety plan. The safety plan should make in the home, and everybody knows about it and practice it twice for protection during some mishap.

Tornado is the destructive rotating columns of high-pressure air with an average speed of approximately 29-32 miles per hour.

It extends from the thunderstorms towards the grounds with swirling winds that can destroy everything that comes in its way. It usually moves from southwest to northwest.

The structural arrangements are according to the safety goals issued by the government. The safety goal is to go as low as possible and put as many barriers between you and outside. Some of them are:

Bathrooms a safe room

Bathrooms are considered safe rooms. The secure area is the place that constructs to endure a natural disaster like a tornado.

The bathroom contains strong framing and pipelines in its walls that hold the whole structure firmly in its place.

After basements, this refers to the best option. You can hide in the bathroom during this natural calamity but considered some vital points before doing it.

The bathroom locates deep inside the house and does not contain any connection with the outside like window.

If your restroom is not present inside the house and has many links with the outside, then leave this option. It is not a safe room for protection against a tornado. 

Commodities inside the bathroom

Some commodities inside the bathroom remain attached firmly to the ground and protect you during this natural disaster.

According to different reports bathroom, the accessories are the only things left untouched after tornadoes pass away.

Presence of Pipeline

The pipeline inside the bathroom wall acts as a concrete system that provides stability. This system also increases the endurance level of the bathroom because it firmly attaches it to the ground.

The essential goal of protection against tornados is to add as much as a barrier as possible. These barriers help in protecting you from outside disasters that take away all the material with them.

The piping system provides stability to the bathroom. The effectiveness of protection depends on the main factor that this system must present deep inside the house.

You can take into consideration the direction of the bathroom because tornados travel from west to east.

The plumping pipes provide extra framing that protects you from the flying debris of this natural disaster.

These pipes are present in the walls, in the bathtub, and in the toilet. These pipes make the wall stronger. 

Sit in a Bathtub during a Tornado 

When you live in a place that does not have a basement, then a bathtub is the best place to lay down and protect yourself.

The Bathtubs made of fiberglass provide another coating of protection from tornadoes. You can put a mattress and some pillow around your head and other parts to protect your flying debris from tornadoes.

In mobile houses, the bathroom is also the best place for shelter. If you lie flat inside the tube, its side will protect you by diverting the flying objects away from you.

If the ceiling falls on the bathtub mattress, pillow, and the sides of bathtubs act as an extra shield of protection.

The bathtub also provides you extra anchoring strength by firmly attaching you with the foundation of the house. Many people even say to say to sit in the tub during a tornado.

It protects you against injuries because it is heavy and well protects. You can also suppose that the bathtub was ripped off from the ground, spins in the air, and thrown with high force.

It landed back safely on the ground because of its structural configuration.

Small space

The small space inside the bathroom is also a beneficial factor that provides protection. The smaller the area of the bathroom, the more compact bonding of material is present.

The smaller surface area protects you because you have strong concrete like a wall behind your back, in front of you, and on your sides.

The piping system inside it also makes it stronger, just like a cage. The smaller room has all the connections firmly attach, so it resists wind pressure.

It anchors to the concrete foundation tightly, reasons small bathrooms are more preferred. The small surface of the restroom prevents its twisting and uplifting ability due to high wind pressure.

It also contains small cabinets in which medicine kits are present. This medical kit also helps you after the tornado is gone. This factor also helps in the completion of the tornado safety goal.

No window

Most of the restrooms contain only one small window that serves the function of ventilation. The bathroom without windows is the safest for protection against tornadoes.

Windows are easily broken down and send all the debris inside. It can easily harm you. A broken window during a tornado will let the wind inside and weakens the internal structure.

The restroom can easily blow off with a tornado due to increase pressure inside the area. There is a risk of the whole structure will collapse.

Location of the bathroom

The primary factor of protection from tornados in the location of your bathroom. Choose the restroom that is present inside the house with no connection to the outside environment.

If it is present in the hallway is perfect. The restroom in the hallway or deep inside the house is the safest.

The restroom inside the hallway can easily protect from the flying debris of the tornado. It can also protect you from the wind pressure of the outside surrounding. You know about the tornado through emergency sirens, government text messages.

 Take 2-3 sec to interpret the safest place of your house. Suppose there is no basement or underground inside your apartment.

You can select the bathroom that is present in the core of your home without any connection. Its door must be open inside so you can exit after the tornado has passed.

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