What to Put on a Bathroom Table?

People add various designs of tables in the bathroom and put different things on them. You can place things according to size, location, color, design, and material.

What to Put on a Bathroom Table? You can put cosmetics, storage items, decoration pieces, attire, toiletries, first aid box, and table lamp on a bathroom table. Moreover, you can also use it to place glass jars, baskets, scented flowers or candles, and electronics.

The table tops are the best storage place for placing various accessories in an organized manner and getting rid of cluttering. Moreover, you can also keep them away from the water, giving them a stylish interior appearance.

Cosmetics and skincare products

You can organize the tabletop with cosmetic products to keep them away from moisture and splashes. For example, add brushes of different sizes in the glass jars because these look nice in transparent glass.

Use the small racks to put the cosmetics and hang a mirror on the front side to make the vanity area. Makeup organizers also give a nice look and provide more storage areas.

Jewelry boxes of various designs are available in the market, and you can keep them in these boxes. Put these stylish boxes on the countertops so you can wear them after taking a shower and getting fresh.

People also use skin care products like lotions, skin cleaners, and various masks to keep their skin fresh. Add these things to keep them in front of your eyes, and you can use them frequently.

You can also store personal hygiene items like a nail clipper, tweezer, and razor on them.


You can put several decoration pieces to give your bathrooms an attractive and stylish appearance. Decoration pieces of different designs and styles are present in the market.

Moreover, you can select their size according to the table size and the space on the top surface. It is also necessary to consider the material of decoration pieces according to their location.

You cannot add wooden and metal decoration accessories when these are present near the bathtubs, showers, and faucets. However, you can select marble or stone pieces because water cannot damage them, and are easy to clean.

Decorate them with antique decoration pieces that attract the guest, and you can hear positive words from them.


Many people use the tables to store cloth and shoes and prevent them from damping. These are available in different styles, and some of them contain racks.

You can put the shoes on the lower racks so everyone can change them while coming in and out. Moreover, use the small baskets to put the cloth in them while taking a shower.

Many people do not add hooks or racks to hang cloth because these can damage the paint when you screw them on the walls. Instead, you can put the cloth on the table by organizing them in baskets.

In addition, these also contain shelves or small cabinets on the lower side to provide storage for people. You can use these to store cloth and keep them from moisture.


Put the bathroom cleaners on top to keep them away from children’s access. In addition, you can also use it to store extra towels and tissue paper so you can take them whenever you need them.

Put bottles or jars of hand sanitizers, hand washing detergents, moisturizers, body lotions, shampoos, and conditioners on their top surface to quickly access them.

Moreover, you can also place perfumes, air fresheners, deodorants, and body mists to use after taking showers and keep the interior fresh.

It is also good to add items like toothbrushes, paste, and mouthwash on them to keep them hygienic and away from germs and bacteria.

Use the organizers and racks to organize them uniformly, so they look attractive.

First aid box

It is also necessary to add a first aid box in your bathroom so you can tackle emergencies.

No serious emergencies exist in these areas, but you can get cut or small injuries from the sharp edges and corners.

Add the cotton swab, alcohol swabs, baby powders, and adhesive bandages to treat the injury and cure burning and itching situations in case of minor cuts.

It is necessary to add the cotton swabs to the small jars to prevent them from dampness.

Moreover, keep the alcohol swabs in closed containers because they can evaporate easily and becomes dry quickly.

Use the adhesive bandage or baby powder when you get cut while using razors. It is helpful to reduce the bleeding from the cut, and you can use them quickly.

Bathroom basket

Bathroom baskets are made of wooden material, and people use them to decorate and increase the storage area.

You can put them on the top of the table to increase storage and organize the accessories better. These are available in different designs and sizes, and you can select suitable ones.

Select the sizes according to the number of things you want to add. In addition, you can also use it on lower side shelves for storage of cloth, towels, and extra toilet tissue rolls.

These baskets provide better storage of cloth on the top surface, and you can also cover them with other large cloth to avoid entering dust and bugs.

It looks good when you organize colorful bottles of different perfumes and deodorants in them.

Table lamp

Use table lamps of small size for placement on bathroom tables to give warmth and a luxurious appearance to the interior. It can also grab the guest’s attention because of its stylish interior.

In addition, you can add more than one lamp if these are smaller, like lighted or electric candles. You have to place it near the socket if you add the lamp to turn them on.

Keep these lamps on at night to create illumination at night. The color of the lamp lights also matters because you cannot add funky colors with bright interiors.

Select the light colors according to the interior paint and the color of the fixtures. For example, orange and dull yellow are best because they can create a soothing effect.

Glass jars

Glass jars are best for placement on bathroom table tops because of their transparent appearance. Add stylish things to them which can enhance the beauty of the interior.

You can wrap the glass jars with colorful sheets and paper. Moreover, you can also write something interesting on these jars to attract people’s attention.

Adding ribbons or interesting tags on their upper side is also better. Add the crystal or water balls in these jars because they look beautiful in transparent material.

Add the small lights in these jars or surround them with fairy lights. Finally, paint these jars with attractive colors according to the interior’s color scheme.

Scented flowers and candles

Scented flowers and candles are available to keep the interior refreshing and remove offensive odors. You can feel the smell in the bathroom, which is unpleasant and looks bad in front of the guest.

Keep these scented flowers on the tabletop so you get rid of these smells. I prefer to use high-quality ones because their fragrances are more long-lasting.

In addition, it is better to use refreshing and sweet fragrances. These jars have different colors and designs, and you can select the best one.

People use different fragrances, but I prefer rose and lavender-scented candles because these give a refreshing feeling.


People keep their mobile phones, chargers, and air pods on the tables while using the bathroom so water cannot damage these accessories.

Moreover, you can also put the dryers and hair straighteners on to get ready after a shower. Hair dryers are beneficial because you can quickly dry your hair.

Place them near the electric sockets to use the hair dryer and straighteners. In addition, keep them away from watery areas to prevent these electronic accessories from malfunctioning.

The water splashes during showering can easily make them faulty.

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