What to Put in Glass Jars in Bathroom?

People add stylish glass jars to bathroom tables, countertops, and vanity to organize their accessories. You can select their size according to the type of things you want to add to them.

What to Put in Glass Jars in Bathroom? You can put stones, marble pieces, sea shells, makeup swabs, toothbrushes, soaps, mouthwash, stones with plants, and scented candles in glass jars in the bathroom. In addition, you can put sanitizers, moisture absorbents, and eatables in them.

It is better to add the things that are in less use because frequent contact can increase the chance of their dropping on the floor and breakage.

Stones and marbles

Glass jars are transparent and look beautiful when you add colorful things. Add colorful stones to give a lovely appearance, and you can put them on the bathroom table.

You can color the stones with different paints or place them as it is for antique touch. Moreover, you can put stones of two colors in separate jars.

These have different shapes, and you can use the round ones because these are easy to organize. In addition, marble pieces are also beneficial to place in them.

Add the sea shells to the jar and top its surface with faux grass. Use the beautiful pearls with seashells because these are beneficial to enhance the overall beauty of the interior.

Makeup swabs

People need makeup swabs in the bathroom after coming from parties or dinners to remove their makeup.

These swabs contain soft cotton dipped in makeup removal material, and it is necessary to place them in closed containers.

In addition, these accessories come in contact with skin, and you cannot leave them outside because of germs in the surroundings.

You can also add the make brushes and cotton buds in them.

You can use the glass jars with airtight lids to close them after using swabs. The closed lid also prevents the evaporation of makeup cleaners from these swabs.

You can put cotton swabs for makeup removal in these containers and prevent them from moisture and germs.


The germs are everywhere in the bathroom because the moving air makes you ill.

It comes on toothbrushes and enters your mouth when you use them. You can put them in enclosed glass germs to prevent exposure to germs.

Moreover, you can also add toothpaste and other things of personal use to them. Finally, you can make holes in the lid if they are smaller to place the toothbrushes in them.

The holes provide better holding, and these cannot fall on the floor. Prefer to purchase the larger ones to close the lid after placing toothbrushes and toothpaste.


People use paper soaps because they are cheaper and look attractive. You can place them in bathroom glass jars to keep them dry and useful.

These are available in different sizes and styles, and you can select colorful ones to increase attractiveness. Moreover, you can also add hard and dry soap cubes so you can use them when the old ones end.

It is also a good idea to pour the liquid handwashing detergent or soap into them. You can add the suction pump on its top side for easy use and decrease waste.

Mouthwash or sanitizer

You can fill these glass jars with mouthwash to use them whenever necessary. These are colorful liquids and make the transparent material attractive.

It also looks pleasant when you put hand sanitizer in them. Add the pump on their top side instead of the lid to take the sanitizer and mouthwash out from them.

You can waste them when you try to take the mouthwash and sanitizer by opening their lid. In addition, the suction lid on their upper side reduces waste and dripping on the floor during use.

Moreover, it can keep the surroundings clean and decrease the chances of spillage.

Plants and scented candles

You can add fake plants in these jars that do not need water and add beauty to your interior. For example, add green plants, fill them with water, and hang them on walls using brown string.

Moreover, you can add stones on the bottom layer and put flowers and green color plants on the top side.

I always add scented plants so I can always feel the fragrance from the surroundings.

In addition, the fragrance of these flowers makes the interior refreshing and leaves a good impression on guests.

In addition, you can put scented candles instead of plants for a fresh feeling. I prefer to add those with lemon, citrus, and rosemary fragrances.

Small aquarium

You can make the small aquarium in glass jars, and it is a unique idea. The guest also appreciates you when they see the different and creative things in the bathroom.

Fill their water, and add small fish, stones, and small grass pieces. You can also purchase the ones that have a larger size for large fish.

It is a cost-effective solution for decoration instead of purchasing the aquarium from the market. It is better to add fake fish of different colors for decoration purposes.

You can also add some color to the water, like yellowish-orange and blue, to make them look nice. Finally, add sea shells and tiny pearls to the artificial aquarium for a pleasant look.

Moisture absorbents

Several moisture-absorbing materials are available in the market that absorbs the water from the surroundings and decreases humidity.

Bathrooms are the most humid place; you can put the moisture absorbents in small jars to reduce their moisture. It can also reduce electricity bills because you do not have to turn on the fans constantly.

Use the charcoal and silica gel and place them in containers. Avoid closing their lid because these cannot absorb the outside moisture. Instead, keep their lid open to absorb the extra humidity from their surroundings.

Adjust them at places that remain moist all day and allow fungal growth. You can also fill them with raw rice because these are the best moisture absorbent.


Many people add eatables like nuts, candies, mouth fresheners, and chewing gums in the glass jars present in their bathrooms for munching purposes.

You can eat candies and chew gums while sitting in the bathtub, watching movies, or playing games. People often do not want to want toad the eatables in them because of the unhygienic conditions.

I prefer to add the eatables in packaged material because germs cannot enter the closed package. However, these can affect the foodstuff that is directly present in the containers.

The germs can enter inside and affect the eatables when you open and close them. This is because the children want to access the eatables, and there are more chances of their breaking.