Can You Use 12×24 Tile on Shower Floor?

Choosing shower floor tiles is an important decision, depending on the size and interior of the shower area. You can choose different sizes of shower tiles that are water, heat, and temperature-resistant.

Can You Use 12×24 Tile on Shower Floor? You can use 12×24 tiles on the shower floor because they look attractive, need less grouting and maintenance, add a spacious appearance, and reduce the installation time due to their larger size. However, some people avoid using these tiles in the shower area because they are difficult to adjust on the shower pan slope, provide less grip, and are more slippery.

The size of 12×24 is considered as large tiles because they cover more space, and you can install them in the shower area if you have the same size tiles in the bathroom.

Most shower floors usually use smaller ones to adjust in place and provide more grip on the floor, but it has now become common to install large tiles in the shower area.

Why would you use 12×24 tiles on a shower floor?

Homeowners are now using large tiles of 12×24 in the bathroom and shower area because of the following advantages.

Attractive appearance

They look attractive and stylish, and it has become a trend to add large tiles in the bathroom and shower.

They are available in different colors and designs, and you can select any color that goes well with the existing wall colors and other accessories in the bathroom.

You do not need to hesitate to install 12×24 tiles when renovating the bathroom interior and decorations.

As a result, the floor looks more consistent and pleasing without many seams. In addition, you can select ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles of different sizes to make them look more captivating and stylish.

Many manufacturing companies are now making large ones with different materials and designs due to the increasing demand in the market.

Therefore, the attractive and enhancing look of overall bathroom decorations can also increase the resale value of your property.

Less grouting and maintenance

Grouting means filling the gaps and seams between them and preventing the slipping and movement of the tiles on the floor.

Small tiles require more grouting as compared to the larger ones because the large ones cover more area, and you need less grouting material to fill the joints.

Less grouting lines make the surface look smooth and appealing, as they disappear in the design and give a more finished look.

In addition, it prevents the accumulation of mold and dust between the joints and gaps, as maintaining the grout is a challenging task. 

It is also more hygienic to have fewer grouting lines because the chances of collecting bacteria and germs between a large number of grouts lines and joints are high.

Add the spacious look

They make the shower area look more spacious because of the fewer grouting lines, and if you use the color of grouting material that matches the color of the tiles, then it will create the illusion of a large space in the shower area.

It is a great trick to make the small bathrooms look large, as they make the floor streamline and continuous without many joints and gaps between the floor surface.

Many people install them on the shower floor to give their guests a perception of a larger space.

The color of the floor covering can also make the place look spacious along with the size of the tiles, such as the light color tiles causing the area to look larger than it is actually.

Reduce installation time

The 12×24 sizes are easy to install and take less time and hard work because you do not need to fill a large number of joints and grouts.

In addition, it requires less detailed work in cutting and adjusting the tiles as compared to the smaller ones that need more leveling and labor to align them on the floor.

Smaller tiles need more measurements and installing time with large grouting lines to fill and fix them on the floor, which makes the task more tiring and time-consuming.

It can also cost you more if you hire a professional to install them, as he will spend more time and physical exertion to complete this job.

Why do some people avoid using 12×24 tile on the shower floor?

Although 12×24 tiles have many benefits on the bathroom floor, some people avoid installing them in the shower area because the large size makes it difficult for the shower pan slope.

The slope in this area makes the water run towards the drain without difficulty, and the 12×24 sizes are complicated to adjust for the slope around the drain.

The standing water can cause many problems, such as mold and bacteria accumulation in the grout lines, and makes the environment unhealthy.

The streamlined and smooth floor makes the surface slippery, and it is also considered that the larger tiles are more slippery than, the smaller ones. Therefore, selecting tiles with more grip on the floor is better to avoid any accident or injury.

Leveling them in a small shower area sometimes becomes challenging because of the large format style and less area to cover.

People also avoid them if the floor surface is uneven because it can cause cracks between them and cost more money to replace them.

They cause problems for people having small shower areas to cut them and adjust around the corners and edges if you are doing this task yourself without much expertise.

Things to consider for installing large tiles on the shower floor

Larger tiles look luxurious and modern, but it is better to consider some things when installing them on the shower floor.

You can discuss it with an interior designer before installing them on small and uneven floors because it may cause problems while installing them.

Make sure to check the coefficient friction of your floor tile before selecting it because the COF value describes the surface’s grip. The low COF tiles will be more slippery and offer less resistance to slipping.

You can select the tiles with COF in the range of 0.6 to 0.7 because it can prevent any injury or accident due to the slippery surface and has more surface grip.

They can last longer if you install them properly or hire a professional to install them with special care to avoid any damage or cracks.

Horizontal alignment gives an aesthetic and traditional look, while vertical orientation looks modern and stylish, but the alignment depends on the space on the floor to adjust them.

People do not consider the mortar quality while installing them, which can cause severe problems in the future.

A good-quality mortar is necessary for a secure and protective surface because large ones are heavy weight and require specially formulated mortar to bear the heavy weight.

Mortar is the material that binds the floor surface and tiles together and prevents misalignment on the surface.

You can use medium-bed mortar instead of thin-set because it will shrink when dry and causes uneven alignment.

It is better to use high-quality adhesives and grout materials because low-quality materials can cause water and mold into the floor through the gaps.

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