Are Square Bathroom Sinks in Style?

Sinks are one of the most essential fixtures in the bathroom because of their excessive use for doing different business and adding decorative designs for the vanity. I have a square sink in my bathroom which looks great.

Are Square Bathroom Sinks in Style? Square bathroom sinks are in style because they add a modern and sleek appearance, allow more underneath space, and are available in different sizes, designs, and materials. They look symmetry with the square countertops, and you can select under-mounted, wall-mounted, and vessel sinks, depending on your preference and the space.

They are common in homes and public restrooms because they come in various designs and styles. Many interior designers incorporate these fixtures in the bathroom because of their functionality and attractive appearance.

Why are square bathroom sinks in style?

Square sinks are not a new innovation to add in bathrooms, but are used in this place for a long time and are still in style because for the following reasons.

Modern and sleek appearance

They look modern and sophisticated compared to the oval or round fixtures, as they can enhance the appearance of the overall decoration in this place.

It is an ideal choice to add a unique touch to the bathroom because they become trendy in the last few years. The large square sinks look luxurious, and you feel a spa-like environment.

However, larger sinks are more expensive than smaller ones, but it is worth investing in them because they can add style and increase the value of the property.

They look sleeker due to the high-quality shiny finishing material on the surface, which also prevents the water splashes from absorbing in the corners. 

Regular cleaning can make them look more attractive and keep a glossy surface for a long time. They are famous because they make the place look updated and stylish.

Allow more underneath space

Their height, size, and depth vary, and you can select a suitable one according to the space and the area you have to install them.

They usually have less height as compared to the other sinks and allow for space for the cabinets and storage under the vanity.

The vertical distance from the top edge to the bottom edge of the fixture is known as its height. They have a standard height between 30″ to 36″ from the floor to its edge for set-in sinks.

You can store different things, such as towels, makeup products, body, and face wash, in the space under the vanity sink if its height is not very large.

Different sizes and designs

The horizontal width refers to its size, and there are different sizes available for different shapes.

The standard size ranges between 15 to 25 inches in length and 16 to 20 inches wide, and you can select the suitable size depending on the space.

You can select small sizes for the smaller countertops and large or double sink styles for wider and large countertops. 

Different brands make a design that enhances the appearance of the place and are captivating.

You can select any design, such as a pedestal, vessel, or under-mount, depending on the space available and the countertop size.

Symmetry with the square countertops

They go well and look more stylish and attractive if you have square countertops or vanity, as they can adjust with the countertop and give a symmetry look.

You can have more space for different products to place on the countertop if you have a drop-in fixture design.

In addition, there will be continuity and a uniformly smooth surface on the vanity, which allows more space for placing your stuff around this while doing makeup.

They can complement the other accessories with a square shape in this place, and the bathroom looks more organized and sophisticated. However, few people consider these hard to clean due to their shape.

Variety of materials option

There are many options for the material available, and you can select any suitable material that looks more appealing.

Different brands manufacture high-quality products using fiberglass, porcelain, ceramics, stainless steel, granite, and marble.

The granite products look more attractive and aesthetic but is more expensive than the ceramic and porcelain sinks.

The porcelain has a layer of good-quality finisher that makes the surface less porous and can last longer than pure ceramics.

Vitreous china is a popular material used in manufacturing this product because of its glossy and attractive white shade appearance.

What are the different types of square bathroom sinks?

Different types of square sinks are available, and you can select from the following, depending on your preference and the space.

Under-mount square sinks

The under-mount sink is the one that sits underneath the top of the counter and creates a seamless and smooth flow between the countertop and the fixture.

They provide more space, and most people prefer to have them in the bathrooms, increasing the property’s resale value. You can select a single or double bowl, depending on the counter and the underneath space in this place.

However, they take up more space underneath the countertop, and it becomes difficult to store installed cabinets under the vanity because of the down bending in the design. 

Wall-mount square sinks

As the name shows, they are mounted with the wall and are used in places with less space in the bathroom, as they are space savers in small places.

The plumbing or installing pipes are exposed, and you can hide them by installing cabinets under it.

In addition, they are easier to install and replace than the under-mounted plumbing fixtures if you want to replace them.

You can clean the floor quickly, as there is no obstruction to reaching or cleaning the hidden corners because they take only the wall space and save the floor covering.

There can be a falling risk if you put more weight than its capacity because it is attached to the wall using brackets or caulk.

Moreover, they do not have much counter space for putting different products and need extra support to hold onto the wall.

Vessel square sinks

They sit directly on the top of the countertops and give the interior a more decorative and unique look. Their plumbing system is hidden in the cabinet under the vanity.

They are available in different sizes, colors, and materials and are easy to install

You can clean the countertops more conveniently, as there are fewer chances of dirt and water trapping in the seams between the fixture and the counter surface.

Things to consider while selecting a square sink for the bathroom

Although they are more stylish and look modern, there are some things to consider while selecting the square sinks for this place.

They are preferable for a large bathroom and wider countertops because they take up more space than round or oval ones.

It is better to select a material that is easy to clean, such as stainless steel, if you have a large family or high traffic in the restroom.

Porcelain is more prone to mineral deposits and stains than stainless steel and cast iron plumbing sinks.

You can maintain them by regular cleaning with high-quality cleaning materials and enhance their durability.

However, the harsh cleaners affect the surface polish and cause pores, which causes the water and mold to grow there.

You can select the square sink if the bathtub, vanity mirror, and other accessories in this place have the same shape, which adds the feel of symmetry and coordination.

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