How Important is a Second Bathroom?

The bathroom is a frequently used place in the house, and adding a second bathroom can benefit you and your family members.

How Important is a Second Bathroom? The second bathroom is important, because you can utilize extra space, enjoy privacy, use it in an emergency, and increase the resale value of your property. In addition, it provides a more hygienic environment, different decoration options, and is suitable for busy households and overnight guests. However, multiple bathrooms are more expensive and need more maintenance, water, and electricity consumption.

It has now become a demand of every house buyer to have at least two bathrooms in a three-bedroom house to add convenience, but it depends on the size of the house and the interior you want for this place.

Why would you add a second bathroom to your house?

There are many reasons and advantages for adding a second bathroom to the house.

To utilize extra space

It is a great option to add this to the house if you have a free place, as you can utilize it in the best way possible.

Extra space in the house can be used for many good reasons, but building a bathroom there, is one of the most efficient uses of it if you have kids in the house.

You can build it under the stairs, which is usually a free space, and you have kept some extra stuff from your house there. You can also use the extra space in your garage to build a toilet for visitors or to use it in any emergency.

Its size depends on the space you have under the stair or in the garage. You also need to consider the plumbing system and drain lines before building it at an extra place in the house.

A bathroom under the stair or at any location on the ground floor can be easy to access for the senior members and children.


You often need privacy in this place when relaxing in a bathtub and want to spend time in your own company.

An additional place in the house will give you more time to spend without hurrying to get out for the other people waiting outside.

You get annoyed when you are taking a shower or doing your business, and people outside the bathroom are constantly knocking at the door.

You want to relax after a tiring and exhausting day in the office to get peace of mind and a break from your busy routine, but the irritating banging at the door can spoil your mood.

Emergency use

It also provides the benefit of using this place in any emergency, such as if the toilet gets clogged and you need to use it.

However, it can leave you in horrible conditions when there is no other toilet in your house to use in such situations.

The single bathroom can also cause plumbing problems or clogged sinks due to excessive use if you have many family members and you all use this single place for all the activities.

An additional toilet in the house can save you from such situations, and you can use the other place if there is a problem with the master bathroom.

Increase the resale value

It can add more value to your property if you sell your place in the future because of the increasing demand for more than one toilets.

It can add 5-20% value to the house depending on the location where it is situated because there are different rates for different property locations.

In addition, it adds style and more functionality to this place, such as making it more convenient and comfortable for growing families.

It can double your investment if you add more money to make it look attractive and add a bathtub, vanity, and other accessories.

Moreover, it is a long-term investment for the future as the research shows that the young generation is willing to pay more for this addition to the house.

Busy household

It is a basic need for a busy household as everybody needs to use it whether they are school going or office going.

The morning routine of every person in the house is hectic, as the school and office times are approximately the same.

There are queues outside this place and a situation of a hurry because everyone wants to be on time for their work. Also, the constant banging and knocking at the door annoys you if you have a single bathroom.

You cannot get enough hot water for a shower when other members have used it.

Also, you are worried about getting late for your work if you have a strict boss who wants everybody on time.


Hygiene is essential, especially in this place, because there are chances of getting a disease from a dirty and unhygienic atmosphere in this place. 

Your housemate or roommate may have any disease, and you are sharing this place with that person, which causes the germs to spread, and you can get them from the bathroom.

The closed and damp environment makes it easier for the germs to grow and infect the place.

In addition, everyone does not feel comfortable and hygienic using the same toilet if another person in the house is also using it.

Different decoration options

You can add different decorations in the additional bathroom if you do not have any space in the single one. For example, the first one may have less space to add a bathtub, chandeliers, light pendants, and vanity shelves.

You can build another one in your house because you have different choices of decoration and facilities, such as the bathtub and shower can cover more space to install in a small place.

Still, you can install a bathtub in one and a shower in another if there is a space problem.

You can install a half bathtub in another place if you have kids in the house because they cannot use the full bathtub conveniently due to the large and deep structure.

Suitable for overnight guests

It is more convenient if you have guests who want to stay overnight.

However, you may worry about the single toilet in the house if they need to use it in an emergency and someone is already present there.

It can cause an ugly impression on the visitor, as they have to wait for the toilet to get free before they can get in.

Moreover, you can have friends for the party or family gathering at special events, but you have a single toilet, which can cause an awkward situation in front of guests.

What are the disadvantages of having a second bathroom?

A second bathroom is an essential addition to your house, but there are also some cons, such as it needs proper maintenance and cleaning after some time or daily, depending on the usage.

It can be challenging to maintain these if you have a busy schedule, the toilet gets clogged, or there is a leakage in the drains. You may have to call a professional to deal with the problem if you cannot fix it.

Another con is the excessive use of water and electricity, as you need more water heaters and multiple showers are taken in a day, which causes an increase in the water bills.

In addition, different light fixtures consume more electricity, and you have to pay more for electricity consumption.

Building a new place with a toilet can cost a heavy investment, such as $30,000 to $70,000, depending on your desired decoration and location.

It will also depend on the plumbing system and electricity connection in that specific location for construction because you have to pay more for a separate plumbing system and electric connections.

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