Why Are Bathrooms Always So Hot?

Many people complain that their bathrooms are often hot, especially after taking a shower. The warm air causes increased humidity which puts its walls at risk of mold growth due to moisture. 

Why Are Bathrooms Always So Hot? Bathrooms are so hot due to heat accumulation and poor ventilation in this small area due to the poor functioning of bathroom dampers and exhaust. It also happens due to increased humidity, higher external temperature, and the presence of attic space right above this place.

You can easily fix the issues from time to time and prevent extra expenses if you identify the problems early.

Allowing proper cross ventilation in your bathroom is the easiest and most cost-effective way to avoid excess heat from accumulating in this area. 

Accumulation of heat

It is interesting to know that you take a shower to cool your body, but it ends up warming the space.

You give the heat of your body to this cold water when you come home after a hot sunny day and take a bath. 

This escaped heat mixes with the cold water and increases the temperature. You notice the warm environment because your body temperature is low compared to the environmental temperature.

 You can feel this increased temperature to some extent because you have reached thermal equilibrium after taking a shower.

You can also notice this hot environment by looking at the increased humidity after taking a bath. Warm air holds more moisture than cold air, so it keeps the moisture and makes this place humid. 

Poor ventilation in bathrooms

It is the most common issue you can face if your bathroom is too hot. Its internal temperature will increase when it does not find any path for warm air to move outside.

It can be due to the lack of windows and ventilators in this place which traps the air inside and makes the environment hot. 

You can overcome this problem by making a window of any size on a wall to allow proper airflow.

It will also work well if you make a window or a few-inch hole in the wall. It can also happen if you have a double glass window in this area and do not open it regularly.

Open the window from both sides to let the air move for cross ventilation. The moisture will absorb into the walls and allow the mold to grow on these surfaces.

It will cost a lot of money to remove this mold growth and repair the damage, so you should arrange proper ventilation as early as possible. 

High environmental temperature

It plays a significant role in keeping your bathroom hot. It happens due to high external temperatures in summer months like June to august.

Another reason is the presence of a nearby kitchen because the stove evokes smoke that spreads in all directions as well when you cook something.

If you are facing such a condition, you will feel the warmth right after taking a shower.

The same is the condition if an air conditioner’s compressor is near the bathroom. Its function is to throw warm air gases outside the house to reduce the temperature. 

The temperature will increase if this warm air continuously passes near this area.

Increased humidity

Bathrooms are humid because condensation is constantly occurring, and you can even notice it on glass windows.

These are the signs of increased humidity in this area when you see tiny water droplets on glass window surfaces.

 Its humidity level increases when you take a hot shower because it produces more steam than a regular shower.

This causes a condensation reaction to occur when it comes in contact with cold surfaces. Due to this reaction, you can see tiny water droplets and moisture on these surfaces. 

Attic space over the bathroom

This also happens when there is an attic space over your bathroom. It is a kind of storage space that you usually use to store old and unused items in your house. Most people use it to keep the compressors and other home wirings in this small area. 

It provides insulation to your house, which protects your house from extreme weather changes.

In addition, it will make the place hot due to warm air and gases moving towards it because it is located right above the bathroom. 

You can prevent it from becoming hot if you install attic fans in this area to let the warm air escape. 

The faulty damper in the bathroom

A faulty bathroom damper is another significant cause of increased temperature in this place.

It regulates the airflow through special kinds of ducts. It lets the unwanted air escape and does not allow it to return through this duct system.

They make the internal environment hot if they are not performing their function well. Two dampers are present on the bath fan, one near the exit end and the other near the fan’s entry duct.

They will allow weak airflow if not open completely. It can happen due to the accumulation of dirt and debris on its surface, which makes it unable to open or partially open.

Clean it with the help of a microfiber piece of cloth and remove all dirt particles from its surface. You can also move it to open it with your hand if it is stuck in the duct system. 

Faulty exhaust fan

You install an exhaust to push warm air and excess moisture outside the bathroom. However, it can increase the internal temperature if it does not work correctly. 

Check if it is properly functional or if it is not performing well due to clogging.

You can test it by holding a piece of paper near the suction area and turning it on. You notice its motor works efficiently if it moves the paper near the grill. 

This paper will stick to the grill due to air pressure and do not move until you turn the exhaust fan off.

You should also check if its fan is recirculating because this kind of fan only pushes odors to the outside environment and does not do this to excessive moisture. 

It also happens hot if the exhaust fan is not properly connected to the ducts. It will not allow the warm air to move outside and hold it to increase the temperature.

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