Why Are Bathroom Fans So Loud?

No one likes loud fans in the bathroom. You should carefully notice the kind of sound because it can help to identify its potential causes.

Why Are Bathroom Fans So Loud? Bathroom fans can be so loud due to the accumulation of dirt, malfunctioning motor, worn-out older fans, and the loosening of screws. In addition, it happens when its impeller rotates fast with poor lubrication.

There are several kinds of noise you can use in your bathroom fan. It needs re-adjustment when you hear some knocking sound.

Moreover, a grinding noise indicates the presence of filth and dirt in its grill and housing. Notice if the fan started to make a sound recently and was quiet earlier. 

Accumulation of dirt on the bathroom fan

These fans cause a lot of noise when you do not take care of their maintenance correctly. They become dirty when you do not clean them regularly.

Dirt particles get stuck and make them unable to move. Dirt particles can accumulate inside its assembly and create a buildup.

It can also catch fire when the motor overheats, which can compromise your safety. Clean them regularly to avoid such unfavorable conditions. An easy way to clean them is to open their grill and remove all dirt particles. 

Place a cloth under the fan because dust can accumulate in your bathroom. Another tip is to clean it when washing the washroom, so all filth and dirt will vanish in one cleaning process.

You need to switch off its connection and pull down its grill to some inches from the ceiling. Gently press the springs on this grill and remove them carefully. Put this gill on a cloth and use a vacuum cleaner to blow out all dust from its surface.

You should use this cleaner with a microfiber brush so it can not damage its surface.

Put a wire-like cleaning attachment inside the fan housing to clean it thoroughly. You can also use a crevice cleaning tool to clean the spots which are hard to reach. 

Damagaed fans 

You experience a loud noise in your bathroom when you use it for a longer time. This is because it creates a knocking sound when its blades are not in their actual place.

Sometimes they continuously drag on its housing cover when you turn it on. An easy method to fix this issue is to realign its parts. This process does not cost much because you only require a screwdriver.

Loose its screws and remove the cover to realign its parts. Place them in their actual positions, lubricate and tighten the screws with the help of a screwdriver. You will notice the change immediately after doing this procedure. 

Loosening of screws

Sometimes you use a continuous rattling sound which indicates the issue with its screws. It is a reminder that you should tighten the screws to increase their performance.

It is better to switch off the bathroom fan and remove its covering to hold it. Slightly shake it and notice any kind of movement inside it. Its screws are not tightened if you hear some sound in its housing.

It happens mostly in poor-quality fans whose motor runs fast. They have small turbines that rotate a lot of air and create noise.

The ultimate solution to this problem is to replace it; otherwise, you have to tolerate such noise until its replacement. 

Poor-quality bathroom fan

You notice you hear some sounds on and off, even when it is turned off. It happens when you use low-quality products.

You can also face this condition when its CFM is not according to room size. CFM is a term cubic feet per minute used to measure its capacity to move this air.

You need less CFM when your bathroom size is small and more if you use it in a large space.

The problem occurs when you do not use it in good quality with accurate CFM. You can overcome this problem by installing a good quality fan according to its size.  

Lack of lubrication

Bathroom fans contain two-bathroom dampers, which ensure their efficient performance. Sometimes they create frequent squeaking noises due to getting struck and lack of lubrication.

This situation happens when they become weakened and allows less air to move.

Remove its covering after switching it off and clean it with a duster. Remove all dust particles that can become a barrier to proper airflow.

Use good quality silicon spray to lubricate it properly. You can also use 3 to 4 drops of all-purpose lubricate oil to avoid this continuous sound. Pour this lubrication so that it greases the bearings as well. 

Malfunctioning fan motor

Its motor makes high pitch frequent whining sounds when you switch it on.

This loud noise irritates you and makes the environment uncomfortable. This condition is due to the poor performance and malfunctioning motor.

 It can also happen due to a lot of turns in its ductwork. It controls the air pull according to your choice and ensures it’s smooth running.

Damaged blades do not allow proper airflow and become a significant cause of this whining sound. 

You have to fix the issue once you identify its potential cause. You can add a new motor instead of the entire fan assembly when it is totally out of order. It will be cost-effective when you replace only its motor for better performance. 

Fan impeller rotates fast

You notice it is not making loud noise and is quiet when it rotates at low speed. The more the speed of the fan more will be its noise.

It will deliver more air if it is designed in a way that its impeller rotates the air at a faster level. It causes more friction in its bearings when it rotates at high speed.

This increased friction results in the form of continuous loud sounds from the bathroom fan.

On the other hand, the same size fan with a low-speed impeller does not create much noise. It will work better if there are more blades present in its assembly.

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