Can a Bathroom Be Under Stairs?

The area under the stairs is mostly unused, and many people put a bathroom there. The architecture of a house adds value and attraction to the property, and you can take advantage of available space.

Can a Bathroom Be Under Stairs? A bathroom can be under the stairs because it is an excellent way to utilize this space and is ideal for children and older adults. However, you should plan ventilation, plumbing system, building regulations, and measurements.

It can seem challenging to use this area. You should measure the place and then plan your construction.

Why would a bathroom be under the stairs?

The area under the stair can be used in multiple ways, and you can also construct a second bathroom under this space which has several advantages.

Utilize the space

Renovating and utilizing every inch of your house has become popular, especially the space with the stairs.

It is a good option for a small house to use this location instead of leaving it for nothing.

It is better to install a toilet, sink, and mirror in this place to utilize the whole space without much traffic so that you can easily walk and shower. In addition, you can use wall-mounted sink instead of pedestal sinks which covers more area.

You can install a wall cabinet to store your items like soap, shampoo, or other cleaners over the toilet, but you must consider the location of the toilet.

You can use different wallpapers and colors to decorate this place, which makes it attractive and functional.

You can take advantage of this extra space in your house by using it with creative and innovative ideas.

For example, you can also install a half bathtub if you have wide and long stairs, which adds more free space to construct a decent and stylish bathroom. 

Ideal for children and senior members

This location is ideal for children and senior members of the house, like your grandparents.

However, children can get locked in the bathroom if you have it on the upper floor and you do your chores in the kitchen and bedroom.

It is safe for the children to go there, so you can hear and reach them in any emergency.

Moreover, it takes more time to take your kids to another toilet when they need to use it immediately. The guests can also use it, and you do not have to take them as it is easy to access.

Having under stair toilet is more convenient for the senior member who has back problems and cannot walk much or climb the stair to use it.

It is also comfortable for the aged person in a wheelchair to go there instead of going upstairs to use it.

Ideal for a big family

The bathroom is the place that is more frequently used in the house because you have to take a shower or wash your hands and face many times a day, especially in summer.

It will be an extra addition to your home that reduces the load on a single toilet. You can use it when the other place is busy, or a guest or visitor needs to use it.

Moreover, it is an ideal addition to a busy household with many family members. You do not need to wait outside this place for the other person to come out if you want to use the toilet immediately.

Things to consider for a bathroom under stairs

There are certain things to consider if you plan to construct it under the stairs, as it can be pretty tricky to manage different things simultaneously while constructing it.


Ventilation is the primary factor that is better to consider while planning for the bathroom due to the high moisture and damp atmosphere.

It is difficult to install windows in this place because of the small and concise area, but you can use other ventilation methods.

You can use an extractor fan which works efficiently to remove the excess condensation after a hot shower and ventilate the damp environment.

You can choose a ceiling extractor fan or a wall-mounted one, depending on the space around it and your personal preference.

You can also use a humidistat that will turn on automatically when the humidity reaches a certain level and turn off when the moisture has cleared.


You can get the plumbing and drainage system from the other washroom above or below the stairs.

This can be tricky and challenging if you do not have another toilet pipeline that can be used for this place.

It is better to consult a professional to install a new drainage system and pipelines if you do not have pipelines that can lead the toilet drain to the sewage. Ensure the pipes have a proper sanitary system and dimensions to avoid clogging in pipes.

You can use the water supply lines of the kitchen but only the plumbing, not for drainage.

It should have a separate drain system to avoid unhygienic conditions.

Ensure that your drain pipes run downhill and that there is proper waste disposal. You can face any problem in the future if you ignore the plumbing system.

Building regulations and measurement

It is better to consider building regulations and measurements before constructing a bathroom. It will ensure that the installation is safe for you, your family, and the environment.

Building regulations can tell you about all aspects like electricity management, ventilation, drainage, accessibility, etc.

For example, there are no strict regulations for installing the toilet as long as you are not changing the whole interior for this purpose.

I recommend you consider the measurements so that you can easily stand and use the toilet without bumping your head on the slop of stairs.

For example, a place that measures 70-80 cm in width and 130-140 cm in length is comfortable for using it as a bathroom.

Why do people avoid having a bathroom under the stairs?

Although it is an efficient way to utilize the extra space. Its doors mostly swing inward and can damage the sink or wall-mounted mirror behind the door due to less space.

Moreover, it will cover most of the area when the door swings inward, and the layout for its interior can be challenging to manage.

It also causes problems if the door turns outward as it can block the hallway or corridor, and you can hit the person passing through the hallway when you open it outwards.

People also avoid having them with the stairs because of the unclean atmosphere in the center of the home, as stairs are primarily present in the corner of the living room.

In addition, germs and bacteria can make the environment impure and unhealthy around you.

Therefore, people go towards less complex renovation ideas like having cabinets.

There are also many myths about using the place under the stairs, such as it can bring bad luck to the house members and is also a source of negative energy.

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