Can You Put a Square Bathroom Sink in a Round Hole?

You can install square sinks in the bathroom to add a luxurious and stylish look if you are renovating the interior of this place. The installation is simple and easy, and you can do it yourself to save money if you have the expertise to do this task.

Can You Put a Square Bathroom Sink in a Round Hole? You can put a square bathroom sink in a round hole by drilling a new square cut over this hole and fitting it in the drilled square hole. It can save time and money and give the bathroom a stylish and attractive look.

It is better to hire a professional for this job if you do not have knowledge and experience in doing such tasks.

It can modernize the entire look of the bathroom by replacing the typical round sink with a new and stylish square one. You can get the guideline from the manual that comes with the new sink to install it properly.

Why would you put a square bathroom sink in a round hole?

You can put a square sink in a round cut on the countertop if you want to replace the worn-out and old sink.

The fitting of square shape fixtures in the round hole is not simple, as you have to cut the countertop hole or replace the countertop with a new one to fix the sink.

Replacing a round sink with a square over the same countertop can save the money of selecting a new countertop, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

Moreover, it takes more time to change the countertop and drill a new cut to fit the new sink.

It is a less exhausting and time-taking process to replace the sink and fix in the existing cut with some modifications.

You cannot change the countertop yourself and have to hire a professional plumber and workers to do this job because it demands more labor.

It can take approximately one to two days if you are doing this task yourself without help from a professional.

You can put it in the round cut if the old sink has cracks or stains that look unpleasant and affects the overall appearance.

Its surface can get porous over time because of the use of harsh cleaners and abrasive cleaning tools, which also causes the replacement of the old round sink.

The new square sink can make the place look more attractive and prevent mold and bacteria in the cracks and porous surfaces.

You can place this new square bathroom sink in the round cut if you have more space on the countertop, and you can easily modify this hole into a square hole.

More counter space allows you to drill a new cut over the already existing round one and fix the square one over it. 

The drain hole for all the shapes is approximately the same, but it is better to measure the size before placing a new fixture over it. 

The common drain hole sizes for bathroom sinks are 1.25″, 1.5″, and 1.625″, and you can select the one that matches the sink you want in the bathroom.

How to put a square bathroom sinkhole in a round hole?

You need a few tools and a new square sink to replace the old round one that adds a new and fresh look to the bathroom. It requires a drill machine, a sharp knife, a pencil to mark the spots, nail pins, and paper tape to start the procedure.

Firstly, clean the countertop and the area around the round hole completely, such as the silicone and the debris accumulated on the surface near the cut.

Take a knife or an abrasive paper to scrub the area and remove the excessive dust and caulk before fitting a new plumbing fixture in this cut.

Wipe the countertop using a soft wet cloth and let it dry for a few minutes. Now, take out the template from the box that comes with the new square sink and place it over the round cut on the countertop.

Put the tape on the edges of the template to fix it on the countertop and drill the holes on the corners of the template that indicates the sink shape using a drill machine.

Take a sheet rock-type sharp knife and cut around the shape of the sink that is printed on the template.

You can also use a blade to mark its shape on the countertop by following the template lines.

Remove the template from the hole and cut another one over the marked lines for the new fixture using a sharp circular saw.

Make sure to cut around the exact marked lines because the incorrect cutting may cause the loose fixing of the sink.

The wrong cut can also cause the new sink to not fit in it, and you have to repeat the process for correct cutting.

The square hole is ready, and you can place the new sink over it carefully because it can be heavy.

The new sink comes with faucets, plumbing pipes, drain pieces, and other bolts and nuts to fix it on the countertop.

It is better to select a high-quality product because it can last for a long time, and you do not need to waste your time on the installation more often.

Fix the mounting and other parts of the fixture and the faucets on the three holes over the sink, such that one is for the hot water and the other for cold water.

You can make all the necessary connections if you have knowledge about the plumbing system required for the sink.

Things to consider while putting a square bathroom sink in a round hole

Installing a square sink in a round cut is tricky and complicated, but you can do it easily if you consider some general things.

First of all, it is better to hire a professional for this task if you do not have experience and knowledge about its installation and plumbing system.

You can select the product from a well-known brand because local and low-quality manufacturing materials can get cracks during installation.

You can put a square sink in the round cut after modifying it if you have enough space on the countertop to cut another hole because the square shape takes up more space.

It is better to choose a size that can fit in the countertop with the round hole after modifying it.

You cannot install a large-size sink on the countertop with less width; therefore, measure the countertop width and length before selecting a square sink.

Poor installation and incorrect fixing can cause leaks and wobbling.

In addition, the drop-in or under-mount sinks can fit in the countertops, while the vessel sinks cannot fit in the hole over the countertop.

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