How to Find Moen Bathroom Faucet Model Number?

Moen is one of the top brands dealing in faucets providing bathroom and kitchen products, and is known for a diverse selection of safety products, showerheads, and other accessories.

How to Find Moen Bathroom Faucet Model Number? You can find the Moen bathroom faucet model number by looking at the faucet itself, as it can be printed on the back of the spout, cold water supply line, and handle cap. It can be written on the instruction manual, receipt, and packaging box. You can also ask the manufacturer by sending a picture when all the text is not visible clearly or use a Moen Identifier tool.

You can find the model number of the bathroom faucet by looking at its external parts, as it can be mentioned in the form of a small string of text on the undersides.

However, product documents can also provide information about the product’s design, style, or type in addition to its date of purchase and model details.

Instruction sheet

It is easy to find the brand name on the faucet as it is typically printed or engraved within the material. You have to make an effort to find the product details written in the manual.

Every Moen product comes with an instruction manual for installation and usage to guide the users and avoid inconvenience. The instruction sheets are added to the product package.

It contains a few images, written instructions, and product information. This product information chart includes the model number, color, type of design, etc.

Moreover, it is better to keep these instruction sheets in a safe place so that you do not have to face problems later when it becomes essential to find a model no.

Packaging box or receipt

A packaging box also contains information about the Moen bathroom faucets as they attach a sticker with all the specifications and required data on it.

Most retail stores pack a product within a packaging box and add such data on the inner side of the box. The manufacturers or retailers provide a receipt of payment that needs to be kept safe.

Receipts usually have the model number, color, name and product cost, shipping date, and a few other details. Therefore, it is better to keep the box and receipt in a safe place.

This can help you save from undesired frustration when you have to contact Moen’s service center and ask them about the model no or the related products.

Back of spout 

Spout is one of the most prominent parts of a faucet connecting sink or body and helps in directional water flow. It comes in various shapes to give the product a distinctive design.

You can look at the back or under the spout region to find a series of numbers and alphabets to help locate the exact replacement parts while repairing the damaged component.

Moreover, this number combines alphabets and digits that are usually 7 or 8 collectively. It is usually printed on the spout’s surface with black ink.

It is better to keep the broken components as they can have the product details.

Send a picture to the manufacturer

The color of ink used for printing stamps having model numbers begins to fade over time. It can also disappear due to dirt when the box is kept inside the store room for a long.

In addition, you can take a picture of the stamp after cleaning the box with a neat cloth and removing accumulated dirt. It can help improve the visibility of the number to the maximum extent.

You can send the picture to the manufacturer by contacting their customer service center, as they have an idea about the number and find it by looking at starting or end numbers.

Sometimes, the manufacturers stop production of a few products after years and replace them with upgraded models. So, they can help you find an accessory that can fit within the same hole.

Check handle cap

A faucet handle or lever controls the water flow, as you can turn the handle to allow water to flow down the sink. You can check the cap of the handle while looking for its details.

It can be written on the handle’s cap in a small font size. However, you have to look all around its surface to find a string of text that ranges between 7 to 8 digits or alphabets.

You can also check it within the handle by removing the cap, as it can be written inside the handle when the manufacturers do not want to compromise its aesthetic value.

Cold water supply line

Almost every water fixture has cold water supply lines oriented at a 90-degrees angle for better water flow. You can see these lines as the model number can be printed on the outer surface of pipes.

These pipes run underneath the sink, so you have to check them all over the length of the pipes, as it can possibly be written at the lower end.

The manufacturers try to keep the aesthetic value of their product higher by improving design and writing the information on a hidden portion of the product.

Accordingly, there is a great chance that a model no can be written on the lower end of these cold water supply lines if you have not found it on the spout or other areas.

Search on Moen identifier

You can access the Moen Identifier tool if nothing works for you; that can help you find the exact product, its replacement parts, and other specifications.

You have to provide a picture of the bathroom faucet after choosing the Moen identifier tool. Then, sign up for an account and get the relevant details about your product.

You do not have to make more effort as it will show you accurate results. However, you can also seek help from Google by searching through images.

Visit Moen website 

You can visit the Moen website for information about the bathroom faucet. However, you have to add its name or model number to reach the exact product or accessory.

It can be challenging to find the accurate component of the product as many products are listed on their website. So, it is better to know its type, name, or number.

Additionally, go and access the wizard and answer a few questions that can help you reach the desired product on the list of items.

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