Will Toilet Paper Dissolve in Clogged Toilet?

A clogged toilet can be annoying and create a lot of mess in the drain pipes and in the bowl. One of the reasons for clogged toilets is the excessive use of toilet paper; although they are made to dissolve in water, they can cause clogging when combined with waste products.

Will Toilet Paper Dissolve in Clogged Toilet? Toilet paper can dissolve in a clogged toilet depending on the type of paper, the flushing system, and the condition of the toilet. You can pour hot water and dishwashing liquid, use a plunger, baking soda and vinegar, chemical additives, and toilet auger to dissolve it quickly. After flushing, toilet paper takes 20-30 minutes to dissolve in the drain pipes.

The clogging in the drains blocks the way for the waste products to pass into the sewage, and this can cause flooding in the bathroom, which is no less than a nightmare.

Can toilet paper dissolve in a clogged toilet?

It can dissolve in the toilet itself if the clogging is not severe and the clogging is because of the toilet paper. They are made using soft cellulose fiber that can break apart in the water.

The non-flushable items in the fixture’s bowl can cause the drain pipes to block, and it does not allow these to dissolve and flow down into the sewage.

They are available in one, two, and three-ply options, and the 1 and 2 ply papers are the best, as they break down into small pieces and dissolve without clogging the pipes.

The three-ply toilet paper is a thick layer of paper and cannot break down easily, which causes blockage in the drains.

The product material also affects the dissolving capability in the water, such as a 1-ply paper can disintegrate faster if the material used in the manufacturing is less dense and soft.

It made of 100 percent recycled material can break down much faster because the fiber threads used are short and break down quickly in the water.

The thick layer of paper accumulates in the drain pipes and blocks them over time, and you have to call a professional plumber if it causes flooding in the bathroom.

How can you dissolve toilet paper in a clogged toilet?

Toilet paper can disintegrate in the water when you flush them out, but you can use the following methods if they are stuck in the drain pipes and do not allow the waste to pass down the sewage.

Pour hot water and dishwashing liquid

You can pour hot water and mild dishwashing liquid soap into the bowl to dissolve them and clear the pipes for the human waste to flush into the drains.

Pour a container of hot water into the bowl and add 2-4 tablespoons of dishwashing soap. Take a long stick brush ad mix the water and liquid soap such that you can see the bubble in the bowl.

Leave the plumbing fixture for 10-15 minutes, and flush it to see if the clogging is removed.

You can repeat the procedure if the flushing is slow and pour a bucket of hot water again into the bowl to remove all the particles inside the drain pipes properly.

Using a plunger

Plunger is the most commonly used tool to remove the clogs in the toilet drains. It has a suction cup of wood or plastic at the start of the shaft that forces the clogging material into the sewage.

Position the plunger inside the bottom of the bowl such that it covers the bowl opening to seal the area and have an efficient suction.

Press the plunger up and down with some force to create suction inside the bowl, which allows the waste and debris to flow down the drains, and you hear a gurgling sound.

Repeat the procedure 2-3 times without breaking the vacuum created by the seal between the bowl and the plunger cup. Press the flushing handle to flush the waste into the sewage and clear the blockage completely.

Baking soda and vinegar

I often use vinegar and baking soda to remove the clogging due to toilet paper. Take equal parts of baking soda and vinegar, and mix them well to form a solution.

Pour the solution into the bowl and wait 12-15 minutes for the reaction of vinegar and baking soda to break down the clogged material.

You can see the fizzy reaction inside the plumbing fixture when you pour the solution, and you can add more vinegar into the bowl if the clogging is not removed.

Use chemical additives

Different chemical additives can help to fix things that cause the blockage in the drain pipes.

However, it is better to read the instruction carefully on the packing before using these chemicals in the bowl because they can damage the plumbing fixture or the drain pipes.

The specific products for the septic tanks and the toilets are manufactured with less toxic chemicals to prevent corrosion and rust in the fixture.

Follow the instructions and pour the quantity mentioned on the packing to avoid damage to the fixture.

They are safe for the septic system and the sewage lines, and you can use them regularly.

Using a toilet auger

A toilet auger, also known as the plumbing snake, can help to fix clogged drains.

You can use this tool if the chemical products and the plunger do not work to dissolve the clogging material in the sewage.

It is long and has a hook to catch the clogged material from the drains. Insert the tool into the bowl and bends it into the drain until it hooks the clogged toilet paper.

Turn it in the other direction to catch all the clogging materials from the drain pipes and pull it out with a bunch of undissolved products. Wash the tool with hot water and dry it to use again when the plumbing fixture is clogged.

How long does it take for toilet paper to dissolve in clogged toilet?

The toilet paper can dissolve in the drains in 20-30 minutes, depending on the type of paper, the flushing system, and the condition of the plumbing fixture.

It can dissolve in less time if the paper is 1-ply and takes more if you use 3-ply toilet paper in the bathroom. Some brands make papers that dissolve immediately in the water and are safe for the septic system.

You can test the paper for how long it takes to dissolve in the drains by filling water in a container and dipping a few toilet paper in it.

It can take 30-35 minutes to dissolve the clogging in the drains if you are using chemical products or a plunger and auger, depending on the severity of the clogging.

Sometimes it takes 2-3 hours due to stubborn and hard paper, and you may need to call a professional plumber to help remove the blockage in the drains. 

Is it safe to use bleach to dissolve toilet paper in a clogged toilet?

It is not safe to use bleach to dissolve toilet paper because it is a base and has a high pH level.

The acidic material can work well to break down the clogged particles, but bleach works the opposite and cause more clogging instead of removing it.

It can stick with the waste paper and damage the sewage and drain pipes.

In addition, it can cause corrosion inside the metal pipes and is toxic for you to use because the fumes and the splashes can cause health issues.

The bleach can damage the septic system because of the harsh chemicals in its formulation. Therefore, t is better to avoid using bleach in the drains.

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