Does Toilet Paper Expire?

Toilet paper is one of the most frequently used products in the bathroom. In addition, they are not expensive; therefore, you can keep a stock of them in the house.

Does Toilet Paper Expire? Toilet paper does not expire and can last for a long time if appropriate conditions are provided to store them. However, the moisture, dirt and dust, temperature, storage place, and material or brand affect the lifetime of the toilet paper. You can make them last longer by storing them in their original packing and dry place and selecting the small packing of this product.

Many people think about this product’s expiry date when selecting a stock of the many rolls for the bathroom. However, unlike food and other household products, they do not deteriorate quickly and can last long.

Will toilet paper expire?

They do not expire and can last for many decades if proper conditions and a suitable environment are provided for them to store in the bathroom.

Different brands and companies manufacture various products, and the product lifetime depends on the quality and storage conditions.

Manufacturers mention the expiry date on the packing to increase the sale of the product, but it does not matter as long as you place them in a suitable place.

According to research, one person in America uses approximately 80-105 rolls a year, and a family of 4 persons uses 320- 420 rolls per year.

The chances of toilet paper to expire decrease when it is used more frequently in the bathroom. It is better to store some rolls in the house to use in an emergency without worrying about the expiry date.

What factors affect the life of toilet paper?

Different factors affect the lifetime of this product, and they can deteriorate soon if you do not take care of the following factors.


You should consider moisture when placing or storing this product in the bathroom because it can affect its lifespan.

They are made to disintegrate in water and excessive moisture; therefore, placing them at a suitable distance from the toilet seat is better. They can also dissolve in a clogged toilet.

The water splashes, and the moisture can get on the roll when you flush the waste, and it can get moldy over time.

Mold and bacteria can grow on toilet paper if placed in a damp environment for a long time, and they can dissolve before you use them.

It can decompose in four to five weeks due to moisture because some manufacturing products are biodegradable. The dampness in the air causes their lifetime to shorten, and you have to replace them more often.

They can get soggy when getting wet, and it is better to throw the roll because the chances of bacteria and mold on a wet roll increase.

Dirt and dust

Dust and dirt can influence the long-term use of toilet rolls, and they start looking rough and not clean enough to use. In addition, dirt particles can enter the packing if you store them near the window.

The dust from the windows and in the air can cause them to look unhygienic, and you have to change the roll.

The dust particles can also cause diseases to spread as you use them on the wet body parts to clean them.

Therefore, placing the toilet paper stock in a place that is more exposed to dirt and dust can affect its lifespan.


The climate and the temperature changes cause the breakdown of toilet paper, such as the hot environment dries them out, and they disintegrate with time.

The direct sunlight and high temperature can cause them to dry out soon, and the temperature between 75 ⁰F to 95 ⁰F can make them dry out soon and need special care.

Mold can grow in a warm environment, and exposure to light and heat can make them brittle, which affects its lifetime.

Storage place

You can store these in a suitable place to use them at any time, as the hot and moist atmosphere can make them deteriorate soon.

The vanity shelf and the open cabinets cause more dust and light that break down the toilet papers in a short time.

You cannot store them for a long time in a place that is more exposed to water and a warm environment.

The insects and bugs can eat them up, as it is one of the most attractive places for them to hide and thrive inside the roll.

Therefore, the places where there are chances of having bugs, and insect infestation can affect their lifespan.

Material and brand

The material used in the formation of the paper and brand, which makes them also affects its duration of usage.

Many brands use nylon, pulpwood, virgin paper, and wood from the hemp plant, influencing toilet paper’s lifetime.

A low-quality material disintegrates over time, and you have to spend more on toilet rolls if you select cheap products.

The 1-ply paper does not clog the drains and is more frequently used, but the 3-ply is more comfortable and absorbent than the 1-ply one.

The multi-layer paper is more durable, and the chances of breaking down are less, but they are more prone to cause blockage in the drain pipes.

How can you make the toilet paper last longer?

It can last for many years if you consider the following things that make them last long without getting moldy and wet. Follow these things, so you do not have to worry about their expiry date.

Store in original packing

They come in plastic and lightweight transparent or colored packing covers, and storing them in their original packing is better.

The packing can prevent dust and mold from entering the roll and ensure the seal does not have holes and seams. 

Store them without removing the plastic covers from the rolls, and pay attention to the packing to notice whether it is properly sealed or not when selecting them for the bathroom.

Select small toilet rolls

It is better to select small toilet rolls for the bathroom because they can finish soon, and you cannot store them for a long time.

Another benefit of small packing is the better sealing than the big ones, and the less folding causes them to end up soon compared to the large packs.

Less folding can prevent long-term exposure to the damp atmosphere, as they are used more frequently, especially in a busy family or high-traffic area.

Store at a dry place

Store them in dry and watertight containers because the humidity can cause mildew to grow there.

However, they can last for a long time if you place them in a secure place to prevent the bugs and rats from destroying the papers.

You can place them in thick plastic bags to avoid the humidity entering the rolls and keep them dry.

Do not store them under the sink because the leakage underneath the fixture can make them wet, and mold can destroy the paper.

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