Why Put a Cup Under Toilet Seat At Night?

It seems to be a funny thing to put a cup under the toilet seat, but it has many logical reasons to do so. You often see a toilet roll or a red cup placed on the toilet seats in public restrooms to alert people about the plumbing fixture condition or other things.

Why Put a Cup Under Toilet Seat At Night? Many people put a cup under the toilet seat at night due to hygiene or shortage of toilet paper and prevent intruders. It helps train kids and is used as an alarm for sleepwalkers or a reminder to measure urine. It is a sign of maintenance for cleaning staff and also acts as a security alarm.

The red color is usually considered an alarming sign, but it is not compulsory, as you can place any color cup under the seat. Whoever enters the bathroom gets the sign that something is wrong, and you can check around for the reasons for putting it in the bathroom.

Why do people put a cup under the toilet seat at night?

People all over the world are using this hack for various reasons and some of which are listed here.


The toilet seats have a lot of germs and bacteria because of urine splashes and waste product particles, especially in public restrooms.

You do not need to touch the cover; it prevents germs and cross-contamination when you open the taps to wash your hands or press the button to flush.

You can use your foot to lift it because the cup placed under it causes the seat to rise to some height and reduces the risk of getting harmful bacteria on your hands.

Train the young kids

Training young kids about the correct use of the toilet is an exhausting task, as they can forget to lift the seat every time they use it.

It creates a mess around the plumbing fixture with urine splashes, which causes smell and germs on the seat and around it.

It can be a reminder for the kids to lift it properly and then use it for doing their business. This can help to develop their habit over time to use it properly.

Shortage of toilet paper

It can be a terrible experience if you want to grab the toilet paper after doing your business and there is not enough paper left in the roll.

It is a sign that there is a shortage of tissue so that the user is aware of the situation.

It can save you from the frustration and annoying situation of an empty roll, and you can use another bathroom. However, checking the toilet paper before using it is better to avoid embarrassment.

You can put high-quality and thick material tissue paper because they will use less and not run out soon.

In addition, you can store more than one roll in the bathroom, as there is no hurry to go to market and take a new one to place immediately in the bathroom if you have guests in the house.

Alarm for the sleepwalkers

Most people in the house have this habit of walking in sleep and doing stupid things all around the house.

This is because they cannot control their actions because their mind is sleeping, and they can also walk into the bathroom in sleep.

It can produce a loud sound of falling when they try to sit on the toilet. It can bring them back into the real world, and they can use it without any mess.

Prevent the intruders

Different intruders, such as snakes and small frogs, can enter the bathroom from the toilet, which can cause severe problems in this place.

It can be a good option to get an alarm and prevent them from coming out of the toilet.

However, the cup can slip out, and the lid will fall, which produces a sound, and you can check what is wrong in this place. 

The lid can cover the seat, and the intruders cannot come out of the bowl, and you can immediately solve the problem.

Measuring urine output

Some people have medical issues, and their doctor tells them to measure how much they urinate in the daytime or night.

The cup can help them to remind that they have to measure their urine every time they go to the bathroom.

They do not have to measure the urine in the cup, but their doctor has given them a specific cylindrical tube or a container to urinate in it. 

They have to think for a minute when they see the cup, and it can remind them of the reason for putting it there.

This hack can be helpful if you have an elderly sick member in the house, and the physician has told them to measure the urine for different tests.

Maintenance sign for cleaning staff

The public bathroom or restroom often needs maintenance because of the frequent use of the place.

The cleaning staff may not pay attention to the lack of toilet paper and the clogging in the drains.

It is a sign for the cleaning staff that the plumbing fixture needs cleaning or maintenance, and there is no tissue paper in this place.

There can be any leakage or breakage, and the cleaning staff is not aware of the problem.

It can help the workers notice that the plumbing fixture has a problem and can check for it properly.

Security alarm

It also serves as the security alarm, as the cup can knock off if someone enters the bathroom at night.

The sound produced is enough for you to wake up and check what is happening in the house.

There might be a family member using the toilet, but it is better to take small security precautions to avoid any mishap.

Moreover, you can hear the sound of knocking the cup if the aged house member wants to use the bathroom at night.

You can help them if they cannot walk enough to the bathroom and bedroom, but they do not want to disturb your sleep. This trick can help avoid any accident in the middle of the night. 

What type of cup can you place under the toilet seat?

You can use a plastic cup because it is not expensive, and you can replace it if there are cracks or breakage. 

You can also place hard ceramic cups, but they are more prone to breakage or hurt you if you break them accidentally.

Different colors of plastic cups are placed in public and home bathrooms, but most people use red color cups to make it prominent that something is wrong in this area.

You can put tissue paper rolls, boxes, small containers, or other things that can hold the lid and be visible enough to indicate the alarming sign.

You can place one or more than one cup under the seating to make it more obvious, but I put only one cup because the young kids can find it difficult to remove all these and then use the toilet.

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