How to Use a Toto Washlet?

Toto introduced a luxury and convenient toilet seat in 1980 with many exceptional features. The washlet is a built-in bidet in the toilet seat, making it easy to clean yourself without moving to a separate bidet.

How to Use a Toto Washlet? You can use a Toto washlet by selecting the general settings, air-dyer temperature, and self-cleaning of a wand and toilet bowl. It comes with different features such as an automatic lid, choosing spray bar and wand position, and adjustable seat and water temperature. It is more sanitary and uses approximately one gallon of water daily for average use.

It comes with different cleaning, drying, positioning, and heating options, and they have gained popularity for a few years.

You can use them quickly because of the automatic and electronic bidet system installed inside the seating.

It avoids excessive use of toilet paper and the expense of selecting them every month because they are frequently used in the bathroom.

How do you use a Toto Washlet?

You can read the manual of the washlet when you install it in the toilet and give the guideline to every person in the house to prevent any damage to the plumbing fixture.

Automatic lid

It uses an automatic lid system that opens when the user approaches the toilet and is convenient for disabled persons in the family.

You can use the toilet for doing your business, and the built-in automatic flushing system reduces the need to press the lever or button to flush the waste.

In addition, it prevents germs and bacteria on the hands because of the touch-free cover system of the toilet seat.

The lid also closes automatically 90 seconds after the user walks away because of the motion sensors that are installed on the right of the logo bar.

Select the spray bar or wand position

The Toto washlet comes with an LED light display, which lets you know when the wash foot and the energy mood are on.

In addition, you can select the gender option, such as men or women, using the control panel or the remote control that is given with the toilet seat.

The remote is anchored magnetically, and you can easily remove it from the stand hung near the toilet.

The rear wash option will allow the rear bar spray to wash the backside, and the feminine wash allows the front spray bar to clean the front side.

Women can choose the rear spay bar setting to clean their backside, and men can also choose the front spay bar to wash and clean the front side, depending on the body part they want to wash after doing the business. 

The buttons on the right side of the remote control activate the oscillating wand and adjust the wand position to spray water in the correct direction to wash the body part.

Three wand holes allow water to wash the rear and front private parts, such as the third hole sprays water if you give the rear spray command.

The front hole sends water pressure to clean the front side if you press the front cleaning button.

Adjust the temperature

It has a temperature setting to warm it up so that you can use the plumbing fixture without feeling cold in winter.

You can also adjust the water temperature coming out of the spray holes from the faucets or the control panel.

The sensors integrated inside the toilet seats maintain the temperature between 82 ⁰F and 97 ⁰F, allowing the option to set it as you want.

The seating temperature is adjustable to five different settings, and you can turn on any desired setting using the remote control.

Choose the general settings on its remote

The left side of the remote control has buttons that control the water volume and pressure coming out of the want.

It has two small control sections, one for the water volume and the other for the water pressure.

It is better to set a low water volume and pressure level if you are using the washlet for the first time because the high pressure might harm the sensitive private body parts.

The back of the remote has an LCD screen that allows you to program personalized seat settings drying temperature, wand functions, and energy-saving options.

In addition, the LED night light installed inside the seat can automatically turn on at night for its safe use when you approach it.

You can read the manual of Toto washlet to understand the working and use of its different features,

Air dyer

Most of the new washlet toilets have an air drying system, which helps to dry the under-body parts and reduces the need for toilet paper to dry the body after doing the business.

The temperature for the air dryer is adjustable, and it not only dries washed body parts but also dries the bowl after the water spray.

As a result, it helps to reduce the smell using the airflow inside the bowl and minimize the chances of mold growth.

Ewater plus and self-cleaning wand

It uses Ewater plus to clean the toilet, and there is no need to use harsh cleaners to clean the bowl and the rim inside it.

In addition, it can electrolyze the water that is used to clean the bowl and the wand. 

The nozzle sprays the bowl before and after every use to avoid the sticking of waste particles on its surface.

The premist feature uses the incoming water to clean the bowl before you use the toilet, and the hydrophilic nature of ceramic cause the waste to flush easily.

The wand cleans itself every time with electrolyzed water before and after use, which prevents germs and bacteria on it and makes this product more hygienic. 

Is the use of Toto washlet sanitary?

The use of the Toto washlet is perfectly sanitary, as it eradicates the use of a handle and button to flush the waste and the germs on your hands from the flushing buttons.

Using toilet paper does not cause many gems on the hands, but it is still not as hygienic as the automatic washing cleaning system.

You do not have to clean it if you do not have enough time for a cleaning because its cleaning system cleans the bowl itself after every use.

In addition, they come with deodorizers that filter the air using effective carbon filters and remove the smell.

The use of Ewater plus is electrolyzed water, which is proven to be hygienic, and this advanced technology makes them more sanitary than conventional toilet seating.

Does a Toto washlet use a lot of water?

Since they prevent the use of toilet paper and handle the flushing system, it is better to consider how much water the Toto washlet can use.

According to Toto, they use approximately one gallon of water, while the conventional toilet uses 2-3 gallons per flush.

Its water usage depends on the traffic in the bathroom and the model or the advanced technology used in manufacturing.

The high-efficiency flushing system uses modern technology that takes as less water as possible, which makes it more environment-friendly. 

However, it uses more water than the toilet bidets, such as the bidet uses 1-3 liters of water per minute, while the washlet takes 4-8 liters of water in a minute. 

The main focus of the brand is to provide more hygiene and convenient technology to its customers.

It is not much focused on water usage because every person uses water according to their need to wash their body parts properly.

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