How to Find Toto Toilet Model Number?

Many people get irritated when the newly purchased bolt does not fit inside the Toto toilet while replacing the broken or old parts.

How to Find Toto Toilet Model Number? You can find Toto toilet model number by looking at the tank’s lid, the top and inside walls of the toilet, and the bowl rim. In addition, you can check the receipt and instructions manual or contact the manufacturer to get these details.

It seems frustrating to visit the store more than once, so it is better to ask for the right fixture or a part of it by telling an accurate model number of the toilet to avoid inconvenience.

How do you find the Toto toilet model number?

Toto toilet model number can be present on its external and internal parts, as it is usually printed on hard surfaces and fades over time.

Look on the lid

You can check the number on the lid, as it is commonly engraved or printed on the top or underside of the lid. Look on all of its four sides to locate a set of alphabets and digits.

You probably do not have to make more effort to reach inside the toilet as manufacturers usually print it on the outer surface to improve visibility.

You can also check it on the underside of the lid, but you have to lift it carefully to avoid the risk of breakage. It is made of fragile material that cannot tolerate knocking against a hard surface.

Furthermore, lift the lid slightly by placing your hands on the two sides and turning it over carefully. Look on the underside as it is written in clear font type and size that can be seen easily.

Top and inner side of the tank

A few toilets by Toto have a model number on the top of the tank that can be seen when you remove the lid or lift it slightly.

It can be present on any one of the four sides that can be seen without making any serious efforts. It is usually printed in blue or black ink and contains more than one number.

In addition, wipe out the tank’s surface to remove dirt and improve the clarity of the number so that you can note it down accurately.

You can also find a few strings of text inside the walls of the tank that are usually model numbers or color codes. It can be written deep inside the tank, so you have to use a flashlight.

Throw light on the side walls of the tank to improve visibility, and note down the text in your record to use it for further processes. You can use it to find the manufacturing date.

Inside toilet bowl rim

Its model number can also be written on the toilet bowl rim or mainly on the inner side. You have to lift the seat cover to see the rim region, which is the outer lining of the bowl.

The rim helps keep the dirty water inside the bowl during flushing and allows clean water to enter it. The number can also fade over time due to contact with water and washing solutions.

Take a flashlight and look closely at the inner areas of the rim; that will take your time. However, it can save you from frustration to look for repairing parts that can fit inside accurately.

Check documents

You can also check the documents provided with the product to find the details. The documents can provide detailed information about the product and the manufacturing date.

Many people throw receipts in the trash bin when the product gets older and face problems when they need product information during the repair.

Moreover, it is better to keep them safe to get any information related to the product when you have to replace any broken part.

Contact manufacturer

A manufacturer can provide detailed information about the product, so you can contact their customer service center and ask for the relevant information.

Moreover, they can ask you about the picture if the number faded over time due to dirt and exposure to water. Click a picture of the faded text after removing dirt with a cloth.

Send the picture to the provided number as they can tell you about the model number by looking at the initial or ending alphabets or digits, as this text has some meaning that Toto owners know.

Why would you find the Toto toilet model number?

A model number of the toilet can help find accurate components in the market when you have to replace broken gaskets or bolts.

You have to enter it in the search box when looking for the parts on its official website. It becomes challenging to reach the section of the relevant part without knowing the exact model.

Some people are satisfied with their old toilets and want to buy new ones with similar designs or materials. They can ask for the same product if they know about its details.

In addition, it can help replace the product with the similar one to enjoy the same benefits when you do not want to move out of your comfort zone.

It can also provide information about the product’s manufacturing year and its age to get an idea of durability when you suggest it to a close friend.

In the same way, you can upgrade to the newer model if you know about the previous one, so it can be helpful in the upgradation process.

You can know about the type of units as Toto toilets are 1-piece and 2-piece, which can be determined by looking at their model details.

What does Toto toilet model number mean?

A Toto toilet model number contains a series of alphabets and digits indicating the unit type, bowl shape, manufacturing year, and other related information.

The number for a single unit starts with MS followed by 6 digits, in which the last three digits are usually 113 or 114.

The number of the round bowl ends with 113, while that of the elongated one ends with 114. One important thing to consider is the middle string of three numbers, creating the difference.

It can also contain the alphabet ‘E,’ which stands for a specific eco-friendly style with a better flushing system. This eco-friendly style is also available in a 2-piece unit in a different design.

However, a 2-piece unit starts with ST in addition to E and R, which are eco-friendly products, and a product with a right-handed lever.

Some of them have an alphabet G in the number when SanaGloss is used for finishing. So, these digits and alphabets have particular meanings and take you to the right-sized accessories.

In the same way, they have assigned color codes to find the right colors in a variety of products. For example, there is a sign of pound before the two numbers used for colors, like #03 is for Bone.

Similarly, the color codes for Sedona Beige and Ebony are #12 or pound one two and #51 or pound five one.

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