Why Do Guys Take Their Phones to the Bathroom?

Many people take their phones into the bathrooms and use them when they shower and use the toilets. It is a more common practice among young men, and they barely spend time with their friends and families.

Why Do Guys Take Their Phones to the Bathroom? Guys take their phones to the bathroom because of emergency calls and meetings, avoid boredom, phone addiction, watch shows, shop online, have secret conversations, and watch the news. It is unsafe to do this because it is unhygienic, and it can slip from your hands and go into the toilet.

Bathrooms are not safe places for your phones because these can become faulty because of water exposure and steam.

Why do men take their phones to the bathroom?

Taking cell phones in the bathroom is not good unless you have emergency calls or meetings because it can damage your brain and health.

Emergency calls or meetings

Many guys take their phones to the bathrooms, so they do not miss emergency calls. It is the worst situation when someone calls you in an emergency, and you are not responding.

You can easily respond to or pick up their calls when you are nearby. Moreover, you can also do this if you have strict working hours.

You cannot reject the calls or miss meetings at your workplaces. Therefore, it is necessary for you to keep your mobile phones with you when you are going anywhere.

You can do this if you are attending an important meeting from your office and do not want to miss important points.

Avoid boredom

Many times, people get bored while sitting on the toilet seats. However, you can avoid this boredom while watching TV shows, movies, and playing games.

In addition, time passes quickly when you do this. People sit in the bathtubs for hours to make them less tired, relax and freshen their mood.

You can put it in Ziplock bags and watch your favorite drama, movies, and series. It can protect them from water splashes, and you can enjoy your time.

You can also play games on them to relax your mind, which sometimes gives a soothing effect to your brain.

Phone addiction

Many guys have phone addiction. They cannot leave them away for a single minute.

Some boys have a bad habit of checking their apps repeatedly and keeping an eye on notifications.

Moreover, you can do this to remain active on social media and make yourself aware of the latest news.

Men spend a lot of time on social platforms rather than enjoying with families and friends.

Therefore, they feel that they can miss important things when they remain inactive for some time.

Online shopping

The trend of online shopping is increasing in the fast-growing world. People prefer to purchase things online because they are affordable and save time.

You can often not scroll the online pages of different brands because of their limited time and busy routines, and you cannot make the special time for shopping.

You have free time while sitting in the bathtub and toilets, and you can scroll the online pages of different clothing and shoe brand.

Boys often do this when purchasing a gift for their partners and family members because it can save time and effort.

You can also spend your free time searching for discounts and window shopping. Keep yourself aware of the latest market trends while using your mobile in the bathtub.

Secret conversation

Men do this so no one can disturb their privacy and access their apps and social accounts.

There are often more family members in the home, and you cannot make the secret conversation on call and messages in front of them.

They think the bathroom is the safe place for secret conversations with their partner so o one can keep an eye on them. In addition, there is no noise in these areas, and you cannot feel any distractions.

Overview of global updates

The different social media platforms like news channels, Fb, YouTube, and Google make you aware of the latest trends in the world and news.

You cannot make time to go through this news because of busy working hours.

However, you have free time when sitting in the bathroom, and you can review social media accounts to take an overview of the global world.

It is necessary to keep yourself updated about the current worldwide situation. However, you cannot watch the news while working because it can cause distractions.

Is it safe to take the phone in the bathroom?

A bathroom is unsafe for phones because of the wet floors and splashes of water. Moreover, it can also slip from your hand in the bathtub while using it.

The issue also comes when you see something on it while sitting in the toilets. Numerous germs and bacteria are also present in the area near the toilets.

These bacteria and germs can stick to the screen and come on your hand when you touch the screen.

The germs and bacteria come outside with your phone and make the surroundings unhygienic. You can also make your food dirty when you touch it with uncleaned hands, making you ill.

How do you keep your phone safe in the bathroom? 

The safety depends on the type of the phones because water can make them faulty and their screen becomes blank.

Waterproof devices are available in the market; you can take them in the bathrooms without worrying about anything.

Water cannot affect their function and working performance. You can use the Ziplock bags if your phones are not waterproof to prevent moisture damage.

You can use them while taking showers and sitting in bathtubs. Moreover, it is also better to add raw or uncooked rice to this bag to absorb moisture and keep it dry.

It is better to place them on the tissue holders and the flush tanks when you have to use the shower for toilet flushing.

You cannot flush the toilet with one hand and use the device with the other.

How often do guys take their phones in bathrooms?

I surveyed 1025 people in America, and most of them were young to take their reviews about phone addiction because they always keep their phones with them.

Out of 1025 people, 877 (85%) said they are addicted to using phones and taking them to the bathroom.

57(6%) people claim that they have to take their mobiles to the toilets because of their non-flexible workplace rules, and they cannot reject calls or meetings.

The remaining 91 (9%) guys said they do this so they cannot miss the online series or TV shows because they can lose interest in the series.

One of the guys said: “I have to take the phone in the bathrooms because my boss can call me at any time during working hours.”

The other one said: “I do this because there is no one in my surrounding to disturb my privacy.”

The third guy replied:” I have a busy working schedule, and I do this to scroll social media and check stock exchange news while using the toilet.”

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