Why Are Medicine Cabinets in the Bathroom?

People add cabinets in the bathroom to store different items and keep them near their hands. You can add daily-use items to protect them from water and better storage.

Why Are Medicine Cabinets in the Bathroom? You can add medicine cabinets in the bathroom to store medicines, hygienic products, and fragrances. It increases the resell value of a home, keeps things away from children, provides better space usage, and stores light-sensitive items.

These are available in different sizes and designs, and you can also make customized ones for your bathrooms according to their color.

Why would you add medicine cabinets in the bathroom?

It also acts as a space organizer and reduces the clutter in the interior. For example, you can organize all your accessories on the shelves to make them look nice.

Store medicines

You cannot put medicines or other things in the bathroom without enclosed cupboards because moisture and fluctuating temperatures can damage them.

It is better to install them in an enclosed space for their better use and durability. In addition, you can add first aid accessories in them so you can tackle emergencies.

The cuts are normal during shaving, and you can quickly remove the bandage and apply it to the affected area.

Moreover, you can use oral care items like mouthwash, toothpaste, and toothbrushes because they are less humid and bacteria-free.

Add adhesive bandages to these shelves so you can use them in case of cuts and injuries.

It is also good for the storage of opened packages and light-sensitive items.

Hygienic products and fragrances

People add various hygienic products here, and you cannot add all of them above the vanity shelves.

You can organize them in a better way in these medicine cabinets. For example, you can add nail clippers, tweezers, and sanitary items to keep them safe and private.

It provides high-end privacy for storing personal use items because of their closed doors. Add facewash, conditioners, shampoos, toiletries, and cleaning products.

It is also better for storing body lotions, mists, and fragrances. You can also keep the cleaning products in them to avoid clutter in the interior space.

Increase the resale value of home

People often add different fixtures in their homes to create a comfortable and safe environment. These fixtures increase the resale value of homes or apartments.

You can easily attract buyers from the different items that add style and beauty to your interior. For example, adding these in the bathroom gives them a stylish and modern appearance.

These are also larger, and you can store many items of daily use in them.

These not only help to add beauty but also add value to your interior.

Better usage of space

Adding cabinets allows better usage of space. In addition, you can keep the things in your right hand and away from access to children.

Children cannot reach these items because they are installed above the floor. You can also add mirrors on their doors rather than installing them on additional walls and bound more space.

These do not touch the floor, and you can also use the areas on their bottom side. You can place the dust beans, floor-mounted towel racks, and dustbins under them.

Moreover, you can organize all the items in one place rather than rushing here and there to find separate items.

Where should you add a medicine cabinet in the bathroom?

The placement of cabinets depends on their design and manufacturing material. Many people add mirrors to utilize the space rather than installing them on separate walls.

You can install them above the vanity or the sink if it has a mirror. The adjustment above the vanity gives a better look with a mirror.

It is only suitable when using glass or plastic because water splashes damage the wooden materials.

Avoid adjusting them near the bathtubs and showers because of moisture.

I prefer to put it on the middle wall for easy access from all bathroom corners. You can add them on the walls that are away from the doors because it can cause an interruption in their opening and closing.

What material for medicine cabinets is suitable?

The material of the cabinets matters a lot because of the hot and humid environment.

It is not suitable to install wooden ones because the wood can warp because of high humidity and water splashes. Moreover, these are also prone to mold growth, and you can feel a musty smell when you open them.

The glass and plastic types are better because they are resistant to water damage. The surface of these materials is non-porous, and water cannot penetrate their layer and cause any damage.

Stainless steel is also a good option because it is less vulnerable to rust than metal and aluminum. Some of these are also coated with antirust paints to reduce the risk of corrosion-related damages and make them more durable.

Avoid using pure metal because it can rust quickly due to higher humidity.

What type of Medicine cabinets are suitable in the bathroom?

People mostly add two types of cabinets according to the size and space on the walls.

One is the recessed type embedded in the walls, while the other you can add to the wall. The recessed type is not a good option because it is embedded inside the walls and is a costly option.

It needs a high cost for their construction because of adding electric connections inside the walls. Moreover, the damages are also difficult to repair, and you cannot replace them.

The recessed type is only suitable in the interior with small spaces, and you cannot mount the shelves on walls that take up more space.

These are not customized and give a uniform appearance to your place. The wall mounted are best because you can select the material and color according to the other fixtures.

What size of Medicine cabinets can you install in a bathroom?

It is also necessary to consider the size of the medicine cabinets while installing them.

It is only the outdated fashion that people want to try because of its unique appearance and organizing accessories in a better manner.

Inspect the size of your interior while adding them because you cannot add the larger one to the small interior. It can take up space and suffocate the environment because of decreased air circulation.

Consider the space of the fixtures and lights while selecting their size. The height of these cabinets is not larger than the lights of other fixtures because it can cause darkness by inhibiting the light.

The average size in large bathrooms should not exceed more than 55 inches to 60 inches wide.

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