Can a Bathroom Be Next to a Kitchen?

As per the international residential code, you can construct the bathrooms next to the kitchen. In addition, this law also states that both interiors can share the same walls, but people do not want to do this.

Can a Bathroom Be Next to a Kitchen? A bathroom should not be next to a kitchen because of the humid environment, unhygienic conditions, high-traffic areas, and offensive orders. However, you can do this but separate their doors and plumbing system, ensure proper ventilation, relocate the dining area, and use scented candles.

It seems awkward to install the bathrooms near the kitchen because the sound of flushing toilets always makes you nauseous while eating and preparing food.

Why should a bathroom not be next to a kitchen?

There are no special rules according to building regulations that state that you should not have the bathroom near the kitchen, but people do not want to do this for the following reasons.

Humid environment

The relative humidity is high in bathrooms because of running water. However, the temperature remains cold and humid, which can affect the walls of the cooking area.

The humid area can affect the walls of the kitchen if both of these shares the same walls. This is because the paint starts to come off from its surface because of its high humidity content.

In addition, you can also feel the musty smell from your surroundings and even on food items.

You cannot place the opened food packages in the cabinets because of the musty smell from higher humidity.

Furthermore, the high humidity content also ruins your crunchy food items because they become soft after absorbing water from the surrounding environment.

You can see water marks on the paint of common walls because of water content.

Unhygienic conditions

Many times, people forget to close the bathroom door after coming out. As a result, the bacteria can easily move into the kitchen, spoil your food material, and make you ill.

You do not know about the presence of bacteria in your food material, and you can eat them. According to the architectural perspective, there are no unhygienic considerations.

However, the germs can mix with air and travel into the cooking area. These can move rapidly from one place to other with the movement of air.

The germs can move outside when people close and open the doors. The exchange of air causes bacteria and germs to enter the cooking area, making you ill.

Create high traffic area

The construction of all the rooms on the same side of your home makes things messy. For example, adding the kitchen and bathroom on the same walls looks unattractive.

The cooking area and toilets are the most used thing in your home. In this way, the traffic in one area of the home is, and it can cause an issue in cleaning.

You have to clean this part more because people are always moving here and there in this region.

The doors of both of these interiors are on the same side, which can make the hallways dirty because of the constant movement of people.

You can resolve the high traffic issues and make the cleaning easy by adding the doors of the cooking area and bathrooms on different sides and opposite directions.

Offensive odors

People think that they face the issue of smells when bathrooms are present next to the kitchen. However, the frequent opening and closing of doors cause the smell to come in and out.

The offensive odors in the kitchen can also suppress your appetite. In addition, the tempting smells during food preparation also interrupt the person taking showers.

The clogged and ruptured drains produce a lingering odor that can disturb people, and they cannot eat anything because of these smells.

In addition, smells of both areas can move from one side to another and make the situation unfavorable for people.

Things to consider while constructing a bathroom next to a kitchen 

You have to consider the following things if you want to add bathrooms near the kitchens to ease your kids and older people.

Separate doors

Ensure both rooms do not share the same doors and construct separate ones for them.

In addition, it is also better to add the door of the toilet area on the opposite side to avoid the movement of germs and bacteria through the air.

You can also install other fixtures between them and maintain a distance of about 14 to 16 inches.

People often think they will reduce the construction cost while installing the same doors for both sides, which can cause unsanitary conditions.

The separate doors restrict the movement of offensive odors and bacteria through air exchange.

Plumbing system

It is also better to install a separate plumbing system for both areas because clogging worsens.

The food particles during the preparation and washing of dishes enter the drain and block them. In addition, clogging is common in bathroom drains because of soap scum and hair.

It is better to add a separate system for both of them to resolve the problem quickly. In addition, unclogging separate drains is an easy procedure because of the small pipes.

You can connect the sewage system of both of these areas, so you do not need long pipes to connect them at a certain point.

Ventilation requirements

Ventilation is also necessary when constructing bathrooms near the kitchen to protect against wall paints and offensive smells.

The extractor fans are best because these can easily hinder the movement of odors into the cooking area.

Keep the bathroom exhaust fan turned on for a better environment. Locating the dining table away from these areas is also better so you cannot pass through toilet doors while serving food.

The position of the exhaust fans also matters, and it is not on the side of the cooking area. These should be away or in opposite directions of the cooking area for a hygienic environment.

Scented candles

You can make the conditions in your surroundings better by installing scented candles in the bathrooms.

These can suppress the offensive smell of clogged toilets and busted drains. You can feel the refreshing fragrances while passing through them.

Moreover, these also give a good impression when guests come to your home and have to use the toilets. You cannot feel any smell near the kitchen or in the dining area because of these scented candles.

Furthermore, you can also use air freshener sprays, which are not long-lasting.

Why would you construct a bathroom next to a kitchen?

Many people want to construct bathrooms near the kitchen for ease and comfort. Adding them on the ground floor is useful so old people can easily use them.

Moreover, these are near your working areas, and you can move quickly. It also benefits people using wheelchairs because they cannot go upstairs.

These become easy to find for guests, and they cannot feel embarrassed while asking for the location of the toilets.

People do this to reduce construction costs because of the same watering system. You do not need long pipes to connect the plumbing and sewage system.

The shorter pipes decrease your construction cost and make it affordable for you. In addition, the dining area is present in front of the kitchen for easy and quick food serving.

The bathrooms near the cooking area are beneficial so guests can go there. Therefore, you can consider them for guests, and they cannot use your toilets.

These are good for mothers who take their little kids into the bathroom while preparing food. These are also close to the living room area; everyone can access them easily.

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