Why Are Bathroom Sinks So Low?

Bathroom sinks differ from those installed in the kitchen in size, design, and height. These are slightly close to the floor and less distant from the ground surface because of their specified purposes and usability.

Why Are Bathroom Sinks So Low? Bathroom sinks are so low because of the traditional appearance, lower plumbing costs, prevent water splashes, require less storage area, easy accessibility for kids and baby bathing.

Many people add sinks in their bathrooms according to the decoration requirements, but it disturbs people’s comfort level. I always decide their height according to the comfort of use so it cannot make me tired and uncomfortable while handwashing and tooth brushing.

Why is my bathroom sink so low?

Many people noticed that their bathroom sinks are slightly lower than the kitchen ones. In addition, they also differ from one another in their size and design. These are different because of their distinct purpose and installation places.

Looks traditional

Bathroom vanities are closer to the ground than kitchen ones and are more inches above the floors. It is better to add them as it is because of their traditional and luxurious appearance.

Manufacturing brands design different things according to the requirement of the interior space and their appealing appearance.

You can disturb the appealing appearance of the interior when you do not add things according to their requirements. Proper addition of fixtures according to the interior demand increases the home value.

I always consider the home value while adding different designs and styles of fixtures. The lower vanities increase your home value because these are the most suitable options for your home bathroom. It gives a minimal and traditional touch because of its design and dimensions.

Less plumbing cost

Sinks that are lower to the ground are easier to install than those with more ground clearance. In addition, these also increase your plumbing costs because of their less height from the ground surface.

You do not require long pipes to connect them with the main supply valve for the water supply. The supply valves are slightly on the lower side of the floor, and you need water pipes to make their proper connection with the respective fixture.

You need larger pipes for hot and cold-water connections when sinks are taller than the floor. The use of smaller pipes decreases your overall plumbing and installation costs.

Prevent water splashes

Many people complain about the water splashes on their skin and cloth during hand and mouth washing. You can face problems when not installing the bathroom vanity according to height.

The lower ones are suitable because faucets are away from your mouth and reduce the water splash backs on your skin. It is also irritating when dirty water with soap scum comes back during face washing.

It can make you unclean because bowl surfaces are not clean and contain small and invisible bacterial species. In addition, it can also make your cloth wet, which is a highly uncomfortable situation in winter, and make you feel cold.

Requirement of less storage area

I prefer to install the lower sinks in my bathrooms because these maintain the appealing appearance of the interiors. In addition, you can do this because you do not need extra storage space in these spaces.

You do not require large cabinets for the storage of various items. You can easily make them closer to the ground by decreasing the storage space on the bottom side of the vanity.

Kitchen vanities are higher from the floor because large and wide cabinets are installed on the bottom side to store eatables and other kitchen tools.

You can arrange your daily use items on the top surface of the vanity and store the extra items in the bathroom cabinets that are not in frequent use.

Easy accessibility for kids and shorter people 

Bathroom sinks are lower, so shorter people and kids can use them. Kids have to call their parents every time for hand and mouth washing because they cannot reach the faucet and bowl area.

It is also challenging for parents to rush toward the bathroom while performing their important tasks. These are the best choice because they are near the floor and are according to the height of the people.

Shorter people also use them without feeling back pain because they do not have to lean forward. Taller people can easily use the lower vanities because they can easily bend, which does not affect their standing posture.

Maintain a comfortable standing posture

It is better to add the sinks in your bathroom according to your height so you can access them comfortably. Many people cannot maintain a standing position properly when these are higher from the ground surfaces.

You have to bend forward to reach the faucets for water use which can cause back pain. Moreover, you cannot bend or lean forward long because it can tire you.

You cannot stand comfortably in front of them because of the height differences, making you feel unpleasant and tired.

Easy baby bathing

Many people use bathroom sinks as small bathtubs for their babies. It is a suitable space for baby bathing because of its smaller size, which is good for smaller kids.

The ones lower to the ground are more suitable because they are easy to access. You can easily hold your babies, which cannot tire you.

You do not have to keep your arms up to reach the faucets and hold your babies. You disturb your standing posture when you keep your arms up for a longer time, and it can also cause put strains on muscles and cause back pain.

Comfortable arm posture

These sinks are designed especially for your home bathroom because of their comfortable posture. People spend 10 to 15 minutes in front of the vanity when they get up in the morning.

The time interval decreases or increases depending on your habits and hygienic procedures. You require this time for tooth brushing and hand and face washing.

Sometimes you can feel pain in your arm when you strain them while standing on the vanity area for brushing and face washing. The ones closer to the ground provide comfortable space for correct arm posture.

You can keep your arms on the side walls during brushing because these perfectly match your height.

What is the average height of the bathroom sink?

On average, bathroom sinks are 32 to 37 inches high from the floor, depending on the residential spaces and their types. The kitchen ones are about 35 to 44 inches high from the floor to maintain good posture during dishwashing and reduce splashes on the floor.

The height differs according to the type of vanity and interior spaces. Moreover, people also choose them according to their family member height.

Pedestal types are slightly higher from the ground surface because of their specific design. These are 32 to 34 inches from the floor because of their extended and covered end.

You can install the wall-mounted type according to your height and preferences. You can add them slightly closer to the ground so they cannot disturb your standing posture.

Are all bathroom sinks low?

All sink specially designed for the bathroom does not come up in the market with standard height. It means that all vanities are not lower, and you can select them according to height and use.

The vanities are not of the same style, designs, and dimensions, and you can select them according to your choice, preferences, and interior location.

Some of them are low, and you can install them close to the floor, while others require slightly higher installation because of their design.

Pedestal designs are not close to the ground because they contain extended ends covering the plumbing system. These are 34 to 36 inches high from the floor, depending on their different sizes and brands.

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