How Much Do Bathroom Attendants Make?

Bathroom attendants are also known as bathhouse attendants and stand outside the public bathrooms to provide valuable services to the customers. These are not highly qualified persons and are only high school diploma holders.

How Much Do Bathroom Attendants Make? On average, bathroom attendants make $25,000 to $30,000 per year. However, they earn $10 to $15 per hour, which is about $2000 to $3000 per month and $500 to $600 per week. The salary may differ according to the job location, working hours, and responsibilities.

You can see diversity in washroom attendants depending on their gender. Most companies hire female candidates along with males for ease of female users. You can see 70% male and 30% female attendants for the ease and comfort of both genders.

What is the average salary of bathroom attendants?

Different companies in America hire female and male bathroom attendants. These are not well-qualified personalities but know basic communication skills with outsiders.

These are only high school diploma holders earning money to make their livelihoods. On average, they receive $25,000 to $30,000 per year.

Salary can also exceed $30,000 to $35,000, depending on your location and working company. In addition, some companies pay them hourly, and they receive $10 to $15, depending on their job location.

Moreover, toilet attendants can also receive a weekly pay package. They earn $500 to $600 weekly, depending on your work location and changing duty hours.

The average salary of these persons per month ranges from $2500 to $3000. The ongoing package depends on your company because they can pay their employees yearly, monthly, weekly, and hourly, depending on their parameters and standards.

What things affect the salary of bathroom attendants?

All bathroom attendants do not receive the same salary because of the different hiring companies. However, some get the pay at the end of the month, while others get it after a week.

Job location

The salary of washroom attendants depends on your working location. Different companies in various states of America hire bathhouse attendants for the ease and comfort of their customers.

The pay is different from state to state and in hiring companies. You can receive $19000 to $20,000 annually and $1900 to $2000 monthly if you work in Alabama.

Pennsylvania-based companies offer $21,000 to $22000 to their employees, which is enough to meet basic requirements. Moreover, Hawaii and Mississippi have high-paying companies that provide the attendants $23000 to $25000 per year.

In addition, you can also select New York and California if you want this type of job because high-paying companies are located in these states.

Companies in these states also offer more than $350000 per year and $150 per day to their employees. West Virginia, Nevada, and Arizona-based companies give their employees more than $30,000 per year with additional benefits and flexible working hours.

Lowa, New Jersey, and South Carolina-based companies are low paying and offering about less than $22,000 per year.

Working hours

Different working hours affect the salary of the bathroom attendants in your residential area. You can also do this job part-time to make decent money.

The salary package depends on your working hours; you can receive monthly, weekly, or hourly pay. You can receive less pay if you take this job part-time and only do it for a few hours.

People do this for 4 to 5 hours because of their specific free time intervals. It can also affect your monthly or yearly package because of fewer working hours.

The persons doing this job full-time and according to the directed duty hours get full pay at the end of the month, week, and year. In addition, they also get additional benefits from the company because of their permanent employees.


Different companies give distinct plans to their employees and pay them according to their responsibilities. Salaries of all bathroom attendants in various states of America are different depending on their workload and responsibilities.

The ones that sit outside to receive a ticket for using toilets are less paying. Sometimes, the company hires them to help and greet people and offer them tissues and towels.

They receive high pay when they clean and maintain the toilets, along with greeting and helping people. You can receive more money when your responsibilities are more.

Some attendants just sit outside the public bathroom to restrict any illegal activity. The company decides the salary range according to its rules and responsibilities for its employees.

What are the duties of a bathroom attendant?

The main purpose of attendants outside the public bathroom is to facilitate the customers and provide them with necessary services.

In addition, they also greet the clients and identify their needs. They maintain the cleanliness of the corridors of the restroom area in public places.

Sometimes, you have to pay a fee for public toilets, and attendants collect that fee. Moreover, they provide tissue paper, towels, and other usable items to the people.

The main duty of these persons is to ensure about restocking of tissue paper, towels, handwashing detergents, and other necessary bathroom items.

They play an essential role in restaurants and public places to restrict illegal activities. They keep an eye on all activities and restrict unusual events.

They ensure that the toilets in the public area are clean and functional. Replacement of necessary items with new ones is also included in their duty.

They are highly professional and courteously greet guests to make them happy. Moreover, I saw the public restaurant attendant wiping the countertops after every use to remove the water splashes and keep them dry and clean.

They clean the places according to the guidelines of the company. These persons have to maintain the cleanliness of the toilets according to directed guidelines and standards.

Moreover, they use cleaning tools and detergents according to the direct rules and regulations of the companies.

Can you give tip to the bathroom attendants?

It is good to give a tip to bathroom attendants because it is not a high-paying profession, and they rely on people for decent earnings.

It is a cool gesture to tip them to make them happy and satisfied. You can give a welcoming response to them by offering some tips.

Giving them extra dollars is good when they offer you towels and other necessary items. It is also good to give something in return when you take help from another person.

Some bathroom attendants place small baskets on the countertops and near vanity areas so people can add money to them according to their desire and affordability.

They do not ask any person about money and never negotiate about them. You can give $3 to $5 as a tip to toilet attendants for cool and welcoming gestures.

You can add this money to the small basket placed on the countertops or vanity areas.

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