Does Hydrogen Peroxide dissolve hair in bathroom drain?

Hydrogen peroxide is a common household item that has many benefits. It can clean your bathroom, tiles, and kitchen items.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide dissolve hair in bathroom drain? You can use hydrogen peroxide to dissolve hair in the bathroom drain. Dilute it with water and put one cup of the mixture in the drain and wait for two hours and then put some hot water in the duct. In addition, you can also use vinegar and baking soda, a snake plumbing device, and needle nose pliers to remove hair from the drain.

In addition, you can use wire mesh, tub shroom, and brush your hair to avoid clogging your bathroom drain.

How does hydrogen peroxide dissolve hair in the bathroom drain?

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent consisting of hydrogen and oxygen. It is your go-to product when you experience clogged sewers due to lots of hair.

Moreover, bleaches are basic in nature, and hair is acidic in nature. Acid and bases on reaction neutralize each other’s effect and create a type of salt.

Start by throwing baking soda in the clogged sewer and pour hot water after some time. This step will flush off the minor dirt from the bathroom sewers.

Take some preventive measures before starting this process of cleaning the duct. Wear gloves to protect yourself from the splashes and cover your eyes with glasses to avoid any unfortunate event. 

Make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with water in a cup and start pouring it into the drain slowly to avoid splashing because it can be harmful.

Let it stay there in the sewer for 2 hours as it takes some time to work. Avoid using the washroom in the meantime. Throw some hot water in the bathroom duct after two hours, and all clogging will dissolve.

Why would you use hydrogen peroxide in the bathroom drain?

It is an affordable multi purposes cleaner, and in addition to that, it is a non-toxic product. It gives no irritating fumes to damage your lungs as it is not harmful to the ecosystem.

Moreover, hydrogen peroxide is accessible and affordable as compared to expensive and branded cleaning liquids.

The clogged drain of the bathrooms can give you a hard time when you are bathing, and water does not flow. There are different reasons for clogging it, such as soap scum, dirt particles, and hair.

Furthermore, all this dirt can give rise to bacteria, viruses, and molds. It is known to have better disinfecting qualities.

You can use it once a week if you have a schedule for cleaning your bathroom every week. It provides no side effects to your bathroom’s duct. You can also clean your tiles, faucets, and toilet with it.

What are the other methods to remove hair from the bathroom drain?

You can apply other methods to clean your bath ducts and make them hair free. These methods are safe if you are hesitant to use hydrogen peroxide due to its splashes on your skin or in the eye.

Snake Plumbing Device

It is a device also called a drain auger, which is used to clean clogged bathroom drains as it is hard to unclog it sometimes with natural items. 

It comes with a long wire and spirals-like tip at the end, which catches the stuff clogging the drain.

The wire is all coiled up in the device, and you can push more wire deep down in the pipe with the help of a handle on it.

Rotate the handle in a motion similar to the measuring tape and stop it when you feel that it has grabbed all the dirt trapped in the gutter.

Reverse the rotation to pull it out once you have collected all the gunk, and repeat it if your drain is still blocked.

Baking soda & vinegar

The combination of baking soda and vinegar is a solution to all cleaning problems. It is effective in dissolving the hair which is clogging the drain.

Baking soda is a base, and vinegar contains acetic acid, which makes the perfect solution to dissolve them. It is not as effective as hydrogen peroxide, but it can do the work for you.

Mix them both and make a liquid solution to pour down the duct. Leave it overnight or for 5-7 hours because it will take some time to work.

Needle Nose Pliers

This plier is also known as a needle nose plier because it has long and lean holding pliers. Grab this and a flashlight to detect the cluster of hair in the pipe.

Remove the water stopper from the strainer and flash the light into the bathroom drain. Pick up the plier and take it down the sewer to grab them.

Keep repeating it until it is free from them and unclogged. The cost of this device ranges from $300 to $950. 

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner that helps in cleaning dry and wet dirt. Open it and put the mouth of the vacuum over the opening of the bathroom duct.

This method can pull out the hairball from the sewer with the power of sucking air.

How to prevent hair from clogging the bathroom drain?

You can practice some tips to prevent the gutters from being clogged due to them. These tips can lower the possibility of them causing blockage of the drains. 

Wire Mesh

It is a better option if you use a mesh of wire when you are going to wash your hair. Put this mesh over the duct, as it will work like a straining tool.

Also, it helps to grab them falling from your head, and water can go down the duct smoothly. 

Tub shroom

You can also use a plastic item called a tub shroom. It is like a small cylinder-like container with tiny holes and is reusable. You can fix it in the drain to collect all the hair and throw them in the dustbin.

Brushing Hair Before Shower

However, you can try one more simple method to prevent the hair from making a cluster in the bathroom drain.

It is effective if you brush your hair before taking a shower as it can help in less breakage during the wash.

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