Why is the Toilet Always Next to the Shower?

It is common to see a toilet next to the shower in a bathroom. You spend less money to maintain this area, but it increases your house’s worth the same way as the separate bathroom does.

Why is the Toilet Always Next to the Shower? A toilet is always next to the shower when you have a small space, and it gives a modern look. Moreover, it saves money and is easy to decorate and clean.

You can add multiple small decorative items and scented candles to give it an aesthetic look. 

Easy to maintain a small bathroom

The shower and toilet on one side of the bathroom make it easy to operate. However, you feel difficulty fixing their problem if they are on opposite sides or at a larger distance.

It is convenient for you to address the issue when they are present side by side because it provides better plumbing fixation. 

It makes maintenance easy by lowering the plumbing charges and is cost-effective due to its simple layout. But remember that your toilet should be placed at a safe distance from the other so that a person can use the shower comfortably.


Making a toilet next to the shower is cost-effective. In addition, you do not need to spend a lot to give it a minimalistic look.

It is an idea based on using necessary items and avoiding extra ornamentations in a place.

Investing less money helps you achieve elegance in this small area. You add neutral furniture and wall color in this area to create a uniform look that enlarges this bathroom.

You can make this area look more expensive by doing some low-budget modifications. bathtub and shower are most commonly used in the bathroom and catch your first sight when you enter the bathroom.

It will give a gorgeous hotel-style look if you use them in white color. The use of small scented candles also does wonders and creates the spa feeling by spending less money. You can use moisture-resistant tiles to increase the durability of the floors. 

Keep the tiles’ color in uniformity with the shower and try to use ceramic tiles because they are less expensive and enhance the beauty of this area on less budget. 

To utilize small place

It is the best way to enhance the shorter space in your house. Sometimes you do not have enough space in your house to use separate toilets and bathrooms.

So you place it next to the shower to save the place and expenditures. You can use bright and cool colors if you want to give it a spacious look. You can also put a lot of mirrors of different sizes and shapes for this purpose. 

You should not use the shower door in any material other than glass because it looks congested. Also, do not use this door if not necessary because you can also open up the space by removing it completely.

Remove the door and replace it with a pocket door if you want to add more space in this area. It is a door that slides inside the wall and does not take much place in your bathroom. 

A door takes up more space in an area because it has to rotate, and you cannot use this place, whereas a pocket door saves up this space. 

Toilet next to the shower gives a modern look

They enhance the interior styling by giving a modern look to this place. They have a beautiful aesthetic look if you decorate this area with good interior design. 

You can give a luxurious look to this place with the use of geometric patterns and warm lights. Using two shower curtains instead of one gives it a nice, symmetrical look. Transparent curtains increase the brightness of this area and make it brighter.

Your bathroom will look more cohesive and perfect if you match the color of these curtains with your bathmats. In addition, it gives more visual space to this place when you put the rod of these curtains at least 2 to 4 inches higher than its length. 

It will look larger when you use a large-scale or floral wallpaper on its walls. 

Easy to decorate

You can decorate your bathroom easily because you have to manage only one place, not separate two rooms. In addition, you can use any kind of color scheme which you do not use in master bedrooms and other areas of your house. 

Use such designs of storage cabinets and sinks, which give a spacious look to this small area. In addition, you can use shower curtains of decent patterns to avoid any discomfort, even if the shower pressure is high. 

Put multiple mirrors on one wall of this place because it looks cool with this easy step. Put a round light wire around the mirror or on the back to give it a modern touch.

Easy to clean

It is easy to clean when it is present next to the shower because you do not have to clean two separate areas.

You have to invest double the time to clean a toilet and a shower when they are not in one place.

However, it saves you time because when you intend to clean one portion, you automatically clean the other as well. 

You should do this cleaning activity at least once a week because dirt particles accumulate over one another and make a dirt buildup.

In addition, it will be difficult to remove because certain dirt particles leave their mark on the toilet seat and floor of this area.

Increase house worth

If you want to increase your house worth and have no idea how to do this, then putting the toilet next to the shower is an excellent idea. It increases its value depending upon the look and quality of items in this place. 

Try to do several minor modifications in this area instead of significant modifications, which will cost a lot of money.

You can also add a walk-in shower with or without the glass barrier in your bathroom because it is a new approach to modernizing its look.

You can also hire an interior designer to upgrade this area, which will cause an increased house rate if you plan to sell it in the future.

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