Is Bathtub Water Safe to Drink?

Many American people drink tap water just like in other countries, and it is a standard practice to drink it from bathtub faucets. However, tap water is treated differently in different countries, and it is still not recommended to drink.

Is Bathtub Water Safe to Drink? The bathtub water is not safe to drink because of the presence of lead in old pipes, contamination in its tanks, and low doses of drugs in it. Moreover, you should avoid it due to the high chlorine content, health risks, bad smell, and different color.

However, drinking water from the bath faucet is acceptable in some situations. Such as if you drink it when you are thirsty and cannot go downstairs to take a bottle from the fridge.

Old pipes

The older the pipes, the more quantity of lead is present in them. This is because the older apartment buildings, hotels, and hostels have pipes that go way back to the construction time. 

Moreover, the older constructed buildings and houses have pipes made from lead because it was the way in older times.

The use of lead was prominent because it could bend easily and did not corrode, but to your surprise, it contains harmful toxins.

In addition, these toxins are hazardous to the human body. Therefore, there is a ban on using lead pipes as the supply material.

However, it can be the scenario in most areas where it is not available for kitchen supplies, but it is still in use as a source of its supply for bathrooms.

The new plumbing system includes copper pipes, but it is still interrupting them in the form of lead solders.

Furthermore, the water from the underground sewerage system does not have time to absorb the lead.

But it can have lead when it is stored in the tanks of the older buildings as they have hot water taps in the bathrooms.

Contamination in water tanks

Lead is not the only thing you should be worried about because the water tanks of hotels or older houses can have contamination due to various things. 

However, it happens when houses and hotels are present in neglected areas with no reforms.

The feces of birds and other creatures can be present in that storage tanks. The worst that can happen is these creatures have made it their shelter.

Furthermore, there can be dead insects in it, and it is essential that you regularly clean the tanks for your own health and safety.

Moreover, harmful bacteria can reside in it because standing water is the most suitable place for their growth.

In addition, you should avoid drinking from hot taps because these are the favorite conditions for the bacteria to grow and multiply.

It is better to avoid drinking from bathrooms, especially when your hotels or hostels are old and present in areas that are not remote.

It is essential for your safety so that you do not come in contact with harmful things and your friends and family are safe.

Low doses of drugs in water

It is a surprising discovery, but the eye-opening one is that you can have a system that involves drugs that other people intake.

However, the drug in it is in low doses, and you are taking them in low amounts daily if you are drinking it from a bathtub faucet.

There was an experiment where the sample from the bathtub faucet was tested, and the result showed that a drug was present in it.

In addition, the drug, which was present in it, was for epileptic patients, and the people residing in the premises of this system were also drinking other peoples’ medicines.

However, the process is that when these people excrete the medicines, they go into the system and re-enter the domestic supply system without going through filtration.

Furthermore, another way of inducing it can be the vegetables you eat because the wastewater is in the crops and fields.

You can never know which farmer is using this way to provide water for his crops. 

Therefore, it is essential that you know if your kitchen and bathtub have the same quality or are different.

Health risks

The risk of health problems is present when you drink water from the bathtub faucet. You can have it in your body when you are bathing. 

However, it can enter your body system, and some people do not bother spitting it out when they take a shower or brush their teeth.

Moreover, I have seen people drinking it when they brush their teeth and clean their mouths.

It is not pleasing to see people drinking it from the bathtub and not the kitchen or filtration plant.

You never know what type of germs, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms are in it. Similarly, you do not know how much of them you take inside your body through water.

The supply to the kitchen is different from the bathroom, and it is safe compared to bathtub water.

Moreover, you do not know the health risks you take when drinking it from the bathtub faucet.

You can have harmful effects on your body when you take lower amounts of it daily. 

It is not about small amounts but the consistency of taking it in your body daily.

High chlorine content

The water coming from the system can have chlorine already present in it to disinfect it. Chlorine has been in use since old times to clean pools and swimming areas.

However, it disinfects and kills the bacteria in the water, which is safe for the body from the outside.

The question arises of what it can do to our body when we drink it and take it inside. It kills bacteria and can kill the gut-friendly bacteria in your body. 

In addition, you are compromising your body’s defense system and risking yourself.

Bad smell and color

The foul smell and color are the visible indicator of not being suitable for drinking water because our eyes and minds accept those things which look and smell pleasing.

However, the bad smell and color show that the storage tanks have not been cleaned for quite some time.

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