How to Shut Off Water to Bathtub Only?

Many people find it challenging to handle plumbing issues on their own whenever problems like leakage happen. This normally happens with the bathtub water supply, and you have to turn it off.

How to Shut Off Water to Bathtub Only? You can shut off water to the bathtub only by turning off the bathtub valve or closing the water supply to the whole house. You have to stop this water supply due to leakage, unusual sounds, smelly water, and damaged valves.

It is better that you learn to take care of issues like these, and you should know the location of its systems in your house. 

How do you shut water to the bathtub only?

The shut-off valves are usually present near the faucet or at some other place in the bathroom. 

You can take out the fixture and parts of the faucets to reach the valves.

You need to take out the screws, which secure the items with the help of a screwdriver.

Keep doing it until you reach the concrete area, which is open, and you see the pipes inside it. 

These valves are present behind the faucets, and you can see a pipe and two bolts on both sides.

Close the valve for the tap, which is leaking, and call a professional plumber to help you to resolve the issue so that you can use this tap in the future.

However, in new homes, the stop valves are not present near their fixture, and they are situated in the one main water system of the house.

You will require to turn it off when you are fixing the issue because it can stop the water system of the whole house.

Remember, you will only need to do this when you fix the issue deeply.

In colder areas, these are present inside the house in the basement or crawlspace. 

Moreover, its location is near the area from where the pipes are entering your house.

Open the curb lid, and you can see the meter inside it. 

However, you will have one large pipe going toward your house if the meter is not present.

The large pipe has two valves, and you can turn them off with the tools with which you open the curb lid.

The primary system outside the house will be near your home on its premises. You can contact the utility department if you cannot find it.

It needs a key to open the curb, and you can ask the utility department to lend it to you for a while till you resolve the issue.

Why would you shut off the water to the bathtub only?

There are a few reasons why you have to turn off bathtub water only when there is no other way to deal with these issues.

Moreover, the following problematic signs are that there is something wrong with the system and you should take matters into your hands.


Leakage is a visible issue when you turn off the faucet and the water keeps coming from the taps.

In addition, it is wrong in a few ways if you let it leak from the faucets when you are not using it. 

Moreover, its shortage is a serious problem you and the people from the whole world are facing right now. 

However, it is your luck that you live in a well-developed country, but other underdeveloped countries face a water shortage.

Furthermore, the constant leakage in small quantities along the wall will leave a stain on the wall and your tub.

Moreover, it leaves more nasty stains, especially if your bathtub and wall are white. Finally, the pipes can leak when they burst due to frozen pipes in winter.

You should be ready to face this situation and keep checking if the pipes of your house are intact. 

Unusual sounds

The unusual sounds are often heard when you turn on the faucet and hear a gurgling sound instead of water.

In addition, the noise is quite frightening, as if a ghost is screaming. 

It can become more frightening in the winter when there is silence everywhere.

Moreover, the water comes in an even style with intervals and breaks. It comes in splashes which can ruin your clothes and make you soaking wet in winter.

You should take action immediately when it happens for the first time.

Furthermore, this issue can become more annoying with time and damage the pipes because the water is putting pressure on the pipes.

Bad smells

The bad smells are a visible indicator of a problem in the water supply system.

Furthermore, it is essential that you avoid bathing with this water as it can contaminate your skin and body with harmful and nasty stuff.

Moreover, the bad smell of water will be foul in color, as seen in many cases. 

The foul smell can tell that the storage tank has something foul in it, and it has become a necessity to remove it.

The bad color will affect the color of your bathtub and can make it look pale or yellow. In addition, it can ruin the quality and appearance of your bathing area.

It is possible that you do not want to use it anymore for bathing purposes. Therefore, dealing with this issue as soon as possible is essential.

Valves need replacement

The older homes have separate valve systems for each separate faucet and fixture in different areas of the house.

Moreover, a fixture has two stop valves, and the supply tube goes from the fixture to the stop valves. The two stop valves consist of one hot and one cold water system.

However, you can turn it off to stop the supply for a specific fixture system anywhere in the house. For example, your bathtub faucet will have both hot and cold taps.

In addition, you can see if the water is leaking from the cold tap or leaking from the hot tap. Shut the valve to the right or left side; whatever side works.

However, sometimes the valve is the problem itself, and no matter what, it still leaks when you close it.

You must open the fixture, and you will find that the valve is damaged. It is a sign to change it and fix this problem once and for all.

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