How to Remove Old Non Slip Stickers From Bathtub?

The non-slip stickers are highly effective in keeping you safe from slipping on slippery floors such as washroom tiles and bathtubs. However, the adhesive older stickers can become dirty and make the tub look ugly.

How to Remove Old Non Slip Stickers From Bathtub? You can remove old non slip stickers from the bathtub with the help of rubbing alcohol, mineral oil, and hot water. Further, you can use vinegar, super glue removers, a scraper, and a hair dryer to remove them.

The surface of bathtubs can be slippery to the extent of falling and getting an injury. These stickers help you stand firm on your bathtub and walk on the washroom floor without the fear of falling.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol has been in use for quite some time in cleaning the washrooms and kitchens.  

In addition, it is best for both because the same kind of material is used in kitchens and bathrooms. 

It cleans the taps and ceramics such as sinks, bathtubs, slabs, and similar things like them.

Moreover, it is a multipurpose cleaner and effectively solves other issues, such as removing the stains from the fabric of clothes, sofas, and cars.

Furthermore, it can remove stubborn adhesive and glue stains quickly without damaging the surface on which it fell.

The non-slip stickers can be stubborn to remove when you try to get rid of the older ones to replace them with newer and improved ones.

However, mix the alcohol with the water before using, as it can be harmful to you in a concentrated form.

Leave it for some time, and then try to peel the stickers.

Mineral oil

The mineral and essential oils can be effective against the adhesives and make it easy for you to remove the non-skidding stickers.

In addition, these stickers became an essential part of the washrooms and bathtubs due to increasing incidents of slipping and getting severe injuries. 

Moreover, the injuries can turn into serious fractures as well. Kids and older people are more prone to falling in the bathtubs and washrooms as they can lose their balance.

The mineral oils are your go-to products to get rid of old anti-slip stickers.

However, it depends if you want to use it without mixing in a small quantity of water or if you can use it without water.

The pure form of oil can be challenging to rinse, but you can use shampoo or any liquid detergent after that to cancel the greasiness of the oil.

Furthermore, pour drop by drop of the oil around the stickers and let it stay there for a few minutes to let it work effectively.

Peel them with your fingernails and remove them from the bathtub.

You can use a microfiber rag or towel to scrape them, and the remaining part will remove.

Hot water

The hot water can help you to soften and melt the adhesive of the non-skid stickers. However, the temperature of the water should be high to be effective against the removal of the anti-slip strips. 

Moreover, the stickers can be of different types, shapes, and sizes. They are also available in the form of strips, which are long and narrow.

They are suitable for every surface where you are afraid of skidding and hurting yourself.

The other type is in the form of figures such as flowers or animals. Some are printed and shaped like animals to make the bathtub look colorful and unique.

However, the adhesive of older ones attracts dust and dirt. They can make the whole appearance of the tub ugly and weird.

On the other hand, they can serve you well for more than four years without stripping from the surfaces.

It is understandable if you want to change them for the sake of a cleaner look and use the ones which are new in shape or effectiveness.

Keep throwing the hot water into the bathtub over them, and the glue will melt. Use your fingertips or nails to peel them off from the surface.

Use liquid detergent in case there are still some of them left. You can use the dishwashing sponge with the scrub to remove the remaining adhesive.


I cannot tell you enough about how vinegar is the king among cleaners. It is safe to use anywhere you face issues regarding dirt and dust, which are not coming off the surfaces. 

In addition, you can use it on any surface, and you will not be disappointed with its effectiveness. For example, you can use it on clothes, cleaning the kitchen, dishes, and clothes with stubborn oil or glue stains.

Moreover, it can instantly remove the areas which had not been cleaned for ages.

You have used it before, for handling issues like this before, and you can use it one more time to get rid of this issue.

However, you can mix it with some water and lemon drop to increase the efficiency of its work. The lemon juice will cancel the vinegar smell and clean the bathtub more effectively.

It will also refresh the atmosphere, and you can sit there waiting for it to do its magic. Then, peel the anti-slip stickers off the surface and rub them with the microfiber to remove the leftover adhesive.

Super glue removers

Super glue removers are available in the market as it is widely used in furniture to remove the glue from its joining points. 

In addition, the super glue remover can be effective to use and not harm the surface and material of the tub.

Moreover, it comes in a large bottle, and many brands are selling it with their names. Therefore, you can use any one of them to resolve your issue regarding the removal of the non-slip strips.

Its bottle has a nozzle from where you can take out the glue in a controlled and small amount. Then, pour the glue with the help of the nozzle on the sides and along the shape of the strips.

Furthermore, let it rest there for a few minutes so that it can work properly. Then, check with the help of your fingernails if it is stripping off.

You can wait for more if it needs more time in case it did not come off when you checked. 


You can find a scraper that is broad from the tips and has a handle to help you hold it. It is available in almost every home with a fridge and freezer.

They come with freezers for you to remove the ice when the freezers are full of ice. In addition, it is recommended to use it because it is gentle and not sharp.

It cannot harm the surface of the freezers from the inside and will also not damage its surface.

You can use it to scrape off the stickers rather than using your fingers for this task. 

Hair dryer 

The hair dryer can help you remove the non-skid strips because the hot air from the dryer can melt the adhesive. 

You can blow the hot air from the hair dryer to speed up the process of its removal. However, be careful not to use higher temperatures as it can harm the surfaces of the bathtub.

Moreover, the dryer will help blow the air in it, which can separate it from the surface.

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