Can a Bathtub Fall Through The Floor?

There is a constant fear of things like a bathtub falling from the floor of the second story of your house. Let me tell you that this fear is real and accurate as it does happen, but not very often.

Can a Bathtub Fall Through The Floor? A bathtub can fall through the floor due to uneven floor and improper installation, standing water under the bathtub, and leakage in water pipes. Furthermore, it happens due to the natural aging of material, incorrect placement, and heavy bathtub.

The falling of it through the floor is a rare incident, but it can happen, and it’s deadly. Therefore, you should not ignore the following signs and symptoms if you witness them.

Causes Solutions
Uneven floor Select suitable material
Standing water under a bathtub Remove water
Leakage in water pipes Inspect water leaks in home
Natural Aging of floor material Regular maintenance
Incorrect placement of bathtub Check joists
Heavy bathtub  Consult with professional plumber

Uneven floor

The builder of your home perhaps did not work well with the floors of your house. However, you have to keep an eye on them because you are paying them for the material used in construction.

In addition, uneven floors have become one of the common mistakes builders make during construction. 

Furthermore, the uneven area creates more hurdles for you in the future when you are practically dealing with the functioning of the items.

They are the reason why you cannot wipe water properly from them, and the water stands there for many hours.

Moreover, the installation of washroom and kitchen items also becomes the victim of unevenness. As a result, they cannot stand properly, and things start to create a mess.

Similarly, the bathtub on an uneven surface can create issues because the builder installed it in a hurry, and minor details got ignored. 

However, the type of wood can also be one of the culprits in falling the bathtub from the floor. Therefore, you should use such type of wood which is best to withstand humid climates and moisture.

The wood’s material and quality, which is unsuitable for the bathroom surface, can be a danger in the future for you and your house. 

It is essential that you do your proper research on suitable materials and types for different areas of your house.

Standing water under a bathtub

The standing water under the bathtub can weaken the wooden floor under it and cause wrecking. 

However, it happens when you overfill the tub, and the water gets under it, and you do not bother to dry or wipe it with a wiper.

Moreover, you should not splash water out of the tub during your bath without any reason. The longer the water stays under it, the more damage can happen. 

In addition, the water slowly absorbs into the wood, making it weak from the inside. The moisture will be an open invitation for the termites and molds.

All these things, when combined, can ruin your floor.

It is better to immediately resolve this issue whenever you detect any of these signs and symptoms.

Furthermore, be attentive to what is happening in your house, especially the bathroom, because it contains heavy items.

Take a closer and more detailed look and examine if you hear noises or anything related to the things we have discussed already in this article.

Leakage in water pipes

The leakage and damage in water pipes can damage the floor. 

Moreover, the damage in the water pipes is not detected easily because it is difficult to check them. 

But you can know about this problem from the walls because the water seeps into them and make visible marks on the walls.

However, you can check the lower story of the house from the ceiling, which is the second story’s floor.

In addition, the water seepage will be visible from the ceiling, and you can immediately detect that there is a problem with the water pipes.

Furthermore, you should seal your bathtub regularly if there is any gap in its joints and the gaps between the surface and the tub.

There are chances of water leakage in the bathroom when you see signs of it anywhere else in the house because if it’s happening somewhere else, then it is happening in the washroom.

Natural Aging of floor material

The aging of the floor material is also an essential thing to notice when you consider putting a bathtub on the aged floor.

Moreover, you should examine the condition of your wooden surface when you think of installing new items in your house.

This is essential for the second or upper story of your house because this can be more dangerous and threatening for your life.

In addition, the wooden surfaces have an age limit for serving you without renovations and improvements. They can weaken with the passage of time and can sag.

However, you should regularly maintain and improvise the condition of your house because it bears the weight of the furniture and other heavy items.

Show some care and love to your house and its related stuff as something keeps happening after some time.

Furthermore, consider the age and visible appearance of the floor when you consider installing a tub in your washroom, and try to choose ceramic instead of an iron-cast one.

Incorrect placement of bathtub

The correct placement of the bathtub also counts for avoiding future incidents like falling of it through the floor.

Moreover, the placement of it on the wrong side can influence the whole structure of your house and can put you in danger if the upper story breaks.

It is essential that your builder and plumber know about the joists on the floor, which are between the beams to support the house’s structure.

Furthermore, the joists are similar to the wall studs; you need to find them when you hang anything on the wall or fix the nails for better support and grip.

In addition, the joists work the same way as studs and support the items to help them with the installation.

Heavy bathtub 

The weight of the bathtub matters when you have decided to add it to the second story of your house. 

The average and standard tub can support less than 100 gallons of water which makes the bathtub weigh around 300-600 pounds combined with water.

Furthermore, installing the new one on the old floors is a risky step to take. Therefore, it is essential that you weigh it with and without water before getting and installing it in your house. 

Moreover, consult with a professional plumber and expert before initiating any process regarding its installment in your washroom.

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