How to Remove Object From Toilet Trap?

Different objects and baby toys can fall into the toilet traps and cause clogging issues. The problem occurs when the toilet seat covers are opened, and children throw something in them.

How to Remove Object From Toilet Trap? You can remove object from toilet trap by removing the bowl, using a metal rod, wires, unclogging solutions, metal hangers, plungers, and a wet vacuum. You can also use a toilet or drain auger and take things out with your hands.

Cutlery items, jewelry, cosmetic brushes, towels, and baby toys fall into the toilet bowl and move in traps. It is better to avoid flushing because it can clog the drain lines.

Spring with a wooden stick

The spring attachment with a wooden stick is the home-based method, and it is suitable when you do not have any plumbing equipment to unclog the toilets.

Use the wooden stick and drill a hole on one end to attach springs. You can take out the spring from your old ball pens and toys.

Most old and broken toys contain springs for functioning, and you can take them out. Slightly open the spring from one side to tuck it in the hole of the wooden stick.

Insert the wooden stick from the spring side into the bowl until you feel any resistance. Move the stick clockwise when you feel something hard is touching it.

It can wrap the tissues and wipes and tuck the Q-tips in its springs when moving them. Then, take the stick out by moving it in an anticlockwise direction. You also have to disinfect it before using it.

Metal rod, wire, and hanger

Metal rods are present in every home, and you can use them in emergencies if something falls into your toilet and gets stuck in the P-traps.

Careful use of the metal rod is necessary because it can produce scratches on porcelain and ceramic bowls.

It is also better to tie the cloth at the end of the rod s it cannot damage the bowl material and the pipelines.

Use rods that have thin because they can move at the ending point instead of thick ones that can damage the walls of drain lines.

You can also use the long wire made of steel or metal material. Make a lope on the end of the metal wire using the pliers to enhance its grasping activity.

Insert the metal wire or rod and carefully move it counterclockwise so tissue papers, wipes, and toilet papers bind with them.

It is also good to use the old metal hangers of your coats and make their loop by unfastening them. Then, use the pliers to separate the hangers from their joining points and make the wire.

Commercial unclogging solutions

They contain ammonia, bleach, and hypochlorite to remove the large clogs or foreign objects stuck in the drains’ traps.

It can cause the breakdown of hard material into small pieces and allow their movement into the sewage system from the drain pipes.

Pour the unclogging solutions into the toilet traps to start the breakdown process. Flush with high water pressure to remove small particles after some minutes.

It is good to use high-quality unclogging agents for their fast action and speedy removal of foreign objects.

Use manual and pressure plunger

You can use the plunger equipment to remove items like toilet paper, tissues, wipes, and other small objects. However, these cannot pick up the larger toys that are hard to grab with the vacuum pressure.

The pressurized plumber is also available in markets, and these are a better option because it does not take human effort to create pressure and remove large clogs.

Insert the manual plumbing equipment in the traps from the bowl and allow upward and downward movement. The plunging devices can break the foreign materials and allow their further movement in the sewage system.

In addition, it can also suck up small objects with vacuum pressure, and you can take them out.

Wet vacuum

It is necessary to remove the water by applying wet vacuum techniques. The suction pump can remove the water from the bowls without causing spillage on surrounding floors.

Wear gloves for the removal of bowl water from the toilets. The wet vacuum sucks the solid and hard objects from the traps when you turn on the pressure.

Insert the hose in the draining areas until you feel any resistance and hard objects. Then, turn on the suction pump to create air pressure to suck up the waste.

You can hear unusual and loud sounds from the hose when they suck up foreign objects with water. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly shut down the suction pump and remove the hose from them.

Toilet and drain auger

Toilet and auger drains are plumbing equipment that can easily remove foreign objects from the toilet traps. These have the looped and spring end that can grasp the clogging material, and you can take them out.

The flexible wire contains the metal hook, and various objects can easily embed in their hooked ends, and you can take them out.

In addition, the lopped end also allows the breakdown of the hard objects and allows their easy removal from the drain pipes when you flush the water.

The drain auger is effective when removing the bowl for its direct insertion. Insert the toilet auger in traps and allow movement clockwise until you feel the sticking of hard objects with these wires.

Take the wires out by moving them in a counterclockwise direction.

Use your hand

It is better to take the hard objects out with your hands when you see them on the upper side of the traps. Some lightweight things keep floating on the upper side of the drains, and you can remove them with your hands rather than flushing them.

These can move forward with water pressure when you flush it.

You need rubber gloves that can completely cover your hands. Use long gloves so they can cover your half arm.

It is also necessary to check the small invisible holes in the gloves by filling the air in them. The holes can make the conditions unhygienic when dirty and contaminated come in contact with your hands.

Wear gloves after ensuring no holes or openings, and pick up the items that cause clogging of traps.

Removal of the toilet bowl

Removal of the toilet bowl is the only solution when you cannot take foreign items out with the above methods. You can directly inspect and treat the traps after removing the bowls without any hurdles.

Cut off the water supply from the tank and plumbing pipes for their removal. Turn off the power supply and detach the water tank from them.

Unscrew the bolts of the seat fixings from the lower side and put them in the horizontal direction. It is better to add a thick towel on the floor for their placement so it cannot scratch and crack on the inner side.

Use the plumber snake to pick up the hard objects from the drains. Then, reattach the bowl and fasten its nuts properly so it cannot start to wobble after some time.

Reconnect the supply tank and plumbing system and press the handle to check the smooth movement of water.

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