How to Disinfect Something That Fell in the Toilet?

Sometimes your valuables and important things fall into the toilet, including jewelry items, keys, wallets, and costly equipment. The bacteria, viruses, and germs can stick to them even if you successfully remove them.

How to Disinfect Something That Fell in the Toilet? You can disinfect the things that fell in toilets using disinfecting solutions, boiling water, ironing, vinegar, lemon, laundry machine, steaming, borax powder, disinfecting wipes, bleach, anti-bacterial soaps, alcohol, sterilization machines, and hydrogen peroxide.

You have to remove these items from the toilet and then clean them using the disinfecting methods and solutions that can kill the harmful bacteria and make them germs and smell-free.

Use disinfecting solutions

You can use commercial disinfecting solutions and cleaners to wash the things that fell into the toilet bowl.

You cannot waste your keys, glasses, wallets, or precious jewelry because these are your valuables. However, you can use them after cleaning and washing them properly.

Disinfecting cleaners are suitable for metal, plastic, and wooden objects. They contain the harsh chemical that breaks down the protein makeup of bacteria, viruses, and other germs, and eventually, their cells break and die.

Spray the cleaning solution on the affected objects and leave it for some time to break protein structures and then wipe out the cleaners with a damp cloth.

Several disinfecting wipes are also available in markets for cleaning electronics because you cannot submerge them in liquid solutions.

Use boiling water

You can use the boiling water technique for metal objects like keys, glasses, and other things. However, you cannot use it for cleaning plastic and leather accessories like your wallets.

The boiling water causes the shrinkage of plastic and leather materials. In addition, boiling water cause fading and peeling off leather fabrics.

Boil the water in the old pans and dip the objects that fell in the toilet bowls. Remove the dirt and contaminate them with tap water before submerging it in boiling water.

The boiling water kills the spore-forming bacteria, viruses, and other germs in human feces.

Moreover, you can also give the high-temperature treatment with iron by setting its temperature above normal.

Vinegar and lemon

Vinegar and lemon are acidic and contain acetic acid as their active ingredient. The acetic acid reacts with the cell membrane and the protein structure of bacterial and viral species.

It causes the cell breakdown of the microorganism, and these can die quickly when their structures break. The organisms become dead, making your accessories neat, clean, and germ-free.

Mix lemon juice with vinegar solution. You can add warm water to make them slightly dilute to kill spore-forming bacteria.

Rinse the fallen material with pressurized water for removal of bowl residues, and then dip it in the vinegar and lemon situation overnight.

Laundry machine and steaming

Sometimes the various materials from your hands slip and enter the toilet bowl. It is necessary to disinfect them because bacteria, viruses, and germs stick to their surface and cause unhygienic conditions.

You can use the laundry machine and add boiling water to them for washing and cleaning purposes. Then, add anti-bacterial dishwashing or cleaning detergents in the laundry machine to make them germ-free.

The steaming method is preferably used for plastic objects because it provides mild heat for killing microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The steam kills the bacteria in slightly hot conditions and protects against plastic accessories’ deformation.

Borax powder

Borax powder is harmful to humans, so it is necessary to wear masks and gloves while using them. Make the solution with borax powder by mixing them in distilled water.

These are used as the cleaning agent because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient, which can break the protein and cell membrane of the microorganism.

Take 1 to 2 spoons of borax powder from the packet and add them to a water bowl. Dip the materials that fell into the toilets in this solution and leave them for 2 to 3 minutes.

Use the pliers or other grabbing equipment to take them out and rinse them with boiling water if they are made of glass or metal.

You can use the tape water if the affected thing is plastic.

Anti-bacterial soaps and bleach

Several anti-bacterial cleaners and dishwashing liquid detergents are available in stores to make things hygienic and germ-free.

You can use it on all types of material because it cannot cause harmful effects. Miz the liquid soap in water and wash the things that fell into the toilet traps with this solution.

Moreover, you can also use liquid bleaching agents and remove pesky microorganisms from their surface. The active ingredient of bleach is sodium hypochlorite which kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi by denaturing their proteins.

People use bleach, but I prefer to use hydrogen perchloride because bleach can leave toxic fumes in the environment, which are harmful to people.


Several microorganisms are present in human poop, which can stick to the objects that fall into the bowls.

Sometimes your mobile phones and other electronics also slip from your hand or pockets and directly enters the draining pipes and traps.

You can use your valuables by making them antiseptic and treating them with isopropyl alcohol. Dip the non-electronic item into the alcohol solution.

However, you can use alcohol swabs or cotton dipped in alcohol to clean the electronics because excessive moisture can damage them.


Sterilization is the process or technique in which a high temperature is given to the affected objects to kill microorganisms and bacterial spores.

An Autoclave machine is used commercially for this procedure, but you can also purchase small sterilizers for your home-based accessories.

It contains a small bowl or basket where you can put the affected things, which are treated at high temperatures to kill all types of germs.

You can use sterilizers to disinfect metal toys and other things except for plastic because it can cause deformation in its shape.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong disinfectant that releases hydroxyl and hypochlorite free radicals, which can break down the lipid membrane of the organisms in toilet drains.

It can destroy all types of microorganisms that are present in poop. It can damage them in a few seconds and retard their further growth.

You can use these solutions only on plastic and glass material. Avoid using it on metals because of its strong oxidizing properties that can damage the metal and induce rust growth.

Pour the solution into the bowl and handle it carefully because direct contact with the skin causes burning. Submerged the things that fell into the toilets in hydrogen peroxide solution for a few minutes.

Take them out and rinse them with tap water to remove hydrogen peroxide from their surface.

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