How to Keep Shower Curtain Rod From Falling?

Many people complain that their shower curtains rod falls down on their own when taking a bath, which is embarrassing when another person is using the bathroom simultaneously. These can also make the fabric of your curtain unclean because of wet surroundings.

How to Keep Shower Curtain Rod From Falling? You can keep the shower curtain rod from falling by considering the curtains’ weight, using the correct size screws, inspecting hole size, tightening screws, using a felt furniture pad, increasing rod size, and adding brackets. Moreover, you can also use high-quality adhesives, secure them from the middle side, add high strength-rod, and replace rubber caps.

People use the tension rod when living in a rental house, but these are more vulnerable to falling because of their installation method.

Consider the weight of the shower curtain

Tension shower curtains rods are extendable and do not require drilling on the walls. These are not of high strength and cannot bear the weight of heavy fabric material.

These accidentally fall on the floor and inside bathtubs, making the fabric material wet and unclean. People do not know the weight limit and hang heavy curtains on them, which puts pressure on these fixtures, which cannot remain in their specific place.

The issue increases when you use fabric material instead of vinyl and polyurethane because it is heavier. Moreover, people also add heavy magnets on their lower side so water pressure cannot displace them.

These magnets increase the weight and increase the falling risks. Use lighter-weight fabric and avoid using any hanging on the bottom side, which can increase their weight.

Use correct-size screws

I have the drilling type rod in my home to hang shower curtains because of their strong mounting. Drill the holes in the walls according to the size of the screws, then add the mounts for their fixing.

These provide tighter connections and are less likely to fall because of their strong base. Problems in these types come from poor handling and little knowledge during the installation.

Some people do not know the exact size of the screws and use smaller and larger ones. Smaller ones cannot hold the weight and come off from the holes.

The incorrect size cause mounting issues and your curtains accidentally come on the floor. Use the mounting screws of the correct size and ensure that these are not large and small from their exact size.

Inspect screw holes

The problem with drill types comes from the incorrect size of holes for screw installation. You can face this when you do the procedure without having experience and knowledge about them.

Moreover, incorrect handling of the drill machine causes the wrong hole size. The hole size increases with time when walls are made of cemented material because of cement dust.

The large hole size cannot correctly fix the screws, leading to their loose connections. In addition, the issue also comes when these are less deep inside the walls and come off when you exert slight pressure on the rod.

It is better to call the expert to install curtain holders so they can make the correct size hole to fasten screws.

Tighten rod screws

Rods holding the shower curtains can come off from the walls because of their loose screws. The mounting screws become loose over time because of their age and cannot hold the material.

In addition, the screw also becomes loose when you do not mount them correctly. Adding heavy fabric material can also decrease the holding power of screws and make them loose.

Tightening their screws twice a month is better to prevent falling on floors. I also tighten them with a screwdriver once a week because metal screws are vulnerable to thermal expansion and contraction according to temperature changes.

Use felt furniture pad

A furniture felt pad is commonly used under furniture to protect the floor from dent marks and scratches. Moreover, people also use them when they move furniture from one place to another to protect them from damage.

You can use these pads on both sides of shower rods for better wall adherence. You can use these furniture felt pads on the extension-type bars because these are more at risk of slipping from the plastic and tile walls.

The furniture felt pads increase the friction between their ends and wall material, and these cannot slip from their surface. You can also select their color according to the paint on the walls so it does not look awkward and mismatched.

Increase the size of the curtain rod

The correct extension rod size for hanging shower curtains is necessary to keep them from falling. People often do not know the exact distance between two walls and purchase the smaller ones.

These can also come off when you touch them because of their poor fastening on both ends of the walls.

It is better to fix the size of these bars according to wall distance. Lock them properly so they do not extend and contract on their own and fall on the floor.

Add brackets

Add brackets and flanges on both sides of the extension-type shower curtain rods. These materials hold the ends of the bars more perfectly and decrease their falling risks.

You can easily fix the rubber or plastic caps in these metal flanges and brackets. These do not get a slip from these brackets because of their better fastening.

The mounted metal material cannot easily come off from the walls, providing better adhesion to the mounted bars. You can paint the flanges and metal brackets according to the wall paint so it does not look unappealing in your bathroom.

Use high-quality adhesives and rods

Many people use adhesive pads to install curtain rods in the shower area. These adhesive pads are waterproof but lose their strength with time because of excessive heat and moisture.

Shower curtains fall down when adhesive pads cannot hold their weight. Moreover, the issue also comes when adhesive or gluing material loses its flexibility.

It is better to use high-quality gluing material and adhesive pads for their installation, which last longer and holds more weight.

Use high-quality metal rods that cannot sag and bend easily and have lesser chances of coming off from the walls.

Secure rod from middle side

Extension and drill-type shower curtains rod have two securing ends for their installation. Sometimes these are not enough when the bathtub and showering area are large.

The extra weight of the fabric material causes sagging of these bars from the middle side, and these can also come off from the walls because of the poor middle support.

You can decrease the risk of their falling by providing middle support to the metal material. Install center brackets in the center area, increasing their holding capacity.

You can use more than one bracket depending on the size of the bathing area and the weight of the fabric material.

Replace rubber caps

Extension shower curtains contain rubber or plastic caps on both ends for better securing on slippery walls. I prefer to add rubber caps instead of plastic ones because these are less slippery and increase the friction between their material and walls.

These have fewer slipping chances from the tiles because of their hard material. Rubber caps are likely to slip because steam and soap scum accumulate on shower walls.

Replacing the rubber caps once a month is necessary to prevent rods and curtains from falling on the floor. Use the rubber caps for better adhesion and bonding on slippery wall surfaces.

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