How to Get Rid of Toilet Paper Dust?

People add toilet paper near their toilets for cleaning purposes, but sometimes this increases the cleaning effort of people. The dust from their fabric comes on the floor, creating a mess in the bathroom that looks bad.

How to Get Rid of Toilet Paper Dust? You can get rid of toilet paper dust by using slime, damp cloth, wipes, mops, hairdryers, and adding high-quality and perforated toilet paper.

Toilet papers are available in various materials, thicknesses, and quality. It is necessary to check their thickness and quality while adding them to your bathrooms to decrease the interior mess.

How do you remove toilet paper dust?

You can use different techniques to remove toilet paper dust from bathroom floors, mirrors, and on your skin because it can irritate people.


Slime is a soft and malleable material that people usually use for playing to boost their activities. These are made of a mixture of one or more substances, including alcohol, glue, and borate ions.

The mixture of borate ions, glue, and polyvinyl alcohol makes them sticky. It is a soft material that is neither solid nor liquid.

You can remove this dust with lime because of its sticky properties. A sticky texture is helpful in the easy binding of small fibers.

You can also use them in hidden areas that are difficult to clean. These can quickly catch the small particles from these places and make them neat and clean.

You can place it under a tissue paper holder so fibers stick to them rather than spreading on the surrounding floor.

Use a damp cloth, wipes, and mops

Use a damp cloth on the floor because these can stick better with a damp rag. You can spray the affected area with water and then clean it with a dry and lint-free cloth.

Wipes are wet tissues; you can also use them because dust particles adhere to them. Wipes are also good for bathroom mirrors because they are smooth and make them clear without leaving any scratch marks.

I prefer to regularly use the wet mop on the floor to clear them. You can use the wipes in hidden and congested places that are difficult to clean with cloth and mop.

Clean with floor squeegee and lint rollers

You can use a floor squeegee to clear the dust from the floors and reduce slipperiness. These contain a rubber material which is helpful in the removal of tiny fibers.

You can moisten the affected floor to increase the efficiency of the floor squeegee and for better results. Lint rollers contain adhesive papers and come up with a handle for grasping purposes. People mostly use lint rollers to remove tiny fibers and lint from cloth.

One of my friends told me to use it on the floor for dust removal, and I used it on my floor to remove toilet paper dust. It worked because it made the floor free from even the smallest particles.

The fibers stick to their adhesive papers, and you can see the clean floor.

Hair dryers

Hairdryers help dry your hair because of their high air pressure. 

These are best for the hidden areas because squeegees, mops, and damp cloths do not work best in these areas. The pressurized air from these devices removes the lightest particles and makes the surface clean.

It is necessary to adjust the air temperature while using them on different floors. Use the lowest temperature while using them on wooden floors and bathroom mirrors because they can leave heat marks there.

Add high-quality and perforated toilet paper

You can get rid of the dust on floors and cabinets by using high-quality toilet paper. The fibers of these types are bounded correctly, so they cannot come off from the roll when you tear them.

In addition, it is also necessary to tear them carefully because it can also cause problems. Use smooth holders so they cannot affect the fabric of tissue papers.

I prefer to add perforated tissues near my toilets because their fabric does not disintegrate when you tear them. It is also better to use the thicker ones because the fibers are firmly bonded together.

Use the 3-ply tissue paper for your bathroom because these are of high quality and thicker enough to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Protect toilet paper from outside dust

Toilet paper becomes dust because of the surrounding and outside environment. Many people do not store the extra ones in closed cabinets and put them on the shelves with opened packages.

The soft fabric grabs the dust from the outside environment and releases it on the floor and surrounding area when you open and tear them.

Put the extra rolls in the closed cabinets, and do not remove the wrapper from them to protect them from outside dirt. Keep your bathroom windows closed so dirt with moving air cannot enter inside.

Vacuuming and ceiling fans 

Vacuuming uses a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust and dirt particles from the affected area. You can remove small tissue paper fabrics from your bathroom floors and cabinets.

This use compressed air to suck small lint and make the surface clean. It is also better to turn on the ceiling fans in the bathroom to keep these fibers away.

These are lighter and smaller, and slight air is enough to keep them away from the affected areas. Keep your floors dry so they cannot stick with the flooring material and move out with air pressure.

Prefer to add a bidet

You can also get rid of this dust by replacing toilet paper use with a bidet. You can add a high-quality bidet from a recognized brand to your bathroom for better interior conditions.

It is a costly replacement but provides more benefits and reduces cleanliness efforts. These are slightly more costly than high-quality tissue papers.

These contain an automatic system that uses water to wash your body parts instead of wiping them with tissues. These provide long-term benefits and are a one-time investment because you do not need to replace them repeatedly.

Why are toilet papers dusty?

Toilet paper is made of wood pulp that is obtained from trees. Manufacturing industries use long tree fibers in the industries to make these products.

These long fibers are shredded into a smaller sizes so they cannot clog the drain lines and sewerage system. The short fibers undergo many complicated procedures to make a smooth roll.

The fibers are held together with different binding materials. You can see the dust on the floors or the storage area of the tissue paper because of these shredded fibers.

The issue comes because the particles are not bonded together completely and come off when you tear the tissue for use. Moreover, external factors and the surrounding environment cause this problem.

These catch dust from the environment when you do not store them in the correct and enclosed spaces. The issue comes when you put them near open windows because they can catch dust from the air.

Is toilet paper dust harmful?

It is necessary to remove toilet paper dust from your bathroom because it harms people. The risk of the problem depends on their particle size because these range from smaller to larger.

Sometimes the tiny nano-size particles come from them when you tear them. These are nano-particles and are inhalable through the nostrils.

It can affect your lungs and cause irritating reactions when you inhale them. In addition, people are allergic to them and develop coughing and sneezing reactions when it comes to their exposure.

These also make the surrounding places messy when mixed with standing water on the floor. In addition, dust from their fabrics also comes on the surrounding material, making them look dirty.

You can see small fabrics on your hand whenever you wipe your hand with them.

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