Where Are Toto Toilets Made?

Toto provides a good deal of toilets to make your bathrooms more appealing and comfortable due to attractive designs and high-end features.

Where Are Toto Toilets Made? Toto toilets are manufactured in nine different locations, including Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Korea, Thailand, etc. However, its headquarter is located at Kitakyushu, and one factory is present in Morrow, Georgia for American customers.

It is a global brand dealing in plumbing products with multiple factories worldwide. Moreover, you can choose traditional or modern toilets in impressive colors and designs.

Where are Toto Toilets Manufactured?

Toto is a renowned Japanese company that deals in sanitary ware and provides unique or luxurious toilets to improve living standards.

It has been serving global customers since 1917 and manufactures plumbing products with impressive designs and ensures the durability of the products.

Moreover, its products are produced in a Chinese factory where it is easy to access raw materials and produces fine products by utilizing the expertise and skills of the artisans.

One of their factories was located in Morrow, where one-piece units were produced for many years at a low cost. So, the owners have decided to continue production processes in Georgia.

It helped reduce the overall shipping cost and other associated charges that directly impacted product cost and delivery time and reduced product sales.

Accordingly, it is easy to ship a product when the manufacturing plant is located at a close distance as it can reduce the overall delivery time and requires lesser delivery charges.

So, the owners have shifted all of their production setups to Georgia and built factories within America for quick or easier shipping without breakage and to reduce carbon footprint.

Furthermore, it has manufacturing setups at 9 different locations, including Indonesia, Europe, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, and Thailand, but its head office is located at Kitakyushu.

The production process is managed in an elegant manner as they are designed with the collaboration of different factories, as a US bowl fits with a tank made in Japan.

In addition, the products sold in America follow the standards of this region in addition to Japanese manufacturing standards and assure quality. You can check their model number to find these details.

Does Toto make expensive toilets?

Toto is a luxury brand providing highly unique and impressive bathroom products by keeping aesthetic value and comfort in mind.

It produces a wide range of products at different prices, but it costs more than other toilet brands on average as it does not compromise the quality of the raw material and finishing.

Moreover, the lowest possible price of their toilets is $450 to $600, but these are the simpler models with fewer facilities.

The cost of CAD 25,500 is more than CAD 535 and CAD 670 as there is a significant difference in quality, design, finishing, and durability.

The product price increases when you choose a newer or upgraded model with additional features like multiple streams, heated seats, lighting, and an adjustable temperature option.

The expensive toilets are worth it and deserve a higher price tag because they are equipped with luxurious facilities.

One of their expensive model is the Toto Neorest NX1 having a price tag of $12,000.

However, some of the products can reach almost $18,000 to $20,000 with an automatic lid opening system, effortless flushing, and a UV light cleaning system in addition to the air purifier.

What type of toilets does Toto provide?

Toto designs toilets in different designs and shapes to increase the aesthetic value and provide multiple options to choose the right one that fits accurately within the bathroom.

It offers a one-piece unit having an integrated toilet bowl and tank that is considered an ideal option for small spaces where it is not possible to place two things separately.

Accordingly, it is easier to clean and maintain a smaller structure with an integrated mechanism. In addition, it provides a two-piece unit with a separate bowl and tank taking more space.

They use around 60 to 66% of ball clay and 25 to 28% of China clay in addition to small quantities of limestone, ceramic stains, and zinc or aluminum oxides.

In addition, manufacturing factories use plastic as raw material to manufacture black parts obtained from recycled material.

It produces products with reusable materials to reduce the consumption of resources and utilize them in an eco-friendly manner. In addition, they have groundbreaking and innovative designs.

You can get Colonial white, Cotton white, Bone, and Sedona Beige colors from their range of products. In addition, they have a contemporary black, plush plate and silver matte colors.

Furthermore, they have wall-hung toilets that give a sleek look, consume a small space, and allow easier floor cleaning, while standard floor models take more space.

What makes Toto toilets so good?

Toto provides luxury toilets with amazing features to make your life easier as it keeps customer comfort and satisfaction as a priority and offers a wide range of products.

It is an award-winning brand having reliable performance and brand identity in the US market. This Japanese manufacturer introduces luxurious bathroom equipment with innovative designs.

Moreover, Toto toilets are designed for convenience, having a hands-free function, and even you do not need toilet paper because an air-dryer is installed within the product.

There is an air purifier to deodorize the bad odor in addition to a rear cleansing system. The lid of the toilet opens and closes automatically and contains a SoftClose hinge system for a smooth closing.

It prevents quick slamming when the lid hits the seat quickly and can cause irritation. In addition, they have heated seats to sit in the cold season comfortably.

It is equipped with high-end features like an automatic flushing system that gets activated when you move away from it, ensuring outstanding hygiene.

Some models are designed to be Eco-friendly as they require less water use, having additional flush valves and a flapper that are not present in simpler versions.

These eco-friendly models only require 1 gallon of water and contain a UV light system to kill germs like bacteria that can contaminate the product.

Additionally, they come in a wide range of colors and two different shapes, like round and elongated, providing options to customers for a better decision.

Toto Aquia IV is a 2-piece unit with an elongated bowl and a dual-flush system in addition to a hole-free rim, SoftClose seat, and a Tornado flush system.

Furthermore, Toto Entrada is a 2-piece unit with a round bowl that fits perfectly in a budget, and a Toto Neorest self-flushing has the best dual flush system.

So, bidet-style toilet pumps, in-built air dryers or air fresheners, remote-control options, and a lot of other high-end features make Toto good and distinctive from others.

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