How High Should a Toilet Paper Holder Be?

Installing the toilet paper holder at an accurate height and distance from the toilet is essential when remolding or designing the bathroom interior.

How High Should a Toilet Paper Holder Be? You can place a toilet paper holder 26 inches or 66 cm high from the finished floor. The correct height of the toilet paper holder is essential, as it gives easy access, prevents water splashes on the toilet paper, keeps the children and pets away, and makes your bathroom look good.

People often debate about toilet paper holder height, as several factors affect the accurate height of the holder from the finished floor and its distance from the plumbing fixture.

What should be the standard height of the toilet paper holder?

National Kitchen and Bath Association suggests that the standard height for a toilet paper holder should be 26 inches or 66 cm from the floor.

This standard value is based on the building and construction codes, as the NKBA studies the functional designs and interior of the kitchen and bathroom. 

The association assigns the values according to the comfort level and functionality of the fixtures in this place. The professionals recommend this height because it is more ergonomic, functional, and within the construction and building codes.

Americans with Disabilities Act states that the toilet paper holder height should be 19-20 inches but not more than 36-37 inches.

It is better to consult the ADA requirements if you have a disabled person in your house to access the toilet paper without any problem.

There are no regulations about where to place it, such as installing it on the vanity, and the wall next to the toilet, keeping in mind the correct height.

However, the distance and the size of the toilet paper dispenser can vary depending on the type of dispenser you choose and the distance from the plumbing fixture.

Why is it important to have a toilet paper holder at the correct height?

It is essential to install the toilet paper holder at the correct height from the floor for the following reasons.

Easy to access

It becomes easy to access the roll for elderly members, person with disabilities, and kids when you install it at the right height from the finished wall.

You do not have to strain the arm to reach the holder and grab the tissues from it if you install the holder at standard height from the toilet.

I got a back problem a few months ago, and it became difficult for me to grab the toilet paper because the dispenser is installed 19-20 inches above the floor.

I used to bend down to get the toilet paper; therefore, I reinstalled it at a standard height from the floor to access it easily without bending down.

Prevent water splashes from flushing

The correct standard height can prevent water splashes or tiny water droplets on the toilet paper.

It causes the toilet paper to remain wet, and the chances of mold and bacteria increase due to moisture. It also attracts different insects if the roll remains damp all the time.

It is better to hang it at the correct height to prevent the tiny water droplets every time you flush the waste or use the toilet. 

It will enhance the lifetime of the toilet paper, as the standard height and distance can keep it functioning accurately with fewer chances of getting water splashes from flushing.

Keep the children and pets away

It can keep young children and pets away from the toilet paper roll, as this standard height is not accessible for small pets and young kids.

Young children and pets love to play with toilet paper rolls and can destroy or waste the whole roll when no one is around. They can drop the roll in the toilet or tear all the pieces apart, making it impossible to use again.

You have to place a new piece in the dispenser; therefore, installing it at the right height is essential to avoid the wastage of the tissue roll.

Looks good

The bathroom aesthetic is defined by the placement of all the fixtures and the interior design of this place. Everything inside the bathroom interior has a significant role in enhancing the beauty overall decoration.

The correct placement of toilet paper holders also adds an attractive and organized appearance to the interior of this place.

It looks unattractive if the toilet paper holder is installed too high or too low from the plumbing fixture. Moreover, it disturbs the appearance of all other accessories because it will attract the attention of everyone who enters the bathroom and uses the toilet.

How deep a toilet paper holder be?

Most recessed toilet paper holders are installed by cutting a space 1.5-4 inches deep in the concrete or drywall to fit the holder.

However, the depth of the cut inside the wall depends on the size of the holder you select for the bathroom, as some people choose large-size holders for busy households and more traffic areas.

Some of these require a deeper cut into the wall because of their design, and they need more space to adjust correctly in the wall.

You do not need to cut the wall for wall-mounted and free-standing toilet paper holders, as they hang on the wall or stand freely on the floor.

What are the different sizes and types of toilet paper holders?

There are different types and sizes of toilet paper holders available in the market, and you can choose the one that enhances the beauty of the bathroom.

Wall-mounted toilet paper holders are designed to mount on the wall directly without cutting the drywall.

They are screwed into the wall, and you cannot move them from their location because the drilled holes need to be painted or filled with caulk if you alter the height or location. Therefore, make sure to know the correct height before installing it.

Recessed toilet paper holders are famous for taking up less space, as they are installed by cutting a space in the wall.

They work well in small bathrooms, but replacing them with another type of holder becomes difficult because you need to fill or patch the cut in the drywall.

Another popular type is a free-standing holder, which does not require any space on the wall and can stand freely on the floor.

However, they are more expensive than wall-mounted and recessed toilet paper holders, as it does not need to cut the wall or drill holes to install them.

Things to consider when deciding the height for the toilet paper holder

There are some factors that affect the height of the toilet paper holder, and you should consider them when deciding its height from the finished floor.

The height of the family members using the plumbing fixture affects the holder height, as you can change its placement if all family members are taller and they have to bend down to grab the tissues.

Moreover, you can change its height if the young kids have separate attached bathrooms.

It is better to consider the toilet height before installing the holder, as some plumbing fixtures have large sizes and high toilet seats.

The toilets are usually 18-19 inches high from the bottom to the rim, and you can place the holder anywhere between 6 to 9 inches above the toilet rim. The height can vary if the plumbing fixture has more height than its usual size.

Its height can also vary with the type and size of the holder you want to install in the bathroom, as some have large size and takes more space, while others have small size and can adjust in small places.

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