Can You Mix Cabinet Colors in Bathroom?

Cabinets in a bathroom play an important role, as you can use them to store different products like cleaners, soap, shampoo, medicines, first aid boxes, and many other things. In addition, some people paint them with colors of their choice and even mix various shades.

Can You Mix Cabinet Colors in Bathroom? You can mix the cabinet colors in the bathroom, as it looks stylish and modern and increases the property value. The best colors for cabinets in the bathroom are white, black, blue, green, gray, and light or dark wood shades. You can have different shades for cabinets, walls, and countertops, and you can also paint them using various shade schemes.

People use different colors for their bathroom fixtures, tiles, walls, and vanity, adding more attraction to the interior. Adding or mixing more than one shade for these things enhances the decoration and adds value to the property.

Why would you mix cabinet colors in a bathroom?

In this modern age, people opt for new styles and designs for their homes to make their places look up-to-date and luxurious.

Mixing different colors is one of the easy ways to add style and uniqueness to the bathroom because the same shade looks traditional and old.

You will notice that all new homes have color combinations for different things in the house, such as cabinets, faucets, mirrors, and light pendant rods.

Having more than one shade can add value to the property, as the color contrast is in demand by most home buyers.

It can make the place look more pleasing and bright with different shades.

What cabinet colors can you mix in a bathroom?

You can mix different shades for bathroom cabinets; some of the best combinations are listed here.

White and black

White and black is a classy combination to add in the bathroom because a light shade with a dark one makes a perfect mixing combination.

White color with back contrast will attract the attention and focus of every person who enters the bathroom. In addition, you can select the black shade for the vanity cabinets and white for the others because the vanity countertops are usually white with a white border design.

The black shade can look well with the white countertops, making this area a focal point inside the bathroom. Make sure to color the other cabinets with white shade without adding any black touch because it will disturb the overall color scheme.

Blue and white

There are various shades of blue, such as navy blue, light blue, cobalt blue, and sky blue, and all these shades of blue look fantastic with the white contrast.

You can choose the blue shade that matches the other fixtures in the bathroom or the wall paint to add synchronization and uniformity.

Navy blue and cobalt blue are the most common and attractive shades of blue, and they look more appealing with the bright white shade combination.

I selected navy blue for my vanity and white for other cabinets, such as the storage places in the shower, toilet, and bathtub area. Some people go with the full white vanity and blue shade for other places. 

Dark gray and white

Dark gray is a classy and calm color that is available in various shades. Mixing it with a bright white will make the place look pleasing and vibrant.

Dark gray shade cannot go with other shades, such as blue, red, and green, because the combination of dark and dark shade can make the place look dull, and you may need to install more lights.

Moreover, it looks unattractive if you mix a dark gray shade with another dark color because, according to interior designers, a dark shade should go well with a light one.

My friend has dark gray vanity and white wall cabinets, and I like this shade mixing, as it looks classy and decent on the first impression when I entered the bathroom. 

White and green

Green is another popular shade to add in the bathroom for vanities, walls, closets, and cabinets. Mixing green shade with off-white and bright white can make the place look modern.

You can use a gray-green shade for the vanity cabinets with a marble countertop, which enhances the interior of this place.

Dark green also looks attractive with an off-white shade, and you can color the half cabinets with dark green and half with white f you have two walls with more cabinets in a large bathroom.

Do not add a third shade because it will make the place look odd with many shades and destroy the color mixing.

Dark or light wood color

Wood shades always look classy and stylish, especially if you have wooden countertops or OSB panels on the walls or floor.

There are also different shades and textures in wood, and you can select a dark wood shade or a light. Some people go with both shades, but I do not think adding dark and light wood shades together in one place is a good idea.

It is better to select one wooden shade for them that match the countertop and the floor to add coordination.

Should bathroom cabinets be the same color as walls and counters?

You can use differfent colors for cabinets, walls, and countertops in a bathroom, as it looks traditional to have all the fixtures, walls, and countertops of the same material and shade.

People like to add different shades in this place to make it look more stylish and vibrant than the same shade sequence.

There are many ways to mix the shades for countertops by following hundreds of color schemes. For example, I have a white marble countertop and navy blue cabinets, which enhance the overall appearance of my place and make the vanity area look brighter.

They should have a darker shade than the walls because the light colors on the walls will make the place look more spacious. 

Therefore, it is better to go with light shade for the walls and darker for the cabinets.

Can you paint the cabinets in a bathroom with different colors?

You can paint them in different colors if you want to add more than one shade to your bathroom. The best paint for them is oil-based waterproof, and semi-gloss enamel paint.

These paints can withstand the changing temperature in the bathroom and last many years.

They are durable in high-traffic areas and are resistant to mold and mildew growth on wooden materials. You can also add a coat of waterproof oil finisher to make it more durable and shiny.

You do not need to change the vanity for mixing or trying new shades, as painting the vanity and wall cabinets is the best option for combining different shades. 

Things to consider when mixing cabinet colors in a bathroom

It is better to consider some essential things while mixing the shades for bathroom cabinets because a wrong color selection can destroy your money and hard work.

Interior designers and home decorators recommend having the same shade and material handles or knobs on all cabinets in this place. Different shades and material hands do not look attractive and are out of fashion.

Consider the bathroom size, interior, and color effect in this place before selecting the shades. It is better to match their shade with other fixtures in this place because it looks odd if the cabinets have a separate shade that does not match any fixture color.

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