Can You Have Walk-in Shower With Curtain Instead of Door?

People use the curtains and doors to separate the walk-in shower from the remaining restrooms. These provide safety and protect the surrounding bathroom floor from water splashes and mold growth.

Can You Have Walk-in Shower With Curtain Instead of Door? You can have a walk-in shower with curtain instead of doors because of less maintenance, easy installation, space-saving, more customization, budget-friendly, and more privacy. However, it is necessary to consider the weight, fabric, color, and size of curtains while adding them.

People have walk-in showers with curtains or doors according to their preferences and bathroom space. Both of these accessories provide privacy to people and keep the moisture and splashes inside the bathtub and shower area.

Why would you add a walk-in shower with curtain instead of door?

Many people prefer to add walk-in showers with curtains instead of doors because of their number of benefits. In addition, you can match them according to your bathroom’s fixtures and color theme to give an appealing appearance.

Less maintenance

Walk-in showers with curtains are the best idea because of their less maintenance. These are easy to maintain, and you can wash them.

You can use the washing machine to remove the dirt and stains from their fabric. Moreover, you do not need to scrub their surface to remove the dried mineral residues and molds during bathing.

These do not contain any screws that can fall apart, and you have to tighten them frequently. In addition, you do not need caulking material to seal them, which can get damaged by water exposure.

Temperature changes cannot affect them, and you do not need any extra maintenance; instead of washing them regularly to keep them clean and germ-free.

Easy installation

People prefer to add curtains because these are easy to install instead of glass door panels. Glass door panels are heavy, and it becomes challenging to adjust them.

You can install them at home without taking help from experts. Some of the curtains come up in the market with installation accessories, including hooks and metal rods.

You can attach the metal rod on the wall with screws and add the hooks for installation. You do not need any screws and caulking material to secure them.

There is no need to add splash guards on the lower side to keep the water inside.

Save spacing option

Walk-in shower with curtains is a suitable option for smaller bathrooms. The fabric material takes less space for their installation instead of glass doors.

These can make the interior well-ventilated by taking up less space. Moreover, you can also add them in smaller areas and on angular walls to save space.

I have a small bathroom in my home, and I also separated the shower area with a curtain to save space. You can tuck them on the sides when you are not bathing to make the bathroom look larger.

Moreover, these are made of softer fabrics which create an illusion and make the bathroom more inviting. The interior looks bigger when you move the curtains to the side.

More customization

The curtains are more customized than glass door panels that only come in a single color and transparent shades.

You can make your bathroom appealing with accessories of different colors in them. These come in various sizes, designs, and styles. In addition, you can choose them according to the bathroom floor and wall colors.

You can select the color and design according to the bathroom space. In addition, you can also quickly upgrade the interior space with something new because these are easy to add and remove.

Moreover, these are easily accessible and a good choice for people with mobility issues.


You can install the walk-in showers with curtains because it is a budget-friendly option. These are made of fabric materials readily available in your home and everywhere.

These are cost-effective solutions because of their lower price tags instead of doors. Depending on their fabric and quality, you can find them in the market from $40 to $60.

The door panels are costly, costing $250 to $300, depending on their material and installation cost.

You do not have to install extra light fixtures and exhaust fans because light and air can easily pass through the fabric.

I also added the curtains in my home because high-quality, thick glass doors are expensive and require additional labor costs for installation.

More privacy

Fabric curtains in the shower area provide more privacy to people when they are taking a bath. These are made of thick fabric material, and you cannot see through them.

These are a better option for kids who can enter the bathroom anytime. It is embarrassing when someone suddenly enters inside, and you are taking a shower.

Glass panel doors are transparent, and people can see through them and hence compromising privacy. These are only used to give an aesthetic appearance, separate the area, and not provide privacy.

What types of curtains are suitable for walk-in showers?

Curtains are available in various fabrics, including polyester, linen, cotton, and vinyl. You can select from these fabrics according to your choice and needs.

Polyester and vinyl types go best with walk-in showers because of their water-repellent properties. These are made on non-porous surfaces that do not absorb moisture from the water splashes.

Moreover, these do not produce any smell or allow molds and bacteria to come on them. The color and design options are slightly fewer, but these are best for highly humid areas.

Cotton ones are thick and more costly than vinyl and polyester types. However, these are available in various colors and designs, giving a more attractive look.

Cotton and linen fabric can easily absorb moisture and produce a smell in the bathroom when it remains wet. In addition, water also drips on the floors and can damage the flooring material.

Why do some people prefer to have walk-in showers with doors instead of curtains?

Many people still prefer to add a walk-in showers with doors instead of curtains because of their several benefits. These do not require frequent cleaning and washing as you do for fabric material to keep them clean.

These can dry quickly after showering and have a non-porous surface.

These do not produce any smell because bacteria and molds cannot grow on them. In addition, these provide a more enclosed space and prevent cold air entry into the shower area.

It does not cling to your skin when coming out after a bath. These do not release any harmful toxins like PVC curtains.

In addition, I prefer glass panels because these last longer and do not wear and tear easily like fabric materials.

Things to consider while adding curtains to a walk-in shower instead of a door

You have to consider the different things while adding curtains to a walk-in shower to secure the interior space. Measure the dimensions of the interior space and then select the drapes according to them.

These allow water splashes on the floors and remaining bathrooms when the size is incorrect and cannot cover the space completely.

Consider the suitable color and design according to your interior space’s paint and tile color. Color matching is necessary to give a uniform appearance to your whole bathroom.

I prefer to add heavy curtains so they can easily resist water pressure and prevent splashes from coming out. In addition, you can tie the metal wire, magnet, and small stone piece with the lower side so they cannot move easily.

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