How Do I Keep My Bathroom Sink Counter Dry?

Many people complain that their bathroom sink counter remains wet, allowing molds and bacteria to come. In addition, the interior also looks messy because of the flooded countertops.

How Do I Keep My Bathroom Sink Counter Dry? You can keep your bathroom sink counter dry by using a squeegee, avoiding laundry and baby bathing, using sink mats, adding sink splash guards, using the correct faucet and showers, and moping with wood fiber towels. Moreover, you can hang towels, soak water with a sponge, avoid soap bars, and keep your hand inside after washing and adjusting toothbrush holders to keep the sink dry.

You cannot place your electronic accessories and makeup products on them while getting ready because of water droplets.

Use squeegee on a bathroom sink

The wiper-type material contains the rod and rubber blade to control liquid flow. I prefer to keep these small wipers near my bathroom sink counter because water splashes come on them.

These rubber blades help remove water from smooth surfaces. Apply some force to maintain their angle with affected surfaces so they cannot leave moisture on the sides.

You can clear the water by pulling it and adding them to the drains. Turn on the ceiling fan and exhaust fans to remove the remaining moisture.

Use a soft cloth and dry the surface completely. These devices are helpful in the removal of 99% of moisture, and they also clear stains and debris.

Avoid laundry and baby bathing 

Many people install larger sinks in their bathrooms for laundry purposes. The water splashes come on counters when washing cloth or other items.

In addition, it also allows the detergent bubbles to come on these surfaces and produce stains. The larger and shallow ones are also used as a bathtub for your little kids.

You can use this space for baby bathing because of its limited size and easy-to-use feature. Avoid washing cloth and baby bathing in them to keep the surrounding surface dry.

Prefer to use the washing machine for cloth washing, and you can also install stand-in bathtubs on floors for baby bathing.

Use sink mats on the bathroom counter

Sink mats made of rubber material are the most suitable choices in the bathroom to keep the surrounding area clean and dry. You can add these mats when the vanity area is installed near the bathtubs and showers.

I prefer to add them when my children wash their hands and brush their teeth because they are not adequately trained. Sometimes they do not keep their mouth inside while brushing and create a mess on the counters.

These rubber mats also have slip-resistance properties and remain in their place for longer. In addition, these are more effective than cotton towels and are easy to clean and maintain.

Add sink splash guards on bathroom sink

You can add the sink splash guards to a bathroom sink if an issue arises because of the poor style of faucets and inadequate water pressure. The water splashes from this poor design can also make your cloth wet when using them.

You can add these splash guards on all the 3 corners to protect the surroundings and your cloth. These are made of rubber material and are easy to install and remove.

Some of these contain the suction material for their installation. These are only suitable for dirt-free, dry, and even surfaces.

I also added splash guards near the shower area and around bathtubs because these are installed closely, and water comes from them.

Focus on faucet and sink style

Bathroom sink counters become wet and uncleaned when faucets and sinks are not of the correct style. The issue comes when faucets are larger and have a long arc.

The water comes from these types with high pressure, making the surrounding area wet and messy. You can face the problem when faucets and bowls are not compatible and allow the water splashes to come outside.

Add shallow sinks with more depth to keep water inside during brushing and handwashing.

Use wood fiber towel

Wood fiber towels are suitable for this purpose because they are better than cotton in soaking water. These are made of wood fibers and dry the surface quickly because of their number of fibers.

These also remove the stains from the counters because of their harsh material. You can add them near the bathroom sink counter instead of simple tissues that can create more mess.

It absorbs moisture because of irregular gaps and their hydrophilic nature. Simple tissues are made of thin material, and these disintegrate when comes in the exposure to excessive water.

Hang towels near the bathroom sink counter

It is better to hang the towels near your bathroom sinks instead of tissues because these cannot soak the water. Use the small hook to hang the towels and keep them inside the bowl so water cannot drip into surrounding areas.

Teach your children about the cleanliness practice so they can dry their hands after washing instead of creating a mess in the surroundings.

I also add a cotton towel near my vanity area to quickly dry my hands and face after washing. Cotton towels quickly absorb water, and their fabric is easy to clean.

In addition, shake your hands inside the bowls to remove excess water from them.

Use sponge

You can keep the sink counters dry by soaking water with a sponge. It is better to use a multilayered sponge for your bathroom accessories because of its more water presence.

The multilayered sponge absorbs the water more efficiently and quickly than the simpler ones. Place the sponge on the affected area so bubble-like spaces trap the water in them.

Squeeze and press the sponge with force while keeping them in the bowl to remove entrapped water. You can repeat the procedure until the countertops dry completely and are moisture-free.

Avoid using soap bars

Many people place soap bars near the bathroom sink counter to wash their hands and face. They install soap bar holders of various designs and colors on the walls.

Soap bars are not suitable for counters because they allow water to drip from moist soaps. Water can also come on the surrounding surfaces when you move your wet hands to the side to grab a soap.

I did not ever use soap bars in my bathroom because they create a mess in the vanity area. In addition, dried soap scums also produce stains that become prominent in darker colors.

You can use the soap dispensers and keep their opening inside the sink so liquid soaps cannot drip on the counter’s surface.

Moreover, it is better to place liquid handwash bottles on the sides of the vanity area.

Adjust the toothbrush holder position

Many people install toothbrush holders on the sides of the bathroom sink counter, and water from the wet brush drips on the counters. The water dripping on these surfaces does not seem good, and it can also cause damage to wooden material.

Adding the toothbrush holders near the faucets is better so water from wet accessories drips directly into the bowl. Moreover, you can also use toothbrush pots and place them near the sinks instead of using holders.

You can also select the toothbrush holder with a drip tray to keep the surroundings dry. In addition, you can also add plastic mats to keep the area moisture free.

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