How to Make Bathroom Air Freshener With Essential Oils?

People use air fresheners in their bathrooms to remove stinky odors and make the space more welcoming for the guests. I use homemade DIY fragrances with oils to use in my bathroom.

How to Make Bathroom Air Freshener With Essential Oils? It is easy to make bathroom air fresheners with essential oils. Mix rosemary, lemon, or peppermint essential oil with baking soda and water or rubbing alcohol. Their fragrance will last for many hours.

These home-based air fresheners are less costly than those available in markets. Moreover, you can also make customized sprays for your interiors according to your desired taste and needs.

How do you make bathroom air fresheners with essential oils?

You can make market-like air fresheners at your home by mixing the essential oils of your choice with different ingredients.

Baking soda and essential oil

You can make toxin-free and safe air fresheners in your home that are better than synthetic ones. Using cost-effective ingredients, you can prepare the spray bottle in less than 10 minutes.

Mix 3 to 4 spoons of baking soda with 30-35 drops of lemon essential oils.

You can choose lemon, orange, lavender, chamomile, and rosemary. Stir the mixture of baking soda and these oils with a wooden stick.

Add the mixture to the glass or plastic bottles and then fill them with water. Mix water to dilute it to use it for spraying. Spray the fragrance on the walls and the sides of the toilets.

You can also use them in the cabinets to make them bacteria and mold-free. It is also helpful to get rid of musty smells from the wooden cabinets.

Water and essential oil

You can also use water for mixing this solution. Select the rosemary oil and add the 25 to 30 drops to the small bowl.

Pour some water into the bowl and add the mixture to the bottle. Shake the bottle well to make the homogenous mixture of water and oil.

The quantity of ingredients also varies according to your bottle size and requirement. Many people use more ingredients so they can use them for a longer time.

It is necessary to shake the bottle before using them because water can separate from the oil and make a separate layer on the top side.

Rubbing alcohol, water, and essential oils

I prefer to add rubbing alcohol in water and rosemary essential oil mixtures to increase their efficiency and working ability. Rubbing alcohol keeps the oil and water intact, and you do not have to shake them before using.

In addition, alcohol can also affect the overall fragrances and make them long-lasting. Use vodka instead of rubbing alcohol to mix the two non-compatible ingredients thoroughly.

These also act as preservatives, and you can keep the air fresheners in your bathroom longer. It restricts the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, which can produce a smell in spray bottles.

I prefer to use glass bottles instead of plastic because these are easy to clean and look more classical in your vanity area. Glass bottles also mimic the original and commercial-based perfume bottles.

What essential oils are good for bathroom air fresheners?

Essential oils are the extract of natural plants, leaves, and herbs that have a strong fragrance. You can use peppermint, lemon, and rosemary if you want to make your interior refreshing.

It makes the space inviting, and you can feel fresh and relaxed because of its soothing fragrance. Lemon and orange ones are used for some citrus and fruit fragrance.

These are strong and last longer in your bathrooms. You can use oils from various plants to create a floral fragrance in your interiors.

These are similar to market-based air fresheners because of their floral aroma. I prefer to use lavender and Jasmin sprays for floral fragrances.

These can also give a relaxed feeling and a sense of cleanliness in your interior. I spray the tea tree and chamomile near my toilets and bathtubs to make the space calm and soothing.

Why would you use essential oils to make bathroom air fresheners?

Many people prefer to use home-based air fresheners in their bathrooms instead of market ones. I also use these oils and put them in plastic bottles to spray the interiors.

I prefer to make them because these are the cost-effective solution. You can make these sprays for less price than the market ones that come under higher price tags.

The market base is not budget friendly because these end early and do not last long. You can make them in bulk amounts and use them for months.

Moreover, the fragrance of these home-based fragrances is more lasting. These last for a longer time as compared to commercial ones that disappear after a few minutes.

It gives your interior a sense of natural aroma and makes you feel relaxed and calm. The natural effect of the herbs gives a soothing, relaxing effect to people.

Moreover, I use them because they provide sanitary conditions and fresh and flowery aromas. These have antibacterial and antiviral properties that help kill germs present on floors and walls.

It can make your interior hygienic and germ-free by killing molds and bacteria. These are toxin and chemical free and cannot cause any allergic reactions.

Many people are sensitive to fragrances, and you can see severe reactions. The issue comes because of the presence of phthalates and formaldehyde in market-based air fresheners.

These are home-based products and do not contain any toxic ingredients which can affect people.

Can you use a mixture of two essential oils to make bathroom air fresheners?

You can use a mixture of two essential oils to make air fresheners. It is necessary to check their compatibility before mixing them because sometimes it can leave an awkward smell in your interior.

You can mix the same fragrances, like orange and lime having the same citrus taste. You can combine the two ingredients to increase efficiency and make the fragrance long-lasting.

Mix the lavender and rosemary oils to create a strong flowery blend. Moreover, I mixed the tea tree and cinnamon to deodorize my bathrooms and give them a sense of cleaning.

Make a blend with peppermint, orange, and lemon to freshen your mood and give a soothing effect to your mind. The fresh fragrance of this blend makes you feel relaxed and reduces stress.

Mix two citrus ingredients like lemon and orange to deal with the nauseated situation because of smelly toilets.

You can also use chamomile and lavender oils to make the interior stress free because these ingredients have anti-anxiety properties. It can also affect your mood and make you feel happy and relaxed.

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