How Do I Convert a Single Faucet to a Double Faucet?

Most bathrooms contain single faucets instead of double ones because of their limited use and easy cleaning. These look simpler and do not create a symmetrical and luxurious appearance in the interior.

How Do I Convert a Single Faucet to a Double Faucet? You can convert a single faucet to a double faucet in your bathroom by replacing the sink and adding the faucets having double handles. People do this to increase the water flow, maintain temperature, tackle emergency leaks, and make a bathroom look good.

A single faucet contains one lever instead of two different handles to control water pressure and maintain temperature according to your requirement and climate conditions.

Is it possible to convert a single faucet to a double faucet?

Single faucets only contain the lever on their upper side to control water pressure. In addition, you can adjust the lever up and down to control the water temperature.

You can use these two handles to maintain the water temperature.

One side of the handle is connected to the cold supply, while another is connected to the hot water supply of heaters. Many people convert a single faucet into a double one, but it requires additional cost and effort.

In addition, the procedure is complicated, and sometimes you cannot do this at home.

It is a difficult procedure because it requires extra plumbing work. The plumbing work cost increase or decreases according to pre-existing fixtures.

How do you convert a single faucet to a double faucet?

Here are easy methods for converting the single lever faucet into a double faucet. In addition, it can also make them luxurious because of the classical design of the handles for hot and cold-water supply.

Sink replacement method

The sink replacement method is required when pre-existing sink contains only one hole. You cannot add more holes in this material because of its delicate material.

These do not have enough space for the installation of double faucets. Moreover, because of its brittle texture, you cannot drill extra holes in porcelain material.

These can break, and their piece can shatter in the whole bathroom when you try to drill holes in them. Turn off the shut-off valve under the sinks to disconnect the water supply.

Place the buckets under the sinks to remove extra water from the pipes after disconnecting them. Loose the screws that are holding these fixtures and remove them.

Scrap off the caulking material from the sides of the sinks and remove them. Clean the sides of the countertops and remove the debris from their surface.

Add the new sinks that contain two holes to install double faucets. Secure the sinks with caulking material to prevent water from seeping.

Attach the faucets and tighten the mounting screws for their fitting. Connect the hot and cold-water supply pipelines in their respective holes and turn on the shut-off valve.

Faucet replacement

Do not replace the complete sinks if they contain extra holes to install double faucets. It is an easy method and requires little effort because you do not have to replace the complete sink.

Moreover, you do not require any additional cost for them because you can change the faucets at home without taking help from experts.

You need $200 to $400 to purchase the new faucets from the market.

Turn off the water and use the basin wrench to loosen the mounting screws and remove the old fixture. Add the base plates on the sinks and add new faucets on these base plates.

Connect the water supply, turn on the shut-off valve, and check for leakages.

Why would you convert a single faucet to a double faucet?

Many people want to upgrade their bathroom interior by adding a variety of fixtures to them. You can replace the single faucet with the double type for ease and comfort.

Water flow control

These control the double hand, and you can control the water pressure more precisely. It becomes difficult for people to adjust the water pressure with a single lever.

These can also become loose and leads to incorrect water pressure. These are more reliable options for controlling water flow properly.

In addition, these are less likely to become faulty and have incorrect water pressures.

Water pressure adjustment is necessary because high pressure produces splashes in the surroundings, making the floors wet and slippery.

Temperature maintenance

These faucets contain two handles to control water temperature according to your requirement. One side of the handle is connected to the cold supply while the other with hot pipes.

People need warm and cold water according to outside climate conditions. The single lever becomes loose and fails to maintain the normal water temperature.

Sudden cold and warm water flow is irritating during hot and cold seasons.

Tackle emergency leaks

I also prefer to add a double faucet in my bathroom instead of a single one to deal with an emergency. Sometimes the second ones become faulty, and you cannot get water to wash your hands and brush.

The handles become faulty and cannot allow water in these fixtures. The double ones are better because you can get water if one side handle is faulty.

You can turn off the water after detecting leakages on one side and use the other side for the water supply. These cannot completely cut off the water supply in your bathroom, which is challenging to deal with.

Look and symmetry 

Double faucets look more luxurious in your bathroom as compared to single ones.

These look more symmetrical because of their organized and classical design. Different styles also make the interior appealing and attract the attention of guests.

In addition, the unique designs are also considered the focal point in your bathroom.

These are easy to use and decrease water waste relative to single ones. Kids can also use them easily because of their separate hot and cold-water handles.

Why do some people prefer to add a single faucet in their bathroom instead of a double one?

Many people prefer to add single faucets in their bathrooms instead of double ones because of their advantages. The second ones are only suitable for larger bathrooms and do not seem suitable for smaller ones.

The ones that contain the single lever are easy to use to adjust the temperature and pressure of water. You do not have to change two handles simultaneously to maintain pressure and temperature. These are budget-friendly, and you can find them with fewer price tags.

These are the best choice if your budget is limited and you cannot afford the costly fixtures.

The chances of leakages are less because of their fewer parts. These contain only levers that are less vulnerable to damage and leaks.

Moreover, these take up less space in the sink and vanity area. You do not need large and new sinks for their installation in your bathrooms.

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