Does Shower Curtain Go Inside Bathtub?

People add curtains of different colors and designs to cover the shower and bathtub area instead of separating them with walls or making wooden or glass cabinets. It is a suitable and cost-effective method to cover the shower area and maintain people’s privacy.

Does Shower Curtain Go Inside Bathtub? Shower curtains should go inside the bathtub to prevent water from dripping on the floor, prevent mold growth, reduce water splashes, and keep the shower area warm. Many people want to keep them outside to prevent curtain fabric damage, shrinkage, and easy cleaning. You can decide the placement of curtains depending on their fabric, type, color, and design.

It is also necessary to consider the height of curtains while placing them around shower areas. You can put them outside if they are not touching the ground surface.

Why should shower curtains go inside the bathtub?

The placement of shower curtains matters a lot because it reflects the bathroom’s overall appearance.

Water damage to the floor

Many people add shower curtains inside the bathtub to protect the floor from damage. However, long-term exposure to water on wooden, laminate, or tiles floor can ruin them.

Molds grow on wooden and laminate floors due to the presence of moisture and change their original structure and integrity.

Moreover, the long-term water dripping on the floor can also damage the subfloor, and these become easy to creak.

The water that comes on the curtain drips on the floor when these are present outside. Therefore, adding the floors inside the tub can protect them from water damage.

The water seeps into the inside of the tubs rather than affecting the floors and increasing the risk of damage.

In addition, you can also see the yellowing of grouts in tiles because of moisture damage.

Reduce water splashes

The shower curtains are designed to reduce the water splashes inside the bathroom and protect the different areas from moisture attacks.

Soap and water scum splashes are common during bathing because of water pressure. In addition, the soap and water mixture becomes dry on walls and ceilings, which is hard to clean.

In addition, stains of soap scum on walls and ceilings also give a bad appearance to the interior. You can prevent splashes of water and soap scum by keeping the curtains inside the bathtub.

It is helpful to cover the boundaries correctly and keep the water and soap splashes inside. It also protects the wall mirrors and wooden cabinets from water and soap stains.

Keep shower area warm

People preferable add curtains inside the bathtubs during winter to prevent heat loss. The heat remains inside and keeps the water warm.

Water in tubs often becomes cold during bathing, which is uncomfortable for people. Heat loss is the primary cause of decreasing water temperature.

Heat loss also occurs when drapes are hanging on outside. This is because it can leave the space between, and heat or steam can move outside from this space.

The drapes can cover the lower area and do not leave any space from the sides for heat loss. It is helpful to seal the lower corner and maintain the water temperature.

You can cover the shower area completely by keeping them inside and retaining the heat. It can keep the water hot, and people feel comfortable in winter while bathing in hot water.

Why do some people add shower curtains outside the bathtub?

Some people prefer to add drapes outside the bathtubs to prevent them from water damage. However, the water can damage the curtains’ fabric and dull their color.

The bright color starts to get dull, and these look old. Continuous water exposure also affects the finishing of the curtain and causes shrinkage.

The shrinking can cause a decrease in size, making these look awkward. Moreover, the soap scums and water splashes come on their fabric.

You have to keep them clean and get rid of soap scum. Molds also start to grow on them when you put them inside.

Soap residues and humid fabric is the favorite place for mold growth. The molds are hard to clean, and you have to use washing detergent to remove them from the fabric.

Water can damage the fabric of the curtains, and you have to replace them, which is an expensive procedure.

You can get rid of these expensive repairs by keeping them outside and prevent from water splashes and soap residues.

Things to consider while adding shower curtains in the bathtub

Many people are confused while placing the curtains around the bathtub because of their benefits and harmful effects. You can consider these factors to decide their placement, add style to your bathroom area, and make them appealing.

Fabric of curtains

The placement of curtains depends on the type and quality of their fabric. Several fabrics are available in the market, including cotton, linen, polyester, vinyl, and plastic.

Cotton and linen are not waterproof materials; you can keep them outside to prevent water splashes and soap or shampoo residues.

Plastic, vinyl, and polyester are water-resistant materials, and you can put them inside bathtubs. The drawback of using this material is that it does not offer privacy because of its transparent material.

You can easily see outside because of their white and non-opaque material. In addition, the water cannot damage the vinyl and plastic material because of their non-porous surface.

These do not entrap the moisture in their inner surface and allow molds to grow. You can hang them inside because they can dry easily, and you can easily remove soap residues from their surface.

Type of curtains

You can hang them inside or outside, depending on their type and style. Some drapes come with a liner to add a protective shield.

The drapes are water-resistant plastic or vinyl material and protect the original curtains’ fabric from damage.

You can hang them inside the bathtubs because water splashes do not directly damage the fabric. Drapes with a protective liner layer should go outside the tub because they cannot cause any damage.

It cannot damage the floor because water seeping does not occur in these types because of their non-porous material and the protection of cotton and linen fabric.

Color and design

The decision to hang curtains around bathtubs depends on their color and design. You can put them outside if they are bright colors because of the broader and sleek appearance of the bathroom.

They can give a stylish appearance when you put them outside. Moreover, it also highlights the lower design and pattern of the curtains.

You can hide the lower design and specific pattern when you keep them inside. In addition, the light, bright color should go on the outer side so they cannot get dull or fade due to continuous water exposure.

You can add the dull colored inside because their faded color is not prominent and does not look old.

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