Is Eating an Orange in the Bathtub Illegal?

Many people feel refreshed when they eat juicy fruits like oranges while sitting in a bathtub.

Is Eating an Orange in the Bathtub Illegal? Eating an orange in the bathtub is illegal in California, according to a law passed in the 1920s. It is supposed to cause an explosive reaction when bath oils get mixed with citric juice, but it is not scientifically proven. However, the police officers will not catch you for eating this citrus fruit as this law is not enforced now.

Oranges are popular due to their citrus taste, pleasing aroma, and nutrition, making people add slices to tub in the bathroom to enjoy them.

Their taste improves when you eat them under the shower because the citrus odor adds to the taste of juice when mixed with a stream of water.

Why is eating an orange in the bathtub illegal in California?

It is essential to consider what makes eating an orange in the tub illegal if it brings a soothing effect on your mind and soul.

It was considered illegal in the 1920s when the law against the orange shower got passed. It is not safe to consume it when your body is covered with soap and water.

Moreover, many people add natural or synthetic bath oils to the tub for fragrance, rejuvenation of skin, better blood circulation, and soft skin.

Most commonly, rosemary, lavender, cedar wood, lemon, and tulsi oils are added to water in the bathtub as a few drops relax your body and mood.

You can also find sweet oil extracts to infuse a sweet citrus aroma into your water. However, the law was passed because it was thought that bath oils and oranges were an explosive combination.

The citrus juice reacts with oils that could cause an explosion because these two ingredients are used to make bath bombs, but there is no evidence for this belief or assumption.

In addition, this assumption has no scientific support, and no such cases have been reported in the past, but it was imposed due to safety concerns.

Where is it considered illegal to eat an orange in a bathtub?

Every state of America has different rules and regulations depending on social practices, crime rates, and safety concerns of the people.

Not only is Pennsylvania known for crazy rules like you cannot sing in the bathtub, but California also follows some odd rules even if there is no supporting evidence for the law.

This Golden State is known for beautiful scenic views and sports like mountain climbing and snowboarding, but it is also famous for surprising and weird laws related to food.

According to the state’s laws, you cannot eat an orange in a bathtub in California, as it is considered an illegal act from a safety perspective.

Moreover, these strange laws are luckily not followed by other states of America like Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Alaska, Texas, Ohio, etc.

It is better to enjoy this citrus fruit in other corners of your house except the bathroom and bathtub to keep yourself away from illegal acts if you live in California.

The lawmakers in California banned the act of eating oranges in the bathtub, but the scientific community rejected the belief and declared that these are false ideas.

Why would you eat an orange in the bathtub?

Oranges have many health benefits, as eating a few slices can help overcome stressful conditions and improve memory and skin texture.

Some people add these slices into a tub and enjoy a bath that positively impacts their beauty and nourishes skin cells.

Moreover, you can bring it inside the bathroom if you want to enjoy a shower and a juicy fruit at the same time. It keeps your body and mind in an active state.

The sweet aroma of fruit helps decrease anxiety and stress if you are tired and worried about something.

They are good for mental alertness and boosting mood, but they can also improve your stomach issues and depression.

Adding this citrus fruit to the tub works like aromatherapy during the shower, as its citric smell makes you feel energetic.

One of my friends used to take a chilled fruit in the shower, which is not essential, but these citrus fruits positively impact health.

It became a popular trend before the 1920s when almost every person tried this Orange Shower and posted pictures on different social media platforms to share their experience.

Furthermore, positive responses provoked others to do the same and enjoy the citrus juice in their mouth when it gets mixed with hot water from the shower.

What happens if you eat an orange in the bathtub?

Eating oranges in the shower and bathtubs is illegal, so law enforcement officers can charge heavy fines or put you in jail.

However, this is not the case in California because this law has no authentic reasons for implication on the public as its concerns were falsified by the researchers.

No cases are reported when police officers catch a person enjoying the slices in the tub, but it is still present in the law books and known to be illegal.

Moreover, this law is outdated because it was imposed in the 20th century, but it does not make this act legal for the state’s citizens.

Currently, it is not enforced by law officers as it was in the previous century because the basis of the law proved illogical and got nullified after experiments.

However, the local people got adapted to this restriction, but the officers will not arrest people for enjoying this citrus fruit in the shower or the soaked position.

Can you peel an orange in a hotel in California?

California had strict rules about eating an orange when sitting in a bathtub, which raised concerns among local people about some relevant acts.

The Californian hotel restricts their guests from peeling an orange in the room to avoid this mess, in accordance with another rule of avoiding these citrus fruits in the bathtub.

Moreover, the hotel’s clerks and receptionist at the front desk will ask you to throw the fruit outside before entering the room.

It is essential to avoid keeping it in your bag if you want to get a room or avoid being caught by police officers.

In addition, hotel staff or servants can complain to the management team if they find this peeled fruit and the outer covering or rind on the floor.

The management team can hand you over to the police for this illegal action if you are a local person and aware of the state rules.

Sometimes, hunger can force you to enjoy these fruits; that’s why it is better to leave them out of the hotel to avoid the possibility of eating these fruits.

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