How to Get Bathtub Through Bathroom Door?

People want to get bathtubs through doors when the old ones get broken, and you have to remove them to install new ones.

How to Get Bathtub Through Bathroom Door? You can get bathtub through bathroom doors by removing door trims and frames, ordering customized ones, and moving in the vertical direction. In addition, you can do this by permanently widening the doors, removing door casings, and changing bathtub directions.

People often forget to install the bathtubs during construction and want to add them later. It became difficult for them to take them in bathrooms through doors that have less width. You can also use large windows if there is less space.

Can you get a bathtub through the bathroom door?

Bathtubs are usually larger, and you cannot take them from the doors because of their less width and length.

Bathroom doors are smaller, and you cannot take them through these small areas. These can get stuck, and you cannot move them forward.

It depends on the size of the door and bathtub dimensions. You can only get them if doors are larger than the length and width of these fixtures.

It is better to install them before construction through walls or empty places rather than adding them through small spaces or doors.

You can ideally take them through different methods if they are smaller than the frame.

These are available in the market with various dimensions, and you have to check if you are installing them after construction.

Furthermore, the width of 24 to 26 inches doorways is large, and you can take the larger materials through them.

How do you get the bathtub through the bathroom door?

You can try these methods to safely get the bathtub through doors if there is no large window in the bathroom.

Resize bathtub

Many people want to remove the bathtubs from their bathrooms when they become old and want to replace them with new ones.

These can creak, and you have to get rid of leakage by replacing them with new ones. You can remove the older ones from the door by simply resizing these fixtures.

Take the hammer and break them into pieces to remove the old ones. You can only use the resizing technique if you fix creaky and broken fixtures.

You cannot break or resize the new bathtubs to get them to bathrooms. It becomes hard to fix the broken ones because you cannot install them.

Many people separate their parts and then assemble them again for installation. Moreover, you can also resize the new ones, but you have to hire a mechanic for this procedure.

You cannot resize them because of not have enough knowledge about their parts and resizing. I prefer resizing the old ones because these are not in use.

Remove door trims and frames

Door trims are made of wooden or plastic material, mostly installed around the boundaries.

These are installed on the sides to fill the empty corners and give them a finished appearance. In addition, these can make these look appealing and highlight their color.

These trims have a thick surface area and cover the side boundaries while taking up space. These trims and frames take up more space and decrease their width.

The space that trims and frames take also depends on their size, surface area, and thickness. Therefore, you can increase the width by removing the trims and frames.

Purchase customized bathtubs

Many times people need bathtubs in their bathrooms, and they also have enough space for their installation.

It becomes difficult to move inside because of their larger size and wider dimensions. However, adding them during house construction is easy because there is no wall or door frame, and you can easily get them inside the bathrooms.

You can resolve the problem by ordering customized products for your bathrooms. Measure the width and length of the doorway and then order it accordingly.

It reduces your effort because you can easily move them inside. It is better to match its dimensions with these fixtures for their easy movement.

Move it in the vertical direction

You can change the direction of the bathtubs to get them in. Some of these have longer lengths compared to their widths.

You can tilt them vertically and easily pass them through doors. However, you need help from another person to do this procedure because you cannot hold them from both sides.

The other persons make their movement easy by holding it from lower or bottom corners and reducing the stress on one person.

A single person cannot take them inside because of their heavy weight, and they can fall on the floor and break easily.

Permanently widen the bathroom door

It is necessary for you to permanently widen the doors when you purchase new bathtubs for your bathrooms.

The permanent widening is the less expansive procedure the ordering the new fixtures according to the size and dimensions of the doorways.

The permanent widening is also beneficial to take them out when these get broken or creak. Then, you have to reconstruct the wall to install larger frames.

Remove the old walls using a hammer and separate the old frame for them. Construct the new bathroom walls and add large frames to make installation easy.

Remove door casing

Indoor casings are like trims and moldings covering their outer side and decreasing their width by occupying more surface area.

They are thick and decrease the dimensions of the entryway. The moldings and casings are installed with nails or adhesive materials.

You can remove them by removing the nails or scraping off the gluey material. You can also install them again after taking the bathtubs inside the bathroom.

Using the nails for their installation is better because you can easily remove or reinstall the casing.

Changing direction

The change in direction decreases the surface area of the bathtubs and makes their moving through doorways easy.

You can tilt them to the side and take them through the entryway. You have to do this procedure carefully because the chances of cracks on their material increase.

Moreover, it can also damage wooden parts and produce cracks on their surface. You have to call your friend or other family members for help.

One person can hold them from one side, and the other can grab the lower end for easy movement.

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