Can a Bathroom Have a Pocket Door?

Pocket doors have become famous among interior designers and homeowners because of their exceptional advantages and frequent use in tiny houses. They are mounted from the ceiling and can slide into the wall along the railing.

Can a Bathroom Have a Pocket Door? A bathroom can have a pocket door because it is convenient, versatile, allows more space, and looks attractive and stylish. However, some people avoid installing it in a bathroom because it is less durable and difficult to install, disturbs privacy, and is expensive. You can add forested, mirror, and glass pocket doors to add more space and elegance.

They are a great replacement for swing doors and are used for many centuries to save space. However, it is better to understand the functionality of the fixture before installing it in your house.

Why would a bathroom have a pocket door?

You can install it in the bathroom because of the benefits it provides to the user, and some of them are explained here.


They are more convenient than the swing door because you can slide them into the wall and use them when you need to cover the view.

In addition, they are easy to open and shut without using handles and locks, making the space more accessible.

It is also an ideal choice to connect the bathroom with a bedroom or living room that does not have much space for the swing-in doors.

You can slide it to disappear, and you can easily move in and out without having a barrier between you and the bathroom.

They can allow sunlight to pass through it for the plants and to brighten up your place if you use a glass door.

They also allow people in wheelchairs and with disabilities to grasp the handle and enter the toilet.

Allow more space

They allow more space, especially for the small bathroom, and make the place look spacious and easy to walk. You can install them in the downstairs toilet, which usually has a compact space.

The doors that open in the hallway and corridor block the walkway if you install swing doors.

The pocket doors are the best option to solve this problem because they allow more space in the hallway to walk and place a sofa or other furniture items.

You can place mirrors, towel bars, and cabinets on the wall next to the door if you install them instead of swing one because it reduces the risk of damage to these items on the wall behind it.

You can also add furniture items in the bathroom and adjust them at a preferable place without the worry of getting hit by the door.


They are versatile as they allow more functionality, storage, and flexibility to the overall interior of your place.

For example, you can select a mirror pocket door that can serve as a door and a mirror if you have less space in the bathroom.

It allows you to add cabinets and shelves on the wall by saving space for the mirror.

In addition, you can incorporate the mirror on both sides of the fixture, as it will save space if you have a small bedroom that connects to the bathroom.

They are available in different materials and styles, and you can add any of them, depending on the interior of your place.

You can also select different colors and designs of frames, which match the color of the furniture and wall colors to make it look pleasing.

Attractive and stylish

It has now become a trend to add them to the house because of the benefits and the attractive appearance.

They can make the place look more traditional and classy and enhance the overall decoration of the house.

They can add an architectural look if you add a wooden fixture or double door that can slide in both directions, such as one half n the right and the other on the left.

Different styles of glass doors with bright and attractive appearances are available in the market to make your place look good.

The modern and aesthetic look of the place also impresses the guests that visit this place.

Why do some people avoid having pocket doors in a bathroom?

Some people avoid installing them in the bathroom because of the following disadvantages.

Durability and installation

They are challenging to maintain and need regular lubrication to avoid crumpling and rough sliding.

In addition, you need to change the fixture and the hardware if there is any problem because repairing them is not easy.

The installation is quite tricky and requires more attention and care when you slide it because it can get stuck and get off the rails if you slide it with more pressure. Also, the installation is difficult if the wall has a water pipeline or electrical wiring.

These factors affect the durability, and slight negligence can damage them, while the swing doors can last longer than these and require less maintenance.

Disturbs privacy

They are not ideal for people who love privacy in their bathroom because they produce noise every time you slide them, no matter how slightly you slide them. The aluminum and nylon tracks can reduce the noise but cannot get rid of it completely.

It can affect your sleep if you have a pocket door that connects the bedroom to the toilet.

They cannot block the light and smell because there is a gap between the floor and its door. Therefore, they do not close as tightly as the swing ones and disturb the user’s privacy.


They are much more expensive than the swing doors because of the installation and high maintenance. The professional can demand more money, as the installation is difficult and time-consuming.

It can cost you more money if the railing or the hardware gets damaged because repairing is not easy.

In addition, long-lasting hardware is expensive because of the high-quality material used in its construction.

Their construction is complex, and specific hardware and frame are required for the installation, making it expensive. 

Types of pocket doors for a bathroom

Different types of pocket doors are available to install in bathrooms, depending on the style, location, and budget.

For example, you can install forested glass pocket doors with sandblasting, or acid etched because they add more privacy by blocking the other side view.

It can reflect minimum light, depending on the sandblasting and acid etching, and is available in different translucency. However, they are expensive because of the high-quality glass used in manufacturing.

Mirror pocket doors are versatile because they also serve as a mirror and are preferable in closet areas. You can see your overall look after getting ready for a party or a meeting while securing the wall space. 

Many homeowners are installing them to save space for other wall fixtures in the house, as you do not need a separate vanity space in the bathroom.

In addition, they are less expensive than forested glass and enhance the beauty of the place.

Glass pocket doors are sliding glass doors that look stylish and appealing due to their clear view. However, they do not block the view, and you can keep a check on the other side.

They also allow light and air to pass and modernize the interior by adding an attractive look.

However, they are not suitable for doors attached to the bedroom and living room because they do not provide privacy.

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