Can You Put Blinds in Bathroom?

Many people prefer to add blinds in the bathroom as they are easy to install than drapes requiring mounting covers on the fixed brackets.

Can You Put Blinds in Bathroom? You can put blinds in the bathroom to improve privacy, add style, filter light rays, and maintain temperature. These are affordable, easy to maintain, and installed more quickly than curtains. It is better to add waterproof window covers due to high humidity in bathrooms to prevent mold growth.

Choose window covers for the bathroom carefully, as vertical ones are suitable for large windows, and cordless ones are considered safe to install if you have children at home.

In addition, there are various options in different price ranges, allowing you to choose the one that suits your budget, choice, and requirement.

Why would you put blinds in the bathroom?

The addition of shades on the windows is a common practice in houses for several reasons. It allows you to replace curtains and add style to interior space at cost-effective rates.

Improves Privacy

These can stop outsiders from seeing inside through the window because bathrooms are considered private places, and it is not considered ethical to see people inside.

Wooden or vinyl covers on the windows add a layer of privacy.

The woven and mirage covers are suitable to ensure privacy in the personal space as these are hard coverings that can help avoid your visibility to outsiders.

In addition, hive and blackout blinds offer 100% privacy when pulled down so that no prying eyes can see you sitting in the bathtub, but the latter completely block light.

Add style to the bathroom

Different materials, designs, and colors make them look more stylish and attractive. In addition, they give a contemporary style and a minimalist or clean look to your space.

Moreover, they are available in different materials and styles like plastic, vinyl, wood, roller, roman, etc., which goes well with interior design and puts everything in order.

You can choose the desired size and thickness in the vertical or roller blind in plain, patterned, and textured style according to your convenience and requirement.

Venetian collection offers wood, metallic, or patterned structures to make them look super-stylish and give a luxurious or opulent appearance.

In addition, the blackout blinds can also be added for a better shade that can provide better privacy to the person inside the bathroom and makes the space different from other areas of the house.

Filters light rays

You can add window covers to restrict the flow of light rays, as excessive light can disturb those who like darkness or shady spaces.

They can efficiently control the entry of light by acting as a barrier and filtering the incoming rays. However, curtains cannot filter light as they allow or block light completely when you open or close them.

You can adjust the slats to allow light to pass through these covers or put them down to restrict the rays; that’s why it is considered a more suitable option than curtains made of thick suede.

Helps maintain temperature

They are good at maintaining the internal temperature of bathrooms as reflective covers can keep them cool by reflecting the sun rays.

Almost 40 to 60% of the internal temperature gets reduced with these shades and other window coverings when they are kept down on sunny windows.

In the same way, they can keep internal space warm during winter by restricting the entry of cold air at night and allowing sun rays in the daytime.

Roller blinds are more effective at controlling room temperature as you can keep windows open with lowered covers.

Better replacement for curtains

They are a better option to cover windows than curtains as they consume less space and feel lighter than heavier drapes. In addition, these do not look overwhelming due to the layering of thick cloth.

Moreover, curtains catch more dirt, debris, and moisture that can make an environment contaminated or unhygienic. It is not easy to remove and hang drapes after cleaning or washing.

Their maintenance is not hassle-free, but you can clean these window covers by dusting them with a clean towel that can help remove dirt.

Furthermore, their cost is almost $10 to $45 for a window, which is a cost-effective option over curtains that are available for $50 to $150.

Do bathroom blinds need to be waterproof?

It is better to choose waterproof covers for the bathroom windows due to the high humidity level.

A hot bath or frequent steaming can reduce the lifespan of standard covers as they cannot resist moisture.

Sticking to waterproof material in small spaces when windows are close to showers, bathtubs, and sinks is essential.

Moreover, vertical and roller blinds made of vinyl, PVC, and faux wood are resistant to water that is not damaged due to moisture.

Avoid polyester covers for windows in smaller bathrooms as they cannot resist water damage if water drops continuously get absorbed into the material.

Furthermore, there is a risk of mold growth if they remain wet most of the time, making the internal environment unhygienic or uncomfortable.

What type of blinds can you put in the bathroom?

There are many options in blinds for those not interested in adding heavy and overwhelming curtains to the windows for easier maintenance.

You can find these window covers in materials like aluminum, bamboo, and faux wood. In addition, they have different styles, including vertical, roller, venetian, and roman.

When looking for bathroom window covers, it is better to avoid wooden blinds as wood materials can warp due to continuous contact with moisture and high humidity.

In addition, solar covers are also not a good choice as they can efficiently block direct light, but they do not ensure privacy in the nighttime, but faux wood and PVC are good to consider.

Furthermore, choose easy-to-clean covers that do not need washing and get cleaned with a dusting or scrubbing. Avoid installing covers requiring extra effort to maintain and are not waterproof.

Can you use blinds and curtains together in a bathroom? 

Some people add blinds to avoid curtains as they are costly, difficult to install, and need more maintenance. However, it depends on whether you add them together on windows.

Installing curtains over the blinds adds an extra safety layer and provide better light control. This combination offers an option for flexible decor, adds depth, and looks beautiful.

However, you have to choose the pattern and color of curtains carefully and keep drapes simpler and lighter if there is a pattern on the covers.

In the same way, you can add drapes with beautiful patterns and a dark color if window coverings are lighter in tone. In addition, they can help change the perception of window size when you keep curtains high.

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