Can You Use Butcher Block Countertops in a Bathroom?

Butcher block countertops are a traditional heavy-wood material that is easy to clean and naturally stain-resistant. It has a great quality to withstand humidity and damp environment, making it a promising choice for bathrooms.

Can You Use Butcher Block Countertops in a Bathroom? You can use butcher block countertops in a bathroom due to their appealing design and durability. In addition, they are heat-resistant, economical, and come in various sizes and shapes.

The risk of mold and fungi increase with any wood material because of the moisture that is present in the wet room atmosphere all the time.

Why would you use butcher block countertops in a bathroom?

Many specialists and home decorators opt for wooden countertops to add contrast and elegance to their bathrooms.

Size and shape

Butcher blocks are available in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses depending on the material you are going to select for your bathroom. It is made of bamboo and other solid woods like walnut, cherry, maple, teak, and oak, sliced in varying thickness pieces.

Its thickness ranges from 3-13 inches, and you can select different designs of dark and light wood textures in it.

In addition, you can cut it in a circular, rectangular, or square shape according to the design you select for your washroom counter.

It also allows you to customize the blocks in your preferred size, while other countertops lack this facility. You can measure this area with a measuring tape and cut the required block with a sharp cutter.


It is an economically flexible and budget-friendly element if you are looking for a natural material to put in your wet room.

In addition, you can save your installation money as it is easy to install but needs more than one person to handle it because of its weight and size.

You can install it easily if you are good at measurements and cutting wood blocks. The stainless steel, glass, and marble pieces are way more expensive than butcher block countertops.

You can select it in the range of $15-$65 per square foot, while others range from $35-$150 per square foot.

Quartz countertops are expensive and require professionals to install them, costing an extra $5-$15 per square foot. Therefore, wooden countertops are more affordable and famous for bathrooms.

Durable and new designs

This wooden countertop can hugely impact the overlook as it gives a warm texture and complements your dream bathroom.

Teak and cherry countertops can add a dark and powerful texture, while oak and bamboo add an aesthetic and modern look.

They are more durable than laminate because they can last up to 18-22 years, while laminate can survive for only 8-13 years.

You can follow certain tips to make it more durable, like proper cleaning, sealing, and installation. You can clean it with warm beeswax mixed with any natural oil to make it more durable and shiny.

Water and heat resistant

They are water resistant when you seal them with a suitable sealant and clean the moisture from your counter and vanity as soon as you observe water standing there.

You can use a good water-resistant finisher to avoid water and moisture soaking into the wood. In addition, they are believed to be more heat resistant than laminate and granite when sealed with a good sealant.

It can get a heat mark on its top when you place a hot dryer, hair straighteners, or hair curler directly on it, but it can be easy to repair compared to laminate melting and granite warping.

Different vanity options

They have various vanity options in different styles and sizes. It has become an increasing demand for bathrooms because they can adjust with small and large vanity areas.

You do not need to change the vanity, but you can select the wood color and stain color that goes well with your already present vanity.

You can put single or double countertops in your vanity area to increase the space for daily use things. Depending on your time and water use, you can design your vanity using any type of these countertops. 

You can use mirror frames of the same color as your countertop to match the style and design you opt for in your washroom.

What type of sink can you use with butcher block countertops?

Bathroom sinks are more important than anything else because you can not step out of your house without brushing your teeth or washing your face there. There are various sink options you can select while designing your place. 

Drop-in skins are a good choice if you install the countertops yourself because they will cover small mistakes and imperfections. In addition, they are affordable and have a standard size of 20-24 inches long and 28-32 inches wide.

The most popular choice for these countertops is the under mouth sink because of its durability, design, easy installation, and fine fitting.

There are no obstruction edges around it, and you can swipe the standing water drops directly into the sink. In addition, they provide more space for the counter, and all the connections and fittings are hidden.

Vessel sinks are also known as sit-above-the-counter sinks because they sit on the counter instead of inside installation.

They give less space to the vanity area but show the whole visual of your wooden block. They add a modern look and stylish contrast to your vanity area. 

They come in different shapes like circular, square, rectangular, and bowl shapes. A white sink with stainless steel taps and light wood color will add a vibrancy and classy look to your vanity. 

Things to consider when adding butcher block countertops in your bathroom

Butcher block countertops require more care and maintenance than marble and glass counters.

It is susceptible to stains and scratches when you drop a heavy object on it. Therefore, it is better to be more careful when you are placing anything on it.

You can drop your makeup products or other things like shaving creams when you are in a hurry to go outside. However, I recommend you clean your countertop before you leave your bathroom. 

Try to clean it with a mixture of warm water and a light dishwasher with less harmful chemicals to remove the grime and dust. Dry it immediately with a dry cloth or sponge to avoid soaking water into the wood.

It is the most humid place, and you use your vanity daily to wash your hands and face. Make sure you select something that can stand the moisture and humidity in your washroom.

Do not place hot straighteners and dryers directly on them; put them on your vanity counter mat to avoid heat marks.

You can use any natural oil finisher to keep its color and shine. You can apply any good stain and sealant to increase the durability of your wooden counter in the bathroom.

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