Can You Put a Different Tank on a Toilet?

Toilet tanks are attached to the wall and come with water supply valves for flushing. It contains different valves and seals responsible for flushing water into the bowl for solid removal waste.

Can You Put a Different Tank on a Toilet? You can put a different tank on a toilet, but it is necessary to check the tank size, the flush valve size, model and manufacturing brand, type, and color of the toilet tank for its correct replacement.

Sometimes these become faulty and cannot allow the water to move into the bowl for flushing. These are interchangeable; you can replace them with new ones without replacing a complete toilet.

Can you install a different tank on the toilet?

Toilet tanks are not universal, and they are interchangeable. You can install the new toilet tanks, and these will work fine. Sometimes the flushing system becomes faulty, and there is no need to replace the whole fixture.

You can only fix the faulty components and add new ones to resolve the problem. In addition, it also reduces the replacement cost because one component charge less than the whole fixture.

People want to do this because cisterns are also vulnerable to leakages with their age. Rubber seals and their mounting nuts become faulty over time.

These seals allow continuous water to drip into the bowl, leading to water waste. In addition, nuts can also corrode and cannot hold water-filled containers.

You can also feel wobbly movement because of their poor fixing, deteriorated screws, and washer seals. In addition, the walls of these fixtures also develop cracks that are hard to fix with plumbing cement and epoxy.

You need to replace them to fix the cracks and leakages and reduce water waste.

Things to consider while installing different tanks on the toilets

Toilet tanks are interchangeable, but it is necessary to follow these things for their correct installation and matching with the bowl.

Size of toilet tank

Water tanks located on the walls die of toilets are of different sizes. Some of them are smaller in size, while others are larger.

These have varied shapes and dimensions depending on their manufacturing brand. People select their sizes according to the toilets and space in the bathrooms.

Sometimes these become faulty and develop deep cracks, which are hard to fix with adhesive materials. You can replace them with new ones but consider the size of the older ones.

Purchase new ones with the same size and water capacity for correct functioning. The larger ones put pressure on the bowl material and produce cracks.

These also come up with different materials, including porcelain, plastic, and ceramic material. These have different weights depending on their manufacturing material.

You can replace the cisterns by checking the material of the old ones because the toilets are designed according to their specific weight.

You cannot put the heavier ones because these can produce cracks in porcelain bowls.

Size of the flush valve

Flush valve size differs in toilet tanks depending on the manufacturing brand and dimensions. The flush valve determines the water amount per flush and its pressure.

It is necessary to check their size because these are designed according to the size of the toilet and bowl. You cannot replace the smaller flush with larger ones because it produces water splashes on the sides, making your bathroom floor dirty and messy.

On the other hand, you cannot install the ones with a smaller flush valve with large bowls because decreased water level and pressure lead to poor flushing of solid wastes.

Check the size and specifications of the old tank written in the manufacturer’s guideline book to select the new one of the same size and properties.

Model and manufacturing brand

The model and manufacturing brand of the toilet tanks matter a lot, and you cannot replace them with ones having different brands.

You cannot put cisterns of different brands on the toilet bowl because of their different specifications and size. These are not interchangeable when their brands differ because of their distinct working principle.

Many times, various models of toilets are discontinued from the market because of the upgradation in the new models. You cannot replace the older models with new ones because they are incompatible.

Cisterns are not interchangeable when their manufacturing brands and products are discontinued.

Type of the toilet tank

Toilet tanks are also of different types and work with distinct principles for flushing. These are gravity and pressure-assisted types and use various techniques for flushing.

The gravity type creates the water swirls for high-power flushing. The pressure-assisted type contains a high-pressure system, including compressed air, to move the water into the bowl.

The pressure-assisted type has more powerful flushing relevant to gravity assisted. You can also see dual flushing types in the market that saves water.

It is necessary to check the type of flushing mechanism while replacing them. You cannot replace the gravity-assisted type with power-assisted ones because these are not interchangeable.

Mounting Layout

It is necessary to consider the mounting layout of the tanks while replacing them with new ones. Some of these fixtures have two holes for cistern adjustment, while others contain three holes.

It is necessary to check the number of mounting holes when removing the faulty ones and installing the new ones.

You cannot replace the double-hole type with the ones with three holes on their lower side for screw mounting.

It can cause poor adjustment and wobbly movements because of their incorrect installation and the non-compatibility of parts.

Replace the double-hole type with the double ones and the three-hole type with their respective ones.

Color of the toilet

It is necessary to consider the color code of your toilet while selecting new tanks. The new ones should be of the same color for a uniform appearance.

These look awkward and mismatched when they slightly differ from other parts of the fixtures. You can show the color of the remaining fixture to the hardware store representative and ask them about the same product.

In addition, you can also take the old and damaged cisterns with you so you can select the new ones of the same color code. The different parts of the same fixtures do not seem good and ruin the overall appearance of the interior.

It grabs the attention of the other people because of their mismatched parts.

How do you install a different tank on the toilet?

You can install a different tank on the toilets after removing the old ones. You can do this procedure at home, but it is better to call an expert plumber for the correct fixing.

You can see the screws on their lower side and must remove them first. Use the screwdriver to make them loose, turn them in counterclockwise, and remove them from the holes.

Wiggle them slightly and carefully take them out from the toilet bowl. Put it on the side so it cannot cause hindrance in the installation of a new one.

Put the new ones on the backside of the toilets and use the screws for their mounting. Some of them come up in the market with screws. Otherwise, you can also purchase them from the market.

I prefer to add plastic screws because these last longer. Adjust their position on the bowl and install the screws in the hole.

Correct the position of the washer seal and tighten the screws with a screwdriver.

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