Can You Mix Chrome and Black Fixtures in a Bathroom?

Mixing different metals in the bathroom for faucets, doorknobs, shower valves and showerheads, mirror frames, and other fixtures can enhance the overall interior of this place. Many brands make chrome faucets and shower components using different polishing materials, while others use black metal finishes.

Can You Mix Chrome and Black Fixtures in a Bathroom? You can mix chrome and black fixtures in the bathroom because they look stylish and modern, show your style and creativity, and do not look boring with the same metal sequence. Moreover, you can select different styles to mix metal finishes, which acts as a focal point in this place. Brass is another metal that mixes best with chrome fixtures in the bathroom.

Chrome is a popular metal for different bathroom fixtures, as it is a durable metal and last many years. Do not use the same color and metal scheme throughout the house.

Why would you mix chrome and black fixtures in a bathroom?

You can mix chrome and black metals in a bathroom because of the following reasons.

Add a stylish and modern look

Gone are the days when only one metal is in style throughout the bathroom interior to add a uniform look. However, some people still like to have coordination in their homes by using single metal and color fixtures.

Adding more than one metal looks more stylish and modern, as mixing different metals in the bathroom has become a trend.

The chrome and matt black combination adds a chic and classy appearance to the overall interior decoration because these are always in fashion.

People often install chrome faucets and towel bars and matt black cabinets or door knobs and handles to match the color scheme that looks enchanting.

Different style chrome

Metals come in various styles, finishers, and sheens, such as brushed, satin, glossed, matt, and antique designs. In addition, you can select different metal fixtures that last longer and match the color scheme.

Chrome is available in polished and brushed styles, such as the polished one has fine plating and a polishing layer, while the brushed one has a brushing surface with a fine silver texture.

Both types go well with black metals and create a great look in the bathroom, which is eye-catching for the person who enters this place.

Black acts as a focal point

Having matt black cabinets and door handles or hardware, faucets, light pendant brackets, and mirror frames look exceptionally attractive inside the bathroom interior.

These black fixtures, with the combination of chrome, create a focal point around the place where you install them.

Some people like to add more black touch in this place if the wall color and tiles are of bright shade because it can enhance all the decoration and look unique.

Show your personal style and creativity

Mixing different metals and colors in the bathroom will surely show your personal taste and creativity. Decorate your place as you want and play with various color schemes to invent something new and exceptional.

It will showcase your skills and impress the guests or friends when they visit your new place. Create your own style and design combinations by following the rules for adding more than one metal to the house.

Do not be shy and hesitant when deciding the metals you want to add if you have skills and understanding of color mixing.

You can add chrome and black fixtures so that they look unique and show your creativity that no one has encountered yet. Do this if you want to invent something new and attractive because that is what creativity is all about. 

Same metal sequence looks boring

The same color sequence in any place looks boring and outdated, as modern interior designs include mixing metals and colors for different house areas.

The same metal for all the fixtures in the bathroom does not attract attention, as everything looks similar, and there is nothing like a focal point.

Therefore, I have mixed two metals, such as chrome and matt black, which give a pleasing appearance to my place, and I feel a spa-like environment in the bathroom.

What metal mixes best with the chrome in the bathroom?

Many metals look good with chrome, but chrome and brass are the best combinations of metal mixing in the bathroom.

Brass has a golden touch, while chrome has a silver shade, creating a classy look when these metals mix. For example, the sink or vanity faucets are made using chrome, and the brass mirror frame and cabinet hardware give the place a calm and modern appearance.

The antique brass looks luxurious, and many brands make the bathroom fixture with this metal, as they are in demand by many users.

Some people go with brushed gold and chrome for their bathroom interior, as brushed gold is also a durable and stylish thing to add to this place with different other metals.

Do all bathroom plumbing fixtures need to match?

It is not necessary that you match all the fixtures inside the bathroom, such as the mirror frames, light pendants, cabinet hardware, door hardware, and other such things.

However, the same fixture, such as the shower, bathtub, and sink faucets, should have the same metal. Therefore, it is not essential to match these fixtures with the light pendants, switch, and door hardware.

All the plumbing fixtures, such as the sink, toilet, and bathtub, should match each other to add coordination and uniformity. 

For example, it does not look appealing if you have stainless steel sink and a porcelain toilet. Instead, go with the same material, either porcelain or stainless steel.

Things to consider when mixing finishes or metals in your bathroom

Here are essential things to consider when mixing chrome and black colors because the wrong selection can make the place look terrible.

Select less than three metal combinations

Professional interior designers recommend mixing less than three metals for any place in the house, such as adding only two different metals that will work well and look attractive.

A place having more than three metals looks messy and cluttered; therefore, it is better to have only two metal and color finishes in your replacement to make it look more beautiful and cohesive.

Select a warm and cool metal combination

There are some warm color metals and cool metals, such as the warm metals include brass, gold, and copper, while cool metals are chrome, nickel, stainless steel, and other silver metals.

It is better to select a combination of warm metal with a cool one to add a cohesive and pleasing look. Black and cast iron are known as neutral metals, as you can mix them with cool and warm shades.

A few popular and complimentary metals mixing include chrome and black, brass and stainless steel, nickel and brass, brass and black, and nickel and black.

Do not place the same color finishes close to each other

Always install or select the same finisher fixtures that are at some distance from each other. Do not mix the two similar metals because it looks like you tried to add different contrast but failed in selecting the best combination. 

There should be some distance between the same color metals that look the same. For example, a matt black faucet under a rubbed bronze mirror does not match, and there is a slight difference between them. Therefore, spreading them in different places is better so no one can notice their differences.

Do not go for different finishers for the same fixture

It does not look cohesive and attractive when you select different finishers or metals for the same fixture in the bathroom. 

For example, the cabinet hardware in the vanity area is black, and the cabinets on the wall or shower area have nickel or brass hardware.

Chrome can get the fingerprints

Chrome gets fingerprints when you touch it because of the polishing layer on its surface.

I have a chrome sink faucet in my bathroom, and it gets marks or fingerprints when someone turns it on to wash their hands or face.

Moreover, the towel bar in my bathroom is also made using chrome and has the same problem.

It is better to add black faucets and handles to prevent the chances of fingerprints and regular cleaning because the black metal gets fewer marks and stains.

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