Where to Put a Trash Can in a Small Bathroom?

Placing a trash can in a small bathroom at the right location is essential so you can use it easily without stepping out of this place to throw any waste product.

Where to Put a Trash Can in a Small Bathroom? You can put the trash can inside the vanity cabinet, behind the entrance door, next to the sink, under the toilet shelves, or under the countertop without cabinets in a small bathroom. The average trash can size for a small bathroom is 1.5 to 3 gallons, available in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

Small bathrooms have less space, and adjusting the position of all necessary fixtures without making the place look more congested is a little complicated. The trash cans for bathrooms are generally smaller than the kitchen and bedroom trash cans; therefore, they will take up less space and easily accommodate small places.

Where can you put a trash can in a small bathroom?

You can place a trash can or dustbin in the following places in a small bathroom.

Inside the vanity cabinet

Vanities in bathrooms have cabinets and drawers, and you can hide the trash can under the vanity with cabinets. However, you cannot place the dustbin in a vanity that has drawers because it does not have enough space to accommodate the bin.

You can install two small hooks inside the vanity cabinet door using a drill machine and place the hooks at a distance of 3 to 4 inches from each other, depending on the bin size.

Make sure the dustbin you select has a lip to mount on the hooks. Now, place it on the mounting hooks inside the vanity cabinet door. Open and close the cabinet door two to three times to check if the dustbin interrupts the cabinet door opening.

You can place the bin directly into the vanity cabinet without drilling hooks in the door. You can also put dirty laundry in this place.

Behind the bathroom door

A small bathroom does not have enough space to put the extra items there, and you have to be thoughtful about adjusting all necessary bathroom items in this small place.

You can place the trash can or dustbin behind the entrance door because this place is usually empty and can be utilized to place small items.

The bathroom entrance door is mainly closed whether someone is inside the bathroom or not, which reduces the chances of problems in opening or closing the door more frequently.

You can throw the waste products when getting out of the bathroom; however, a guest or any visitor may find it difficult to see the dustbin if the door is open because the open door will hide the dustbin behind.

Next to the sink

Putting the trash can next to the skin is another good option for small places because the space next to this plumbing fixture is usually free. You can place a small bin near the sink or under this area if you have a pedestal sink in this place.

There should be no leakage around the plumbing fixture because the trash can placed under the sink can get water and start smelling.

You can install wall-mounted sinks to save floor space and add other essential things under the plumbing fixture.

The wall-mounted sinks will also allow more space for medium size dustbins if you have a large family, and they create a lot of mess.

Under the toilet shelves or next to it

People have installed shelves above the toilet in a small bathroom to store or place different toilet products and tissues to get them easily when the roll from the holder finishes.

Placing the trash can under these shelves or next to the toilet can cover the extra space and offers the benefit to put the waste products without moving to the other bathroom area.

You can put a small dustbin near the toilet tank because there is space next to the toilet tank to adjust the small bin, and it will also hide it to make the place look more hygienic.

Under the countertop without cabinets

Some countertops have sinks and counter space to place daily use products, such as you can get a comb, lotion, face wash, and other makeup products, at a handy distance.

A few people leave the space under the countertops unutilized, and you can put the trash can in this extra space. Select the dustbin size that can adjust in this place with some space left from the top to throw the tissues or other waste things there.

It also allows you to put the trash can or dustbin under the countertop if you have cabinets in this extra space.

The small bathrooms have small countertops, and some do not have countertops at all; therefore, you can find some other suitable place to put the trash can.

Why would you put the trash can in a small bathroom?

Trash cans are essential for bathrooms because they are used to throw different waste products, such as earbuds, tissue paper, old razors, and new razor packets.

You need dustbins in the bathroom to put the sanitary napkins, empty toothpaste tubes, shampoo and soap bottles, tissue roll tubes, and many other things.

It is essential to clean the dustbin regularly to avoid the smell and bacteria that can spread from these dirty items. Empty the dustbin every night before going to sleep or twice a day if you have a large family.

What is the average size of a trash can for a bathroom?

A trash can or dustbin of 1.5 to 3 gallons can work well in a bathroom, depending on the space available to put the bin and the number of family members using this place.

When selecting a dustbin with a lid, measure the area and count some extra inches because it will take some top space to open the lid.

They are usually small because they have to adjust in small spaces, and the cost for the trash can vary from $10-$60, depending on the size, material quality, and the lid mechanism.

A small trash bin has approximately 9 to 16 inches in height and 6 to 10 inches in width, but the depth varies according to size and shape. 

They are available in round, rectangular, and slim-square shapes with different materials, such as plastic and stainless steel.

What are the different types of trash cans for small bathrooms?

Trash cans are of different types and shapes, and you can select these according to your bathroom size.


Wall-mounted bins are commonly placed inside the vanity cabinets and on the walls in small bathrooms because they will not cover the floor space and can hang with the wall.

Put it on the side of the vanity, and ensure not to damage the vanity material when installing it there.

They come in different materials and sizes, such as plastic and stainless steel. The stainless steel wall-mounted dustbins look more stylish, and you can put them on any free and easily accessible wall in the bathroom. 

Closing lid 

The close-lid dustbins have a lid that can open and close with hands or a pedal mechanism. Selecting the pedal mechanism dustbin is better to avoid germs and bacteria on your hands.

The closed-lid dustbins are famous worldwide because they are more hygienic than open bins. In addition, they increase accessibility, as you do not need to get down and open the lid with your hands. Instead, you can apply a little force on the small pedal at the bottom, and the lid opens itself.

The cost for closed-lid dust bins vary for different size and material quality, and you can select them in different shapes to fit in the desired place.

Open-top trash can

Open-top trash cans were frequently used many years ago, before the invention of the closed-lid mechanism, but now the closed-lid bins have taken their place, and they are less used.

However, many people still place them in their bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

The chances of germs and bacteria spreading from the waste inside the bins are more if you place an open-top bust din in this place.

Therefore, if you have an open-top bin, it is better to empty the bin once or twice daily to reduce the chances of germs spreading in the bathroom.

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