Can You Put a Towel Bar on a Glass Shower Door?

People add glass shower doors to separate the shower area from the bathroom and reduce water splashes on surrounding doors. However, mounting different hangings on glass doors is challenging because of their brittle and breakable material.

Can You Put a Towel Bar on a Glass Shower Door? You can put a towel bar on a glass shower door using suction cups, friction-mounted brackets, and towel racks. It is necessary to consider door thickness, length of towel racks, specific purpose, and distance between shower and bars while installing them on glass doors.

It is a slightly tricky and time taking procedure to add them to the glass shower doors. You cannot drill holes in them to install screws and bolts because these can break easily.

Can you add a towel bar on a glass shower door?

You can install the towel bars on the glass shower door, but it is necessary to check their type. You cannot use the wall-mounted ones on them because they need screws and bolts for installation.

You cannot drill the hole in glass material because it can break easily when you apply pressure with the nozzle of the drilling machine. However, you can add the ones that are specifically available for these specific doors in the markets.

You can add them on the interior and exterior sides depending on your preferences and usage. For example, people install them inside the showering area so they can quickly use the towels after taking a bath.

In addition, it can also reduce the mess in the surrounding area because water drops come on the floors when you walk around without drying your body.

How do you install towel bars on glass shower doors?

Using other tricks instead of drilling and screws to install towel bars on glass shower doors is necessary.

Use suction cups

You can use the suction cup of different sizes on the towel racks. These do not require any screws and drilling for their installation.

Suction cups provide a strong grip like cement and screws on the walls. A vacuum is created inside when you add the suction cup to the required surfaces.

The vacuum inside these cups provides the sticking properties to this material. Clean the door panels with glass cleaning material to remove dirt, dust, limescale buildup, and grease from their surfaces.

Use a dry cloth to remove water from the surface for better gripping. Next, take the leveler and add mark the two installation points with washable markers.

Add the suction cups on these marked points and fix the towel racks in these mounts. These can lose their holding power and grip with time.

Friction mounted

You can also use friction-mounted brackets to install towel racks on your glass shower doors. These brackets contain a sticky substance and somehow suction properties that make a strong bond with door surfaces.

Take wet wipes to remove the dust and other residues because these can cause hindrances in standard sticking procedures and decrease their durability.

Completely remove the moisture and mineral buildup from these materials because these can reduce the holding capacity of these friction mounts.

Mark the two points using the ruler at the same height for their correct installation. Remove the backing material from the brackets and attach them to the glass.

Press it with your hand to remove the entrapped air for a firmer grip. Add the towel bars in these mounting brackets to hang your towels. You can also use glue beads and other adhesive materials to add them.

Towel racks

You can also use hanging-type shower racks that have extended bars. These are larger and contain the caddy tray to add other small accessories.

You can hang them over the shower doors because of their extended rods. You do not require any adhesive or sticky material for their installation.

The extended and looped rods provide the grip to the remaining rack.

Hang the looped end over the glass doors to secure them at their place.

Things to consider while installing towel bar on glass doors

It is better to consider these factors when you are installing towel bars on glass shower doors. You can add them correctly by gathering the right equipment for their installation.

Thickness of doors

The thickness of doors is the major concern when adding towel bars. However, these are available in the market with different thicknesses depending on their quality.

You can only add the bars on the ones that are thick enough to support the weights. Some of these doors are thin and cannot bear the heavy weight of the fabric.

These can come out and can also cause the shattering of glass material. Avoid using them as grab rails because these are installed with suction cups and friction-mounted brackets.

This equipment cannot bear the individual’s weight, and you can also fall while grabbing them.

Length of towel bars

The length of this accessory also matters during their installation on the glass doors. You cannot add the larger ones that take up more space and affect the alignment of the hinges and screws.

The smaller ones are easy to install and can take up less space on the doors. Measure the size of the rods while selecting them for your showering area.

You can select the ones that can leave 3 to 4 inches from both sides of glass surfaces.

Distance between shower and bars

Distance between the showers and towel bars also matters because these can cause an issue when you install them near these fixtures.

Avoid adding these bars on the front side of the showers because water splashes and soap scums directly come on the fabric during bathing.

In addition, these can absorb moisture, remain wet, and damage floors. Molds can also come on wet fabric and make them unhygienic.

Adding them on the side walls is better to increase the distance between the showers and these fixtures. It also reduces the risk of direct water splashes on these fabrics.

Why do some people not put towel bars on a glass shower door?

Many people do not prefer to add towel bars on glass shower doors because of their thin structure. These can break when you hang heavy items on them because they are not designed to bear the heavyweights.

In addition, the weight of the towels can also affect the alignment of the panels and hinges. Moreover, I do not prefer to install it inside the showering area because of the high moisture.

Water splashing during bathing can come on them, and the fabric absorbs the moisture. It can increase humidity after absorbing moisture and ruin the walls and surrounding floors.

Molds and bacterial species can also come on towels when these remain wet.

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